Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hand Quilting Catherine

Note Catherine's itty bitty reverse applique
I've started my 'winter's work' hand quilting Catherine's Garden.

In this picture you can see one of the flower heads and some of the reproductions done by friends.  Cream and the Amy Butler banana.

I am fortunate to have my floor frame in the family room and spend at least an hour a day hand quilting.

Pattern with applique and hand quilting lines

The quilting lines from our 1855 original antique quilt are on our pattern pieces.   I was able to mark the quilt using my light box prior to loading it in the frame.

I mark with General's Sketch and Wash graphite pencils.

Once I have the 'feature' motifs and outline stitching done, I will go back and add the filler stitching.  I am considering doing the filler 'off frame' and put the floor frame away for the holiday.

outline and motif hand quilting

I decided on a solid cream backing fabric - just like Catherine did.  She used the yellow on her front background.

This is one of the quilted leaves she carefully positioned between her applique leaves.

She was an amazing quilter and designer.

As I quilt I get to re-visit all for the flowers and leaves she designed.

One of my applique friends is making the yellow ground with red backing - Love it!!

outlining the vines and leaves

What a great season to work on...
     several hundred inches of red vines...
     green leaves in numerous shapes....
     and 65 other flowers and leaves...

I find handwork so relaxing.

Roxy - quilters foot warmer

I don't quilt alone. This is Roxy and she likes to keep my toes warm as I quilt.

She's an old girl and sleeps much of the day and loves to be close to me.

We've transferred her into a harness because sometimes she needs a little help getting up.  That's the least I can do for a loyal quilting helper!

Are you are making time to quilt?
Have a great week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks Along The Front Range

My Front Porch View

If you are celebrating the

United States Thanksgiving Holiday

      Have a wonderful time!

(Mine will include a little stitching)

Best Wishes from The Front Range in Colorado

Friday, November 9, 2012

Seeing Red - A Little Finish

Pattern:  Treasures From Holland
Petra Prins / Quilt Mania

I've been using lots of red...on the walls and in my quilts.

Seemed the perfect time to finish Little Red.

I posted about it last February, (seems like only last month)...  I had completed the top and was considering backings and bindings.  It sat for a while until it spoke to me and a comfortable decision was made.

I ended up using a conversational print shown in the pictures below as the backing.  I used the floral stripe from the sashing for binding.

It is machine pieced and hand quilted.
I used Quilters Dream Cotton and I think it is a little too heavy for my taste.  I'm going back to Fairfield Blue Ribbon on future projects.

Little Red Back with sewing aids

Since I'm on a red kick, I went through some of the sewing goodies looking for red.

Pictured are:
   Sewing Roll - Leather, silk tie about 3"
Ivory wool interior.

   Pin Ball - Red wool, black silk with rick rack trim and hanger.  Did you know rick rack (spellings vary) dates back to the 1800's?

   Sweet grass and red velvet pin cushion

2" x 4"  Shaker Sewing Roll

If you like your red more discreet - how about this sewing roll?

See the red peeking out along the edge?

Amazing what can be packed inside this little beauty.

The inside is lined in beautiful red silk fabric.

Wool pages are embroidered for storing pins and needles.

Three sewn leather pockets store needles.

The 'box' portion holds a thimble and thread spools.

The other end of the roll has a pocket and scissor sheath.

Note the separate lid that snaps over the box area.

I have a few of these in various style I'll share in future posts.

I have the tape loom threaded and have about two feet of tape woven.  Of course I am using some red threads.

I am learning about tension, speed and pattern!  Also reading about tape and loom history.

I will have enough to bind a small doll quilt...someday.

I am working on a longer post about tapes and the looms.

Are you working with anything red this week?  It has me thinking about the holidays!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank You Friends

Signature Quilt from California Friends
This has been a month filled with thoughtfulness from generous friends.

This signature quilt is from my California quilt study friends (Repiecers).  My friend Irene (90+ and still quilting) hand quilted it.

Each block is signed - I will treasure it always!

I am so fortunate to have them as friends and I look forward to seeing them again - soon.

Blue Bird of Happiness pin cushion is from my road trip friend

This sweet blue quilt was a surprise from blogger Doniene.

I first found her blog about her cabin and house in 2011.  'Doniene's 365 Days'.
Many a Sunday morning I shared entries with my family and we marveled at her skill building and utilizing reclaimed materials.  Like this example (click HERE) with solid wood flooring.  Impressive, and she builds furniture!

Blue Bird of Happiness Quilt

For the back of this quilt she used a Blue Bird Flour sack.

These sacks are still being used today.

Read more about Cortez Milling HERE.

What a treasure.  I'm keeping it at my desk where I can enjoy both sides!

She's also a quilter - and a very generous one too.  I hope to meet her in person someday.

Isn't this a lovely quilt?

It is from C. a very special and generous friend.
No blog yet - but she should!

It too is hand quilted and made of vintage quilt fabrics.  It too hangs in a place of honor where I enjoy it everyday.

Moving is hard - but I have the support of lots of friends - and have already met many new friends in my new home!   Thank you friends.

Let's all tell a friend today how special they are...
Have a great week.