Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Blocks New Projects

Jointed mohair bear I made in 1989
This is my new repro doll cradle.

After some TLC it's ready for bedding.

I'm auditioning the ticking - I like the aged look without the work of 'aging' it myself.  Of course I will need a pillow case and sheet.

The little quilt is one I made of vintage blocks I hand quilted.  Maybe too big for this cradle.

The rug is Amish woven from old jeans.

Small Quilt - Hand Quilted

I was lucky to get these old blocks from Karen (Log Cabin) Quilter) last year.

I LOVE the prints and machine stitched the 6 blocks together - I found a great mourning print reproduction for the binding.

To make the 6" blocks:

- Each block is 4 dark and 4 light flying geese units.
- The units finish at 1.5" x 3"
- Keep it scrappy - not all the pieces have to match but they can if you want!

I saw this set at an antique shop, fun to see a complete set!  Not so wonderful....the $1,200 price.

The detail is fabulous...mattress, sheets, pillow in case, blanket and a quilt!

Maybe there is some sentiment in the price.

It's small - maybe 8" x 18"
Nice size for collectors with small spaces

Darner with tension hoop, vintage pin cushion

I've been looking through lots of old blocks for ideas - these are asking for some black setting squares with red sashing...a nice break from larger projects.

I'm even considering taking some of my old blocks apart and using the fabrics in other blocks...still in the thinking stage...

Do you have any vintage blocks?
Where did you get them?

Have a great week!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nanny Brooch and Pink Lemonade Finished

This is a Nanny Brooch from about 1880/1910.

The 'stone' is called Goldstone.

Inside are needles and thread - for those quick mending jobs on the go!

Brass and goldstone jewlery pieces are less expensive than precious gems and gold.  The 'story' of these brooches is that they were worn by nannies for quick mending jobs while out and about with their charges.  Real gold and gems were not suitable to their position or income.

Styles vary but the general look is the same.  The back of mine is stamped with a makers style number:

Open view:
One end unscrews for access to thread and needles.

No mending this week!

However, Pink Lemonade was finished.

I chose a few golds putting the matching fabrics on the diagonal.

I decided on a triple set of lines through the alternate squares.
SITD for the pieced blocks.

It is machine quilted.

Thank you Lori (Humble Quilts) - it was a fun project.
I had been wanting to do a project with partial blocks...

UPDATE:  Click HERE for Lori's show of pink lemonade quilts.

If you have a nanny brooch I'd love to hear from you!
How many people made pink lemonade?  I'm seeing it all over!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thistlewood Part Two the Scrimshaw

Jackie's finished Thistlewood
I first told you about Thistlewood last year.  There's a link to part 1 below.

It is a lovely needle case, I am in the final phase completing the accessories.

Pieces by artist Marcy Pumphret

The scrimshaw and Carry All materials arrived today.

The scrimshaw pieces are made from recycled antique Ivory piano keys.  The keys were manufactured in Ivoryton Connecticut from the 1800's through the 1950's.  A yellower color key may indicate greater age or a keyboard left closed most of the time.

The pieces are quite thin (1/16th of an inch) - with a translucent grain, similar to wood.

You can see the scale by the inch lines on the ruler.

Top of the Thread Winder

The detail in the etching is amazing.

The 'M' is for Marcy Pumphret the artist who created the pieces specifically for this project.

The green silk in the background will become the carry all.

The tiny button will be added to the front.
Maybe the date should have been 2012, since technically it wasn't FULLY finished in 2011...

All the cross stitch and major assembly were complete...

Ruler and bodkin in their new home

The bodkin and ruler just needed to be slid into their new home below the thimble in the pin cushion.

The glass headed pins were included in the set.  The thimble is mine.

The pin keep is one of my favorite parts of the set.

Pin Keep insert and accessories for Thistlewood Necessaire

The other side of the pin cushion is home to the thread winder.

The green silk background matches the green silk for the carry all.

I'm not sure I will tackle the carry all this week.

Thistlewood Carry All Kit Package Front
Also included this week was the kit to make the silk carry all.

