Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orange County Antiques

Given certain popular American TV shows, antique quilts may be the first thing you think of when someone mentions Orange County, California.

In case you wondered - we have fabulous antique opportunities in Southern California.

I thought I'd take you on a little tour of "Down Home Country Antiques" in Orange, California.  There are several others, even bigger ones, but I'll save those for another time.

This shop frequently re-arranges and has a high turn over of items.  You never know what you'll find.  I don't think I've ever been there when I didn't find a treasure or two.

Buy it when you see it or it will be gone!

Apologies in advance - these are all phone pictures.

Several 'booths' have quilts - one vendor specializes in quilts.

I love the variety and how accessible they are.

The ones hanging on the wall are bundled with a ribbon and hung on a coat hook.

How about the hourglass on the second shelf?

The hanging quilts up closer.

I love that plaid one...the yellow path hex...well... aren't they all great?

Here's yet another cupboard.

Great quilts - fun green cupboard!

and yes...that's another cupboard corner peeking on the right.

This is quilt has a beautiful alternating pink block and is hand quilted.

Let's not forget some applique!

What a fun border, on two sides only.

This one is very densely quilted and it was all I could do to leave it behind.

Which one would you bring home?

Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fringe, Tape Binding and Gallery Wall Progress

Close up of fringe edge
I have a new addition to the Gallery Wall.
This was a good exercise for a large project that will have hand tied fringe.

The fringe matches a canopy with hand tied fringe on the guest room four poster.

I've had a few discussions lately on tape binding.  I knew I had seen a tape loom in a book - finally found it and was then side tracked with inspiration for this little quilt.

Print Fabric:  Maison de Garance (Moda) 13548
The little quilt is about 11.5" x 15.5"
Machine pieced and hand quilted.
Knife edge with top mounted cotton fringe edge.

Book:  Small Endearments
Nineteenth- Century Quilts for Children and Dolls
By Sandi Fox

The tape loom in the book is dated 1814, made of Oak and Maple.  Source:  Collection of Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts. click HERE
See the book for a picture.

Other tape loom information click HERE
If you want to buy your own reproduction tape loom click HERE

I have yet to find a tape made today that replicates the antique tape used for binding.  I've been using a narrow cotton until I find a better reproduction....and NO I'm not buying a loom and weaving my own.
UPDATE 2/2013 - I did buy a tape loom and am weaving!  Boud a doll quilt HERE.
Antique Tape binding examples:
Tape binding - home woven?

Tape Binding - Trenton Tape?

Here's the 'fringy' new little on the shutter wall in the 'Hall Gallery'

Clockwise starting at 12:
*  Vintage doll quilt
*  Four Patch Notched 
*  Doll Nine Patch
*  Tumbler
*  Fringed Geese
*  Stripes
*  Rolling Stones - Ann Hermes - Notes From The Quilt Lab  - Free Pattern HERE
*  Antique Chain block quilted as doll quilt
*  Split Rectangles
*  Cradle

A few close ups:
Little Nine Patch I made in 1989 for DD

Tumbler with Fringed Geese - Hand Quilted 

Split Rectangles - Hand Quilted
Do you use a variety of edge/binding treatments on your quilts?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Display and Use of Needlework Tools

I was asked how I display some of my needlework collectibles, so here goes...  I use many of them, but also have a few pieces of 'display' furniture.

This is a coffee table with a beveled glass top.  To give you an idea of scale - the glass areas is 29".

I don't have too much in there now, as I am only showing you the pieces that I have already blogged about.  I wouldn't want to ruin any surprises!

Top drawer partially open
The top drawer is the display tray that slides out allowing me to arrange objects, swap pieces out and clean.

We have two of these - one in the family room with some travel mementos, and one in the living room with the sewing goodies.

Our good friend made these - he also does them in other woods and half the width.

He does beautiful work!
The larger bottom drawer is sturdy for books.

We also have a pair of end tables made by my BIL.

