Friday, January 25, 2013

Auction with Quilts

Block detail from one of the star quilts
Have you been to a live auction?

We went to one last weekend and I thought you might like to see some details.

What does this block have to do with the auction?  Well...there were quilts at the auction.  This was a consignment auction, meaning anyone can consign items - it wasn't just one household.

Unlike an online auction you get to see who's bidding and buying, always interesting.

Front of the room during preview period

If you arrive early enough, you can inspect the items before the auction - the auction preview period.  This is auction was at a county fairgrounds and all of the items were brought in early that morning.

You register, and are assigned a buyers number - this paper 'tag' is what you hold up when placing a bid.

Each item auctioned is a 'Lot' with a lot number.  At this auction the auctioneer did not go in numeric sequence by lot number.

7" Doll dresser and 12" glass front cupboard 

My rule is I always decide my top price before bidding starts.  Otherwise, in the heat of the moment when you only have a second to decide...really one second - you know your top dollar.

Besides the winning bid price there is a buyers premium (generally 6-30%) plus state sales tax.
All of this is paid when you check out - in this case - cash only.

One of four textile 'walls'

This is one of the quilt 'walls' on wheels.
When this side was completed, the wall was wheeled around to the other side - also filled with quilts.

Would you like to see a few detailed pictures of the quilts?

Coverlet border detail
I have a small collection of coverlets

Interesting piecing - created a nice secondary pattern when the quilt
was viewed from a distance

Star quilt with zig-zag sashing
Embroidery detail 1914 quilt with initials and horseshoes

One of the star quilts
 Gray coping strips added to some of the star blocks
hand pieced and hand quilted
Do you have any auction tales to tell?
Or is it more ... what happens at the auction stays at the auction?

Have a great weekend - Dawn

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Even A Little Progress Counts

Little stars - background is the back of Catherine's Garden
I have been doing almost all hand work.

That's OK, plenty of machine sewing coming up, and it is all my choice.

The little stars don't have backgrounds.. yet.  I'm leaning towards a solid cream, but have considered a small print.  They need a little trimming first.

They finish at three inches.

Salley Morse Scarlet Letter Kit
Silk Thread on Mother Of Pearl Rings

I have continued to work on old wonderful unfinished samplers.

Salley Morse is getting close to a finish.  A few focused minutes a day is all it is taking ... and it sat for 20 years...

I put it away in 1992 - during a move, and with two preschoolers.  Sweet as those days were, hand stitching was low on the priority list.  When I restarted it I realized I had reversed the green and rust - and it is staying that way!

This weekend I spotted and old frame at the local antique shop I think might work.  I need to get back over there before it is gone.  Optimistic for a real finish - FINISHED as in stitched and framed.

Amy Mitten Vierlande Winders Keeper 

This is the reticule/thread keep progress.

This is a long term project.  After all of the stitching is done I have quite a bit of assembly.

I have been rotating my projects throughout the day - a little housework, piecing, quilting,'s better on the wrists to keep a variety of projects going.

Every little bit of progress feels good!

bulb, pebbles & water - so simple

Last but not least - our Amaryllis - this year grew to an epic height.

It is just under 3 feet tall.

We grew it on pebbles and water.

The height of the hurricane vase kept it from tipping - an added bonus.

Back to quilting...

Should the stars be finished in solid or print? A little of both?
Let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend!    Dawn


Friday, January 11, 2013

Quilts In Everyday Life

Used with permission from the publisher

I bought this book for myself before Christmas, I like to say my dog Roxy shops for me!  She has such good taste.

"Quilts In Everyday Life, 1855-1955"
A 100 Year Photographic History
By Janet Finley

Schiffer Publishing ISBN 978-0-7643-4216-5

As I read the book I started thinking of all the people I knew that would enjoy the book - it's not just for those of us interested in quilt history.

I purchased additional copies as gifts.  It is a great book for the study of social customs, period dress and home furnishings - even house plants.   Anyone who loves photography also needs this book.

Used with permission from the author
Lydia Clapp b. 1817
This is my picture of a picture in the book

Janet selected 325 pictures from her collection, the earliest dated 1855.  She researched each photo in detail.  As she demonstrates, every picture tells a story, and what a beautiful group of stories!

Since the book is based in real life, it covers birth and death with so many events in between, all with a quilt in the photo.
Roller skating in a dress made like a crazy quilt? <vbg>
Dog included in family picnic on a quilt
Clothes lines filled with laundry - including quilts

Check your local bookstore, quilt shop or book outlet and if you can't find the book you can order directly from Schiffer along with other quilt related titles!  You might need more than one...

In an age when we take photos for granted, I wonder how many of us have been photographed with our quilts? Making our quilts?   Is it important to have pictures of yourself with your quilts and/or sewing?

Leave a comment - I just might have a prize for someone...
UPDATE:  Regan - Floating on A Quilted Cloud won a singed copy of the book

More Information
Additonal info about the book HERE
Janet is also available to speak to your group - let me know if you need contact information.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Goal

I've rotated some of the quilts I had out on display.

It is fun to enjoy them on a daily basis.

This is only one of the rails I have to drape quilts on.  I feel so lucky!

I've been working diligently on my hand quilting.

Not much better on a cold winter evening to have a quilt in your lap.

I finished all of the outline quilting in and around the applique in the floor frame.  Now I have the quilt in my lap using a hoop.

So relaxing.

Hard to make cream on cream exciting in a photo.

I have also joined Nicolas Scarlet Letter Year blog.

I have a few Scarlet Letter samplers that have been languishing for years.  I have completed several and LOVE them.  This was just the motivation I needed to get going again.

I have my silk thread on mother of pearl rings and got out a color coordinated guilloche needle case.

I hope January is providing you with lots of time to stitch!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thinking Ahead       silk & linen
This is my new project start for 2013.
Actually, Santa brought it - so it only seemed right to start stitching away.

This is the Vierlande Winders Keeper by Amy Mitten 

Santa must have heard about my admiration of Margaret's (Days of a Sampler Lover). Check out Margaret's Quaker version.
The outside is silk, and the inside is filled with stitching and pockets.

The set also will have the pin balls and thread winders.

The link above will show you all the other details.
I love all the details.

Last year I completed a few cross stitch projects and I plan to do the same in 2013.

Calico Paradise

Of course I have lots of exciting quilting plans as well.

More applique - several more old quilts to share with you.  Some piecing too.

And let's not forget the quilting; hand & machine plans are in the works.

Catherine's Garden old and new

Sewing tools - so many upcoming treasures!

The tape loom and tape too...that update might take two posts.

Thanks to all of you who sent the link to the loom going up for auction this month.  You can see it HERE, Pook & Pook.

I have three reproduction samplers I plan to finish - as in all the way to framing.

I also see handmade LACE in the coming year - oh, so much to look forward to!
 Wishing you all the best in 2013!!  Do you always start a new year with a new project?