The attention to detail is amazing.  Jackie even include the silk for the thistle flower draw string, silver thistle charm for the scissor fob and the thread wax components.

Sigh.....which to select next??

I'd love to make all of her pieces!!

Thanks for dropping in - Have a great week!

Oh...before I forget - ORT reprot for January New Moon:

Thistlewood Part One HERE
Fine-ally Finished Jackie de Plessis HERE
Ivoryton Connecticut HERE
Scrimshaw Information HERE

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Road To California Quilt Show 2012

Here are some of the quilts from Road To California.  I only had a small amount of time.  There is a link below to the winners.  I took some photos of some to share with you.

Another great show!
Hats off to all quilters who enter their work in shows and all of the volunteers who make the shows possible.

From the Nancy Mahoney Special Exhibit:

1930's Ozark Tiles 60" x 80"
Tag Text: Author's Collection (Nancy Mahoney)   Hand quilted by Laura Lipski
The shades of blue which radiate from the center of the quilt starting with pale blue to a royal blue adds interest to the viewer's eye.  She likely designed the layout of this pattern without a design wall.

1930's Ozark Snowball 70" x 84"

Tag Text:  Author's Collection (Nancy Mahoney)  Hand Quilted by Laura Lipski
This was an old quilt top I bought many years ago at a flea market in Mass.  It is pieced with old feedsack fabric and the squares subtly set the busy patterns in the blocks.  This was pieced by hand during the depression but I think it's a very happy quilt with all of the pastel colors that were used.  Laura left the natural edge and appliqued the edge to the border.

1930's Snowball Quilt 70" x 84"
Authors Collection
Hand quilted by Laura Lipski
Tag Text:  An antique top I purchased many years ago.  The special appeal was the 'left over' star scraps the quilter used to border the quilt.  Laura kept the natural edge and blind stitched it to the backing fabric.  The choice of solid and printed feed sack prints makes this a cheerful quilt.

1860's Ozark Tile 80" 80"
Tag Text: Author's Collection (Nancy Mahoney)   Hand quilted by Laura Lipski
This quilt was pieced with scraps from men's shirting and other household clothing.  Most of the center squares are shades of red and burgundy, sometimes thought to be the fire reflecting the warmth of a home.  Notice a few of the center squares are pieced from flannel fabric.

Baltimore In The Provence Eileen Heck Somis CA
Tag Text:  Hand Appliqued and hand quilted by Eileen.
The inspiration came from French Toile fabric with its pastoral scenes.  When a piece of sheep fabric was given to me by a friend this was the beginning of Baltimore in the Provence.
Maker's Original Design
Traditional Applique Ribbon Winner

The Bizzy Bird Farm Julee Prose Ottumwa IA
Tag Text:  Since it is so heavily appliqued (660 Circles), I did the same with the hand quilting, using curly Q's and outlining.  Much 'fussy' cutting with Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  Changed the outside border from the original pattern by adding cats, many birds and one goat.  There is so much to look at, thus the name Bizzy Bird Farm.
Traditional Applique
Kim McLean Pattern?

I have to tell you - the quilt below - about 4" or 5" blocks!! stunning hand quilting too...
Mon Petit Maltimore  Susie Wimer  Ranson WV
Tag Text:  I love 19th century style applique, but did not want to make a quilt using someone elses pattern.  I didn't plan this quilt.  I started by making one small block, then another, using fabric left from other projects.  I loved letting the designs emerge, using themes from antique albums and other 19th century genres.  For the cutouts I just put scissors to paper and experimented.  The quilting took two months, stitching everyday.
Traditional Applique Ribbon Winner
Makers Original Design

Detail of fourth block last row - about a 4" block!!

A Thousand and One Berries?  Charlotte Schoonover Rapid City SD
 Tag Text:  I enjoy hand applique and fell in love with Susan Garman's pattern "The Lily Roseberry Quilt"   I did add the scallop border which made the quilt pop.  It is machine quilted on my Bernina 180.
Commercial Pattern:  The Lily Rosenberry Quilt by Susan Garman   (Link below)

Civil War Bride Janice Hartmen Gilbert AZ

Tag Text:  I had been collecting civil war fabric and fell in love with this quilt and its history when I saw it on the Internet.  I enjoy hand applique.  It was fun choosing fabric for each block.
Innovative Applique
(The authorized book is listed below)

There was also a special exhibit by the McLean Quilters (Virginia).
As part of a guild challenge they were asked to take a 1940s quilt block and use it as the inspiration for a new quilt.  The vintage blocks were taken from two sets.  The link below will take you to their photo album.
Thanks to fabulous sponsors this exhibit is able to travel!