They have a mirror back, glass sides & shelves, and a framed glass door.

He made them from oak scraps around the workshop - great recycling!

Glass shelf in end table

Here's what it looks like with the door open.

Adjustable glass shelves.  Oak Base.

Not too tidy, I've been moving things around as I take pictures to share with you.  My final plan is to organize them by period rather than displaying them by use.

I'm not showing you the second table - too many surprises for you there.

I also have a bookcase in my sewing room with the little machines.

I use many of my sewing tools,  I keep them with my current projects so I can enjoy them daily.
Do you keep sewing projects out and about in your everyday living area?

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Flower Baskets and Hexagons

A long term project
I saw the antique quilt at quilt festival - like many in the crowd I was quite taken with it.

After several visits to admire the original work of art I thought I would make one!

At home - armed with my numerous photos I drew out the entire quilt and started the hand work.

Lately I've been in the mood to work on UFO's - gotta seize that feeling as it could be fleeting!

I love the variety of fabrics I can work into this project.
In some cases I am still auditioning fabrics...

On request - the back of a hex flower - each one is getting better
These are 1/2" hex's

I keep a bag of 1/2" hex supplies ready for travel

I was once asked if posting UFO/WIP projects motivated me to work on them and the answer is yes.
So feel free to ask me at some future date how my flowers baskets are coming along!

Have a great weekend - I'll be prepping a few more  flower baskets.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thistlewood Necessaire Part 1

If you've read many of my posts you know I love fine needlework and sewing tools.

I found a project (now closed) offered through the Shining Needle Society that includes stitching and the accessories.  "Thistlewood" by Jackie du Plessis

This is a counted thread project on linen.

The hand dyed silk thread is beautiful.

I will have all of the counted thread work completed this week.

It's fine stitching with the leaf fill stitched over one thread on a 34 count linen.

This is a picture (used with permission from Jackie) of the finished project, including the accessories to complete the set;
   Glass Head Pins
   Beeswax w/ Enamel Thistlewood 'caps'
   Silk threads and fabrics
   34 count linen
   Handmade Scrimshaw/Bone Tools
   Sterling Silver Charm

My Part 2 post will be my completed project!  I'm very excited to learn the finishing techniques.  I hope to have it completed yet this year.

Click HERE to see Jackie's website - It's Fine-ally Finished
She offers online classes and maintains a busy teaching schedule.

Click HERE to see other Necessaires for needlework.

Have a great week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet and Globustisch

This coverlet was found in Iowa.

I don't know much about it, other than I love the design and color.  It is in mint condition.

Someday I will learn more about them.  It's not wool, might be linen.

Just thought you might enjoy looking at it as much as I do.

Update: UK readers looking for a Martha cabinet - contact me I know of a great one available...

Cowan Martha Washington Sewing Tables

This is my Martha Washington Sewing cabinet.  They were made in many similar designs.  Mine has the original finish and very detailed legs.

Some have straight legs, glass knobs or various drawer sizes.

The top has 2 side lift lids with deep compartments.

The top drawer holds my applique threads.

The second drawer holds hand quilting threads.

And the bottom drawer is misc.

I shipped her home from Texas.  I had seen it in the shop a few times but it didn't make sense to ship it 1,000 miles...until the third time my DD pointed to the sign that said 50% off everything in the booth...Thank you UPS Pack N Ship.

This is the original furniture tag in the second drawer.  It is rare to find the tag in place.

It was all the rage a few years back to paint and re purpose these beauties so to find them complete and original is getting harder.

This one is walnut and I found it in Royal Front VA.

Much darker walnut - no tag and no drawer inserts, but still a great little table.

Each of the drawers is the same size.

A little different leg style than mine, but very furniture like.

I'm guessing the deep side 'pockets' are ideal for knitting needles.  Called project pockets I guess a fair amount of mending would also fit.

This one is in the same shop and has the spool rods in place.

