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Jacobs or Josephs Coat Vintage Quilt - All Hand Sewn UPDATED Crochet Thimble Holder Patterns I do buy a few 20th century quilts...could you pass this one by?  DD likes it, so someday soon it will be hers.

Those of you who sew know how much time this hand piecing and hand quilting would have taken the maker (artist).

Maybe it's the dreary cool rain we're having here - this quilt lights up a room!  Checkout the beach ball and umbrella print.

Maybe I'll tell DD she can have it when she counts the petals and makes an inventory of the fabrics used...there are repeats.

The prints include stripes, checks, large florals, tight florals, solids including navy, geometrics etc. all on the white ground.

The reds really pop in this photo.

What a variety of print and color!

The edge follows the 'melon' of the piece - or at least it did at one time....

The corners are rounded

It is hand quilted around each petal or melon shape.  The batting is very thin in places, a little bunchy in others.  Pretty good condition.
More on the blocks at the bottom of the post....let's look at some colorful sewing accessories first...

This is a colorful variegated bunch.

The little purple pineapple crochet sachet or pin cushion is about 2" - I've seen several sizes and styles of these, they are so sweet I'd like them all...

Thimble Pattern - click here

I have several of these little sewing kits - I'll do a post with all of them later.  DH and I had a discussion on whether this one should have a thimble in it....What do you think?

I have some with advertising, some with a decorative tassel, more enamel, wooden...all in some shape or form intended for mending.

See the red petal from the quilt front in the background?

The little crochet thimble holder is multi functional!
Who'd of thunk?

The previous owner added a little gold frog pin that is not only decorative (VBG) on the little floral hat, but it closes a small compartment where the needle holder can slide in and out - check out the 'circle' and hand sewn buttonhole edge!  The thimble portion is stuffed and the thimble sits on top (see the group photo).

The tiny pink crochet flowers on the brim are 1/4".

This colorful beauty is hinged.

The thimble is stored inside the hat.  The inside felt is hinged with the hat layers for pins and needles.

Why not use red every chance you can??

While I'm at it how about another child's sewing machine?

This is a Singer Touch & Sew, maybe about 1970's?
I had one like this at age 8 ish, so when I saw this one I had to bring it home - what fun!!

Never made a quilt at that point of my life but do recall many doll 'fashions'.

Maybe it's where the seeds were planted for my love of travel.

Look at the lid - Camp Shawnee or Paris - I'm a Paris girl!
There is no camping in this girl...

I think I had a large clear plastic 'sewing box' for my pins, fabric scraps (I mean fashion fabrics...) and Dual Duty Poly Threads!

Here's the beauty, that made a little girl feel like she could set the fashion world (fashion doll world?) on its ear...but I don't remember any contest.  Maybe mine was an older model.

1976 was the USA bicentennial and I was not sewing at that time.

For those of you who want to see more of the quilt fabrics:

Thanks for stopping by today.
What was your first sewing machine?

Have a happy and colorful week!


  1. I love the Jacobs Coat pattern and would definitely buy one for my collection because I would NEVER finish one myself. Yours is just great. My first machine was a White. Got it for my 12th birthday. I had never sewn before but that made me teach myself and I never looked back.

  2. A great Jacobs Coat quilt! I started has been almost finished for a few months!
    My first sewing machine was a hand crank Vulcan....all metal and quite heavy. It created doll "fashions" too. I would have been about 8 when I got it.

  3. Absolutely a beautiful quilt!!! Oh the love that went into the quilt!! Now you can finish the story!


  4. What a wonderful quilt and the variety of fabrics is fun to peruse. I learned to sew on my Mom's Bernina--I still have that machine! In junior high Home Ec. we worked on Singer Touch and Sew machines. I didn't get my own machine until my future husband (33 years ago) bought me a Viking a month before the wedding so I could make my wedding dress on it.

  5. While I love the quilt, somehow the little hat that holds the thimble and then has the red brim for pins & needles really captures my heart. I have never seen anything like that. You can bet I will start checking my local antique shops more closely!!
    Deb from

  6. I DO understand your DD. The quilt is stunning. Your way of showing us the quilt, the fabrics is so perfect.
    Yhank you also for the links to two interesting blogs, new to me.

