Karma Quilt Free Pattern

Do you believe in KARMA? 

I'm not sure but I like the word and concept - So I named this free one, KARMA.

Karma:  the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences

This is my antique crib quilt/Wall Hanging 'KARMA'

c.1860/1870 I currently have it displayed in a guest room.

I shared it on Instagram hanging in the guest room.

The magic the original maker created in this quilt is the use of pale pink and blue.
Very similar to the use of pink and blue sometimes seen in 19th century log cabin quilt blocks.
In this log cabin block you see pinks and blues used as lights
A medium blue used as a dark

In this block the maker used a soft pink mixed with the light shirting prints
One edge of one pink stripe includes some brown (Printed not pieced)

In this block the maker used pink and blue as a light
To add further interest, a medium blue is used in the outer border as a dark

The use of stripes, not always perfectly angled also adds interest
(Again note the pale blue and gray used as a neutral light)

The maker had access to multiple color ways of the same print
Each corner 'solution' is a little different
Most likely corners pieces were filled in and the edge squared off

Pieced Border - making it work

Thanks for reading this far!
A most amazing feature of this quilt; besides the fabric selection

I collect hexagon and charm quilts so this precious 
little quilt was a must have
It fits into my collection perfectly!

Now gather your scraps and your preferred hexagon size

Here's what you need:

To make 13 FULL Blocks
13 red hexagons
78 mix of pale prints
156 Mix of Darks

To Make 4 Partial Blocks
4 red hexagons
16 Mix of pale prints
28 Mix of dark prints

Top and Bottom only
4 Dark Mix x 2

4-5 Medium Dark Hexagons
Depending on how you end the corners

Red Fill Hexagons
Plan on 175-200 
Depending on how you trim the sides

Red Hexagons: 217
Pale Mix of shirting, pale pink and pale blue:  94
Darks:  188

A good scale is 1.5" larger than your chosen hexagon size

Size Depends of course on your hexagon size
for 1" hexagons 30" x 50" plus borders
for 1/2" hexagons 15" x 25" plus borders

If you decide to make 'Karma' please share your photo with me
If you post on social media/blog/quilt show please give credit and tag me

May all your Karma be good

Please do not copy other people's quilts without asking 💕 

Ready for a good press, layering then hand quilting!
(Kitten conversation print backing - Velma's choice of course

mjburckle finished her top!
You can find her on Instagram and see her progress 
She tells me she enjoyed every stitch.
She beautifully hand quilted it - Gorgeous Finish!!

Terry’s Quilt

Jules_Quilts variation shared on Instagram

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