Friday, May 11, 2012

Flower Baskets and Hexagons

Fussy cutting fabrics in the tiniest of pieces
Happy Mother's Day weekend if you are celebrating in the USA.

I have my little brown flower baskets out for additional fussy cutting.  The hexagons for the same project are also out.

I love looking at the print details to 'find' the right little piece I want.

So much fun in a half inch scrap of fabric!

Grouping of hexagons - some fussy cut

I placed all the hexagons (1/2" paper pieces) out to see what I have so far....they may not all make it into this project.

They have been a great take along for travel....and I seem to have a fair bit of that coming up.

I have the hexagons and applique supplies in my travel basket along with a good book.  I can pick it up in a moments notice and keep busy.

My interpretation of the baskets

These are my baskets (to date) - some are still missing details with audition pieces pinned in place.  There will be 22 baskets in all.

There are also small 6 pointed stars in this quilt.  I plan to fussy cut and paper piece them as well.

I am really enjoying the medium background.  It is a nice opportunity to use some lighter fabrics in the applique.

UPDATE:  This was not a purchased pattern - I made drawings and am stitching off them as patterns - after seeing the original.

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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  1. These are beautiful little baskets of flowers, Dawn. I love the attention to detail in the prints, and the overall subtlety of the fabrics. Just lovely work!

  2. The fussy cut details for your applique and hexagons make the pieces special. Enjoy the process.

  3. amazing fussy cutting!!!! So wonderful - your little hexies are amazing! Always love seeing your work! Be safe traveling and have fun!

  4. Love those tiny details that make us really look into a piece:)

  5. I love them!
    And I just bought the pattern,....

  6. Oh oh oh!!! So pretty! Are you making up your own pattern? I got the Threadbear pattern from Corliss in Australia and want to make it at some point. Along with all the other quilts I keep dreaming about. lol! Love it!!! Hope you show more of this one.

  7. Dawn! Your baskets are so very, VERY lovely. Such minute detail and GORGEOUS color constellations. The temptation is strong. Thank you for sharing your progress!!

  8. your hexies are so wonderful to look at - how fun!
    all your projects look great!

  9. You are doing so well on your projects. Love seeing them as you go. Your fabric choices are really cool.

  10. Your baskets looks WONDERFUL Dawn.

  11. Lovely fussy cutting!It is such fun isn't it. I recognise the pattern - Karen Cunningham of Australia. I made mine in classes with her and it is now hanging on the wall - enjoyed every minute of making this quilt and I miss doing it now!

  12. Dawn - that is just beautiful! I have the pattern, and the fabric, and have not done a thing except a few hexagons.

  13. Wow! This is going to be so cool! Can't wait to see more.

  14. there are some really sweet hexie flowers in that second shot~!!~your fussy cutting has made them amazing~!
    that is going to be quite the involved project. it looks like a lifetime's worth of work in that one~!

    i too, keep a project (or two) at the ready for when i travel. it's sometimes quite surprising how much i get accomplished when i use the travel time in this way.


  15. Wow, they are beautiful! And again, you have the patience of a saint!

  16. Amazing and so beautiful, your work is stunning.

  17. Wow, Dawn! I must have missed the post when you said they're 1/2". How big will the finished quilt be? Really, really amazing. I love the baskets - the shapes, the additions, the colors, everything about them. Are they as small as the hexies?

  18. Thank you for sharing your lovely on-going projects with us. I (of course) love your small hexagon flowers. But also the basket blocks and the applique is wonderful.
    I wish you a Happy Mother's Day too.

  19. Hi, thanks for inspiration. Love your baskets and hexies.
    I bought the pattern from Australia, are now in the prosess of colecting fabrics for it. I have maded a promice to my self to finish some other prohects before I start on this one.
    Are you making yours the way the original is?

  20. Oh, I just LOVE this quilt. The background fabric is perfect and you know I love hexies! My mothers day was spent on the road, but I enjoyed spending a couple days with my family. Hope you had a good one.

  21. Omigosh, so tiny and sweet! Glad you are enjoying every bit of it.

  22. Wow, love your projects. The colors in the hexagons are wonderful, and the baskets look great. I love how you are teasing out the little details with your fabrics - such fun!

  23. I am not making this from a purchased pattern. I know a few people have designed patterns based on the original but I have not seen them.
    I made drawings after having the good fortune of photographing the original.
    My plan is to make all 22 as detailed as the originals.


Thanks for your comments!