Monday, October 10, 2011

Trip Around The World

I'm always on the lookout for thread storage ideas.  When opportunity presents itself in the form of retro - count me in!

This tiered stand turns at the base, holds about 3 dozen spools and is topped off with a pin cushion at the top.

All wood, it's a little heavy but then again - it wasn't designed to be portable.  It sits in my sewing room and holds some of my odd thread assortment.

The interesting three legged design is sturdy.  The light wood finish looks good as new!

This quilt is a Trip Around The World with 2" squares.  It contains a few feed sack fabrics, others are a higher thread count dress weight.

It is hand tied in blue cotton - reminds me of Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn.

It has a machine stitched knife edge, but the piecing in all the places I looked is hand stitched.

The backing is solid cream and looks like a flour sacking.

The pin cushions are marked Made In Japan.  This one is a velvet fabric.

This one is also a tape measure.  I extended it and pinned it so you can see the Japan Stamp on the beginning of the tape.

The pale green fabric piece in the background is a an interesting print - sailor, with a ship and a rope piece with knots.

This one is a corduroy without a tape measure.

It has a cloth tag in a side seam marked JAPAN.

The mending kit is advertising for 'Pacific Telephone'.

Click HERE to see the Pacific Telephone ladies at work.

Here's a detail of the sewing/mending kit.

The lid is the thimble.
The wooden center is fully removable - wrapped in two colors of thread.  The wooded top comes off to dispense the needles.

Side 1:  This Little Kit Is Sew Right For Your Mends
Side 2:  A Telephone Job Is So Right For Your Friends 

Do you have any retro items in your sewing that you use?  Not just for display?

Have a great week!


  1. I absolutely love that thread pyramid! Any idea how old it is? It reminds me of my German Nativity Pyramid that rotates by candle power.

  2. Hi, Dawn. Sweet quilt and accessories. I love the blue and white daisy print in the quilt. I just mentioned in my most recent post about a little shoe pin cushion from Ireland given to me in the early 1970's. I think it was made to look old and now it is old! I'll post a better photo of it in my next post. It had been in storage for years. I was cleaning out a couple years ago and put it in my breakfront cabinet. Mostly due to your influence, I pulled it out recently to use while I hand pieced my spools and only needed a few pins close by. Thanks!

  3. I have a couple of the little mending kits in my thimble collection. I find them oh so interesting.

  4. How cool is that thread holder thingie? Great stuff! Love the quilt too. Looks so 30's. Cute pincushons too! I love seeing your sewing tools.

  5. Gorgeous little quilt Dawn! Love the way the black ties create a design of their own on the quilt!!! Very handy thread spool holder too!!

  6. The spool holder is fascinating. Who'd have thought it would be so sturdy on just 3 legs. Nice Trip around the World and those pincushions really grabbed me. I think I remember the one with the tape measure from real life!

    But by far the best thing on your post is the mending kit. Now if it just held little snippers it could go on a plane and no one would be any the wiser. In years to come there may be posts like yours explaining the lengths we go to, to slip our sewing tools on board.

  7. I applied for a job at Pacific Telephone (back in the day) Got married and moved away instead. It was a good choice *s*

  8. The fabrics in that quilt are so cheerful. I love the red dots!

  9. I really like that quilt, the red fabric in there makes it just so fun!
    I think that pin ucshion is adorable.
    would love to have one of those old fashion coats and clark thread holders
    maybe I will have to buy a reproduction of one some day for my threads !

  10. Cute little gadgets!!! I like the little mending kit!! The quilt is darling.


  11. Wonderful fabrics! I try to use most of my vintage sewing pieces.

  12. I have an antique thimble that I like to use. It isn't my primary thimble but it gives me joy when I do use it even though it is slightly slower going.


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