  7. oh I love that quilt, not sure I would ever make one either so if I got to buy one I would jump on the chance!!!! love those 30's fabrics too!
    cute little sewing kits there you have collected the most amazing things! If I am ever in Calif I am coming to visit! my first machine was a white in 8th grade started making my own clothes. that lasted a year! first big sewing machine was a pfaff took a quilting class tested out a Bernina and never looked back have own 3 of them now! Kathie

  8. Another beautiful quilt and clever notions!
    If you haven't written about it already, would love to read about how you store your quilts and notions.
    You are really making me think. I first made Barbie clothes by hand. After I took home ec in 7th grade I used my mothers Wards Signature sewing machine. For my 16th birthday I received a Kenmore. Struggled with that machine until I bought my Viking 20 years later. Loved it until I bought my Bernina several years ago.

  9. Wow - what a great find that quilt is! Love it! My first machine was a Brother from Wal-Mart that my husband bought me after I told him I did NOT want a sewing machine. I wonder where my life would be right now if he had actually listened to me!

  10. What a fantastic quilt!! I love the sewing kits. I am sure i've seen them but not known what they were. What a fun collection!

  11. I love this quilt! My friends and I used to sit in math class (when we got to use a compass) and draw overlapping circles, then colored the wedges in, and they ended up looking a lot like this. The fabrics in your quilt still look so bright - beautiful find.

  12. I have a Jacob's coat from about the same time looks wonderful on a bed. I was surprised how heavy it was.

    My first sewing machine was and all metal light green Singer shared with my 4 sisters...while in college I bought a featherweight at a yard sale and still use it!

  13. Another wonderful post!! The quilt is a treasure and thank you for the links to the pattern. I especially enjoy your vintage collection. I have been collecting for years and it was recently on display at the nursing home where I work. The residents loved it and the items brought back many memories. A wonderful link for all generations.

  14. That is a beautiful quilt! *sigh* I love the fabrics. What an intricate design. It takes me back to geometry class. I was the one who was saying that I would never use my compass again! LOL I want to attempt a "Jacob" quilt as that is my son's name but might try the Jacob's Ladder first, since I am soooo lacking on skills! ;) Your photos are great. I can almost feel the fabric...

    Those little sewing kits are amazing. I look forward to seeing more on them. WOW, you sure have some amazing collections.

    My first feeble attempts at sewing were on my Mom's Sear's machine. I do not think that machine liked me very much. LOL ;) I have my own old Sear's (garage sale find) that stitched my first quilt top. I am going to use that for wool now and am currently looking at a Janome for quilting. Way to many choices out there!

  15. What a great quilt! While I never gravitate toward these fabrics in my own quilting, I sure do love them in vintage quilts *s*

    My first machine was my mom's 70's era Singer. I inherited it but did not know how to use it. After nearly 10 year in the closet, I decided I wanted to make a quilt. Hubby got out the manual and figured out how to operate the darned thing for me . . . the rest is history!

  16. I love this pattern so much I made it, in Thirties repros - the marking, cutting and hand piecing took about two months (hand quilting took a couple more). It's well worth the effort and is so cheerful it lights up the room. Ady

  17. I love this pattern so much I made it in Thirties repros. The marking, cutting and hand piecing took about 2 months (hand 1uilting took a couple more). It is well worth the effort, and is so cheerful it lights up the room. Ady

  18. What a beautiful quilt; I can see why it would brighten a room. I think this would be a nice take along project. I remember having one of those little hat/thimble holders when I was very young. I used it for a doll hat as I remember. My first sewing machine was a Singer that had about 3 different zig-zag settings and a buttonholer. It was a gift from my in-laws when we got married 38 years ago. I couldn't figure out why in the world they would buy me that. ;-))

  19. A real vintage Jacob's Coat quilt. Interesting to view it. And the little needle case with the crocheted thimble holder. I am assuming that is a hat? I don't think I have seen one like that before.

  20. the quilt is beautiful and i loved the extra photos so that we could continue to look~!!~thank you~!

    my first sewing machine was a Singer Graduate Model 714. i bought it used and in a very nice cabinet that had been retrofitted for it. it was fairly "old" then and i still have it and use it. but what i prefer to use is my Singer Featherweight that my mom bought used at a yard sale and later gave to me. it's funny how we tend to get personally attatched to our sewing machines isn't it~!?

    i also have a vintage/antique little red child's sewing machine that i purchased a year or two ago. it does actually sew but i purchased if for the collecting/decorating possibilities . . . it' sew dang cute~!~


  21. I sure love that quilt, but it sure looks like a lot of work! I'll put it on the maybe someday list. Thanks for sharing all your lovely and fun things.

  22. I love the Joesph's coat quilt. I love the vintage look in print fabric. Who could resist that?

  23. I bought a quilt from an online estate auction just because I liked the pattern. I was blown away when I received the quilt and saw the fabric and all the hand stitching. The quilter used solid fabric instead of the white of your quilt. I love it both ways. Thanks for all the information.


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