Sunday, October 30, 2011

Orange County Antiques

Given certain popular American TV shows, antique quilts may be the first thing you think of when someone mentions Orange County, California.

In case you wondered - we have fabulous antique opportunities in Southern California.

I thought I'd take you on a little tour of "Down Home Country Antiques" in Orange, California.  There are several others, even bigger ones, but I'll save those for another time.

This shop frequently re-arranges and has a high turn over of items.  You never know what you'll find.  I don't think I've ever been there when I didn't find a treasure or two.

Buy it when you see it or it will be gone!

Apologies in advance - these are all phone pictures.

Several 'booths' have quilts - one vendor specializes in quilts.

I love the variety and how accessible they are.

The ones hanging on the wall are bundled with a ribbon and hung on a coat hook.

How about the hourglass on the second shelf?

The hanging quilts up closer.

I love that plaid one...the yellow path hex...well... aren't they all great?

Here's yet another cupboard.

Great quilts - fun green cupboard!

and yes...that's another cupboard corner peeking on the right.

This is quilt has a beautiful alternating pink block and is hand quilted.

Let's not forget some applique!

What a fun border, on two sides only.

This one is very densely quilted and it was all I could do to leave it behind.

Which one would you bring home?

Have a great week!


  1. If I could walk into a shop like that and buy them I probably would never make another one myself. They are all great but I think I would have the Lone Star first because I will never make one.

  2. Lovely photos. Are the quilts expensive?

  3. My husband's father lived in Orange for most of his life and my husband lived there for a while too. We hope to sometime take a vacay out there so I can see the area as I've never been to CA. I enjoy reading about it and so I want to thank you for the post and pics.

  4. For sure I would take the nine patch on point with dark setting squares!!! Oh and the cheddar, red and green star quilt would go perfectly with all my other star quilts!! How fun. Maybe someday we can go quilt "looking" together - it would be fun!!


  5. Oh my...they are all wonderful! I would want them all.

  6. The Princess Feather quilt is gorgeous. I don't think I would want to applique all those curves. The blue that was used is a very pretty shade.

  7. I think it would have to be the appliqued princess feathers...what a great selection of quilts! Thanks for the photos...

  8. I love the 9-patch on the coat rack--have to fight Doniene for it!! But I would give it up for her and take the hex with the yellow path. What a fun place to browse. Is it very pricey there?

  9. Do I have to pick just one? Really???

  10. I like the plaid bowties - not easy to choose. Fun shop. My nephew was married in Orange and I remember seeing quite a few antique shops but it wasn't the time to look! Don' know when I'll get back to CA. Fortunately, my sister comes back east every year. Thanks for the eye candy.

  11. Thankyou for sharing those wonderful old quilts! I'd definitely want to bring at least one home with me!!!

  12. oh this was so fun, not sure which one I would buy, probably that princess feather, oh my beautiful
    but some of the other ones are beautiufl and would be fn to make too!
    still no power staying in a hotel hopefully power will be back on by Thursday
    I am getting emails can't send them from here, when I go to starbucks later I will write more.

  13. We have been lucky enough to visit these shops a few times. Always such a treat! Glad you made this discovery!


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