I could never be a quilt show judge - could you?

Have a great week!!

Road to California Winners 2012 HERE
Nancy Mahoney HERE
McLean Quilters Unlimited Special Exhibit - Vintage Revisted HERE
   Also HERE (Scroll to the bottom)
Lily Rosenberry Pattern HERE
Official Civil War Bride/Bride of Paradise Book HERE
Kim McLean Patterns HERE

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Radical Rose and Reel with 1823 E Seaman Sampler

I'm excited to share this grouping of treasures with you.
It includes antiques and reproductions - but all treasures I think you might like.

The sampler is a reproduction and I have yet to find the chart so I can give credit to the pattern maker.
It reads "E. Seaman Aged 7 Years 1823"
I added my name below hers.
I hemmed it with a pulled thread technique.  It will be top mounted in its new frame.  I stitched it back in the 1980's.

UPDATE 1/29/2012 The Eliza Seaman sampler is an authorized reproduction from The Examplary.
The original is housed in the textile collection of the Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit Michigan.  It is officially the Eliza Seaman Leggett Sampler.   Eliza was born in New York City on May 9, 1815.  She bacame an energetic figure in Detroit's social history.  Her contributions included the flying of the American flag over schools, clubs for women, women's sufferage and the sheltering of runaway slaves.  This small marking sampler was executed in 1823 when Eliza was 7 years old.  A marking sampler was generally the first attempt at embroidery by young hands.  As a child's education progressed, the sampler became more pictorial and techniques broadened. (From package insert) 
Contents in the hidden drawer

The pin cushion has a hidden drawer.

The pin cushion top has had many repairs, but I love having pieces that have been used and loved.  Under the cushion something was added for weight.  It can be used to hold work pieces in place.

Inside the drawer is a needle package, mother of pearl wax wheel and a thimble.

Notice the bias seam on the silk side piece.

Solid Red / Green Print on solid cream ground

The quilt is hand appliqued red and green purchased in Pennsylvania.  It has been dated to around 1840 -1860.

It is a unique composition.  The maker combined elements of 'Oak Leaf and Reel' with 'Whig Rose'.  I think it is a beautiful quilt.

The hand quilting is exquisite and includes feathers, flowers, circles and an interesting leaf motif.  The filler quilting between motifs is a soft wave.

The binding is the backing very narrowly turned to the front.  The quilt is completely hand stitched.

43" x 43"

I made a single block version in COLORS and added a pieced border.

I machine quilted it using many of the same quiting motifs.   It is hand appliqued with a variety of prints.

Lately, I just can't seem to get enough of lime/acid green!  I think the blue dot is a nice ground for all of the color.

We've patterned this quilt and included all the details and lots of options.

-  Two block sizes (24" and 30") in Full Size Patterns

- All of the original quilting motifs and their placement

- Optional applique and pieced border patterns

I can see this in a 4 block too...so many options!

The pattern is in our Etsy Store HERE.

So glad you could stop by today!  I hope you enjoyed this grouping.

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doll Bed Quilt Turning

wool hooked rug

As promised I pulled the first doll quilts out of the cupboard.
I'll start with a few - so the post isn't too long.

This precious old one is a favorite.

It's scrappy, pieces within pieces, and who can resist the pink?

The backing is a coarse feed sack woven, and the hand quilting is like a baptist fan.

The little hooked rug is faded - but a sign it was used and loved!

Here's the back.
The muslin sheet is against it so you can see a comparison in the fabric thread count.

Cotton hooked chair pad used as a rug

I think the maker used scraps from a kit to make this hexagon quilt.

The 'flowers' are a mix of blue and green solids.