Beautiful grain on the drawer front.

The kind of sewing stand I dream about....

Globustich often have hidden compartments

Milwaukee Art Museum - Globustisch

What a contrast - this museum beauty is special.  I discovered the display when the Winterthur quilts were on exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2010.

It was common to store sewing, writing, and game pieces in the same storage container.

Beautiful inlay and a delicate stand/legs.

Globustisch were made in various styles.

You can see more HERE, and HERE.

Each is a custom work of art and the more you look at it the more you will notice.

The box sitting on the floor almost goes unnoticed.
Double click on the picture

Museum Tag - enlarge to read details:

No mention of game pieces or hidden compartments...a connection to how some game pieces became thread winders?

If you have a Martha Washington sewing cabinet I'd love to hear about her.  I'm just guessing no one has a Globustusch, but if you do - please send a picture.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Trip Around The World

I'm always on the lookout for thread storage ideas.  When opportunity presents itself in the form of retro - count me in!

This tiered stand turns at the base, holds about 3 dozen spools and is topped off with a pin cushion at the top.

All wood, it's a little heavy but then again - it wasn't designed to be portable.  It sits in my sewing room and holds some of my odd thread assortment.

The interesting three legged design is sturdy.  The light wood finish looks good as new!

This quilt is a Trip Around The World with 2" squares.  It contains a few feed sack fabrics, others are a higher thread count dress weight.

It is hand tied in blue cotton - reminds me of Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn.

It has a machine stitched knife edge, but the piecing in all the places I looked is hand stitched.

The backing is solid cream and looks like a flour sacking.

The pin cushions are marked Made In Japan.  This one is a velvet fabric.

This one is also a tape measure.  I extended it and pinned it so you can see the Japan Stamp on the beginning of the tape.

The pale green fabric piece in the background is a an interesting print - sailor, with a ship and a rope piece with knots.

This one is a corduroy without a tape measure.

It has a cloth tag in a side seam marked JAPAN.

The mending kit is advertising for 'Pacific Telephone'.

Click HERE to see the Pacific Telephone ladies at work.

Here's a detail of the sewing/mending kit.

The lid is the thimble.
The wooden center is fully removable - wrapped in two colors of thread.  The wooded top comes off to dispense the needles.

Side 1:  This Little Kit Is Sew Right For Your Mends
Side 2:  A Telephone Job Is So Right For Your Friends 

Do you have any retro items in your sewing that you use?  Not just for display?

Have a great week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Front Royal Part 2

More quilts on the wall...same shop as Front Royal Part 1.

I couldn't get any closer to the red applique, the furniture was piled all around it.

I could tell it was hand appliqued and hand quilted.

This one is vary nicely hand quilted.

The red and yellow are prints.

This is a block close up.

The border has beautiful feathers.

Irish Chain on a bench in the backroom.

Block detail.

Have a great week - thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Front Royal Part 1

Front Royal VA has some wonderful Antique shops.

This store is so packed one can hardly walk through!

Literally, packed to the rafters in some palces.

Yes....I know the quilts are tacked to the wall - and what a paradigm challenge - price the quilts over $800 then nail 'em to the wall.  hmmmm.

Prices were not negotiable, pictures were OK.

This is part of the left wall.
Right wall will be in another post.

Nice furniture!

I've got some sewing pieces to share in a future post.

Details pictures of some of these are below.
I thought I took more pictures of these, so if I find them I will update the post.

Pretty Star on point.

Hand quilted.

The outer light is a little black vine on white.

This one lost it's green in the setting squares.

In it's day I bet it was a screaming lovely green.

Hand quilted diagonal lines.

Some fun stripes in there!

This was the only place we stopped where the quilts were quilts were not cared for.  Most of the tags were faded and he was unwilling to negotiate the prices so unmotivated to sell.

Many other great shops on this wonderful Main Street.
Nice coffee shop w sidewalk seating.

More to follow...
Have a great week!!