Thursday, February 27, 2014

Noah and Matilda Details of Third Block Set

Bird detail from antique quilt
The third set of blocks in the Noah and Matilda Album Quilt includes another exciting variety of designs.  Birds, hearts, yellow tulips and multi layered flowers.

The sweet little bird, perhaps a canary, gives you many embellishment options.  The original is fully outlined in satin stitch embroidery.  The head and wing are accented with red thread.  A little green thread is used around the red beak.

Inked Block

There is another inked block.  Presenting another clue.
Is it MS or WS ?  After browsing through fonts, guess what I'm leaning towards?

The shape, could be a heart?

Or,  an embellished line to hold the date?

The date - What is the significance of
                    Feb 22

Antique flower applique on original quilt

One of the flower blocks has heart shaped buds and four layer flowers.

Isn't this a great fussy cut center print?

The petals appear to be raw edge, finished with a buttonhole stitch.

I love these flowers, and look forward to doing more.

Starting to layer my flower
I have been using back basting applique on this project.

To make these flowers, I used freezer paper and cut each layer separately.  Draw the flower outline on the base fabric.  (Don't cut the base out until all layers are added)  Cut out the next petal layer, buttonhole stitch onto base.  Repeat, for all three petal layers.
Cut out the base flower petal shape, buttonhole stitch to the block after the rest of the applique is completed.

This is a detail photo of one of my flowers.

I think the white thread creates a lace like edge.  You could use matching thread colors or needle turn yours.

The third block set is available HERE

Have a fantastic weekend; I hope it includes some stitching time!



Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pat L. Nickols Quilt Collection - Mingei International Museum

Log Cabin Quilt - Pat L. Nickols Collection, Mingei

There is a new exhibit open at the Mingei International Museum.

Celebrating the 2012 gift of 350 American quilts from local collectors Pat and Tom Nickols, this installation features
Log Cabin quilts. A Log Cabin quilt is formed in squares known as blocks, each with a central small square surrounded by bars or logs. "

detail - c. 1875 Child's Rolling Star  Object Detail HERE

"Over the last thirty years, Pat Nickols amassed a wondrous collection of mostly American quilts; a quilt and fabric historian, her knowledge of this important genre of American folk art is boundless. 
The collection is comprised of traditional quilts made from the early 1800s to the 1950s, gathered from many parts of the United States. 

It includes excellent examples of many types of quilts including Log Cabin, Charm, String and Signature quilts, and quilts made with feed, flour and sugar sacks."

Object Page HERE
The Quilters Guild of Dallas, Quilt Accessibility Project made digitization of the collection possible.
From the Mingei site Click on the LEARN tab> Collections > Special Collections > Quilts

Each quilt record includes object details; date, size, etc. AND numerous detailed photos.

This is an impressive study opportunity you will want to bookmark and revisit!

Doll quilts, charm quilts, chintz, takes hours to enjoy all of the detail available.

See if you can find the c. 1835 stripy quilt...

The Mingei holds only a portion of the Pat L Nickols Collection!

If you are able, please consider making a donation to support the Mingei Quilt Collection HERE.
You can designate the donation support the storage, exhibition and promotion of the quilt collection.

ENJOY the collection - aren't we lucky so many have made this beautiful collection of quilts available?
Object page HERE

Monday, February 10, 2014

Red for February

It is Valentines week here is the US.  I chose to get some of my red and white quilts and fabrics out.
This is the 'neutral' room in our house.  Easy to swap out the quilts and accessories.  So, January after taking down the tree along with red and green quilts for Christmas; we are on to red and white.
Small pieces are in the cradles and table tops, larger quilts are on the floor rack and walls.
Blinds and curtains are only open for photos and company.

This is the opposite wall.
Both of the applique quilts are hand applique and quilted. 

I use the "Hang It Dang It " which is adjustable, one nail needed for a range of quilt widths.  Great product I highly recommend.  In same cases I baste a hanging sleeve, for a few a pin the sleeve on.  Some of my collection will never hand for display.

A few red themed books are also recommended.

Coulouring The Nation (see all my book marks?) is a good reference book.  Check out their website with the link.  Glorious collection of turkey reds.

I just started, "A Perfect Red"by Amy Butler Greenfield.  It has been out a while and has just made it to the top of my reading list.  So far it's been hard to put down.

There are small sewing goodies on display.

One is a sterling pin heart placed on a Westmoreland milk glass pair of hands.   Pins are inserted along the red velvet middle edge.  The loop at the top allows it to be connected to a chatelaine and added to a neck chain.

With my heart in my hand, I wish you a

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lily Variations - Noah and Matilda Second Block Set

All applique, no background seam
Looks like several of you discovered the second set of the Noah and Matilda blocks are ready to download.  Even if I don't get an announcement blog post written, we will always try to get the blocks out a few days early.  Your enthusiasm is encouraging!
 Set 2 of the N/M blocks contain a variation of a lily block.
There are many variations to lily blocks in antique quilts.   Matilda's block is appliqued.  While there is a seam in the middle of her block, I chose not to seam mine.  She has seams in other blocks in order to have enough fabric.  Aren't we lucky?

The block in the example shown to the left is all applique.  The red flower petals are all one piece.

Lily variation in blues and pinks

This example is for all of you using some blue in your quilt.

The applique is done with a running stitch.
No hidden stitches!

The stems barely touch the flower.  The stem curves are gathered or eased into shape.

Some of the leaves go up, in other blocks they go down or are straight.

Closeup of the blue print.
Great fabric.

Looking forward to seeing more N/M blocks with blues.

Appliqued in a running stitch

This example uses low contrast prints.

Three prints per flower head, nine prints plus the green in one block.

My N/M lily in block set 2 is red and yellow, all applique with green stems and leaves.

There are several variations in Brackman, pieced and appliqued.  A great block to "make your own" with a variation.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at lily blocks.
Have a great week!

Link to 

Links to blogs with N/M blocks: (email me if you would like your blog added)
Non-bloggers - send me pictures if you would like to share your blocks.