Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out and About More Old Quilts

Nine Patch Quilt tacked to the wall
It's spring here - and a great time to be out and about.

These quilts didn't come home with me but I thought you'd still enjoy them.

Great colors - I can imagine how vibrant it was in the original deep indigo blue and cinnamon pinks - with the wide brown border and a few plaids thrown in for good measure...

Here's another angle.

Love the plaids and shirtings too.

See how wide the binding is?

Not quilt related - but in the same booth this 'childs toy' - can't imagine many children this would be safe for!  Note the label:  SAFE, FUN, CONSTRUCTIVE....right.

Back to the next corner of the booth - another quilt:

The stars are an interesting setting.

 What do you think of the sashing horizontal rows are narrow - vertical is wide - made the quilt the size she wanted?

Nice black and white shirting with a blue rectangle at the corners.

Interesting color combinations.

Note the hand quilting is kind of a triple line fan.

Have a great week!

Monday, March 19, 2012

AAQI Team Effort

Garden Maze  6.5" x 10"  Hand Quilted by Irene
These two little quilts are a team effort.

I am very lucky to know Irene.  Even luckier that she agreed to hand quilt two little tops I made for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI).

Irene is special for many reasons and I greatly admire her.
She is 91 and lives independently, in fact you could probably say Irene is fiercely independent.
She still volunteers, paints china and is still quilting!

This one is titled:  Garden Maze  #9761

I'll have registration numbers later in the week.

Spring Green   6.5" x 10" Hand Quilted by Irene
This one is titled:  Spring Green  #9760

She did an amazing job with such sweet tiny stitches - wonderful binding and 'Fast Finish Triangles' for quick hanging.

I'm just getting them registered and will let you know when they are available.

In the mean time there are many wonderful little quilts available for purchase.  I plan to do some shopping myself.  Lori, of Humble Quilts got me started on these treasures.

Have a great week - and I hope your quilting has some fun team efforts involved!

I'm going no comments for a while - email me if you'd like.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Toile and Transferware

Fabric:  Moda French General linen/cotton  #54093
I don't always use my fabrics in quilts.

Sometimes, a simple hem ... and a table cloth or runner is born!  It can always be cut up later...

Toile and transferware are perfect because there beautiful designs 'make' a  table setting - no piecing or quilting needed.
Currier and Ives dishes were collected by my grandmother at her local A&P grocery store as a point of sale feature.  She saved stamps earned with each purchase and then traded the filled books for the dishes.

In The Beginning Panel Fabric

I like to mix colors and patterns.
Dishes:  Rural England, Crown Ducal Gainsborough England
                     (beautiful textured edge on the bowl)
              Royal Stafford - black and brown colorway

The fabric is a reproduction from In The Beginning - I think it is out of print.  If you know - I'm happy to update this.

There is a picture of the same print on the cover of Antiques Magazine, August 1946 - Volume L Number 2
"The date and source of this cotton print are both a bit uncertain.  The original source of the window design was quite probably Mesangere's book on interior decoration published in France from 1802 to 1830, but we hesitate to guess whether the fabric was actually printed in France, England or the US."
The fabric pictured on the cover is a green colorway.

This is an Australian toile fabric.
Drover's Welcome

"This toile shows a drover returning to his home after weeks spent out in the bush. The main images show the solitude of 

his days and nights alone and the joy and relief of his waiting family as they run out to greet him on his safe return. Other images include the billy boiling on his camp fire, mighty gum trees and native galahs and kookaburras."

Spode Blue Room Reproduction of "Floral" first introduced c. 1830    Print from a hand engraved copper plate.
Harvard, England side bowls

This is a Braemore Toile Reproduction - home dec weight, but light enough it can easily be included in a quilt or hemmed as is.

Pink/Brown Spode Archive Collection
   British Flowers - 'Rosa' First Introduced c.1831

Spode Blue Room Collection 'Botanical' First Introduced c.1820
Both from hand engraved copper plate

Do you have toile prints in your stash?  Use them often?

Have a great weekend!!


Toile De Jouy Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style
        (Melanie Riffel, Sophie Rouart, Marc Walter)
        ISBN 0-500-51149-7
Toiles De Jouy   (Judith Straeton)
        ISBN 1-58685-156-X
Toiles for All Seasons French & English Printed Textiles
         (Starr Siegele)     ISBN 1 593730306

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spool Cabinets

I would love this stack of spool cabinets in my home.

So far...none have come home with me.

I like the variety in finishes and sizes.

The four stacked together come to about 4'-5' of shallow drawer storage.

Perfect for applique blocks, projects and all kinds of treasures.

If you'd like a beautiful furniture quality reproduction from Richard Hyers (Vendor at AQSG 2011) click HERE
His spool caddies are spectacular too!

This is a vintage ribbon cabinet.
The top portion shows ribbons on display as they would have been at the Milliners Shop.

The other shelves show how it could be re-purposed for wine.

Love the idea to use it at home for wine!

Each shelf opens on three sides for easy access.

You can see a wonderful variety of spool cabinets HERE, and for some history read HERE.
Do you have a spool cabinet?  If so, do you store spools in it?

Have a great weekend!