Here's another clue it is from kit scraps, faintly I can make out:

Sunshine Quilt Co

It is finished off with a nursery rhyme feed sack backing.

What better use of leftover HST's than a little quilt?
Border fabrics do not have to match!

If you have some HSTs and squares, how about combining them...
they don't have to be the same size!
This one is hand quilted and the colors remind me of taffy.

Fussy cut panels make great little quilts.
This one was tinted, hand appliqued and hand quilted...just not water proof!

Last for this batch, but not least.  how about the 1970's?
I love all those dot fabrics all placed together...

I hope you enjoyed this 'turning'
Have a great week!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Want to see inside the cupboard?

A request was made to see the doll armoire that matches the sleigh bed pictured HERE.

The armoire was made by the same woodworker, and bought as a set.

This is a detail of the top.

The piece measures 32: x 19.5"

The knobs are porcelain, they do line up - one door is slightly open.

The doors aren't closed tight because...the cupboard is FULL.

Doesn't it have great construction details?

Let's open the doors....

The kind of storage a doll can love.

Hanger space, slanted shoe rack, drawers and shelves.

For now a bonnet is on the hanger post.

Children's Needlework Kit on the shoe slant.

Spool Knitting on the shelf.  Did you spool knit?  I did.  You can read about it HERE.
For those of you who want to give it a try here's a free Kindle Book from 1909 HERE.
   Spool Knitting by Mary A. McCormack

I made Raggedy Ann and Andy in 1984, they are 3.5"
I remember a long fabric search for a tiny red ticking stripe.

The Children's Needlework and Embroidery Box is a kit with pre-stamped squares and floss.

I'd like to think they are intended for quilt squares.

The back of the box has hand writing,
"To Dorothy from Harvey"

Are you wondering about the quilts folded up on the armoire shelf?
These are a few of my old ones for the bed.
Next post - what do you say....pull them out and put them on the bed?
A doll bed quilt turning?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AAQI Start for 2012 and Thanks Susie K

9" Square Scrappy
I have more old quilts and needlework tools to show you this year, but first a couple updates...

Last year I won a giveaway from Susie at Needleturnings.

Seems like it was only yesterday!

Susie sent me a generous amount of fabric and I decided to make a couple AAQI quilts before I make something for me!

The first one I made includes (5) 3" nine patch blocks with alternating solid blocks.  This one finished at 9" square.  I hand quilted it.

9" x 12" Conversationals

This one is 9" x 12" and just makes the AAQI size cut off.

I fussy cut some of my conversationals - LOVE these prints!!  Aren't they nice with the blues she sent?

I haven't quilted this one yet - I'm thinking of a simple diagonal line through the blues.

This year I plan to send my AAQI donation quilts in small batches rather than one at a time.

8" x 10" Brown , Black and Pink

The third one in this batch also has browns with black and pink.

This one is machine quilted with dark thread.

It was fun to hear from the people who bought my 2011 donations.  (Contact info is optional)

8" square

This is the little AAQI quilt I bought in Houston.

There wasn't contact info on the quilt (it's optional).  Thanks S.C!!

The maker (SC) used a vintage block and hand quilted it.  I was very happy to bring this one home.

Thanks again to Susie!!

I also have this version of one of Susie's quilts she made  HERE

I added a border to mine, hand quilted it and hung it up.

Now I'm off to finish the conversational 'Little' then get them registered.

Have a great week!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My First New Projects of 2012

I joined Jeanneke and so many others "Building Houses From Scraps"

I know I won't be able to do a house a day, but I'll get several done.  How many is several?  Only time will tell!

They finish at 3" so very small and sweet.  Easy to pull fabric from the scrap basket.  I machine pieced mine and will trim it up later.

Some fireworks in the night sky...I love a house with a red door...lace curtains with a butterfly...

I also decided to do the 12 Days of Christmas from The Temecula Quilt Company.

I have the first 7 done.

I might re-do number 5 - the center is from printed patchwork and the blue inside edge is bothering me.  My fabrics/my cutting - not the kit available for purchase.

I'm heading off to do block 8....

I said I wasn't starting something new this month and did - how about you?
Have a great week!