Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pat L. Nickols Quilt Collection - Mingei International Museum

Log Cabin Quilt - Pat L. Nickols Collection, Mingei

There is a new exhibit open at the Mingei International Museum.

Celebrating the 2012 gift of 350 American quilts from local collectors Pat and Tom Nickols, this installation features
Log Cabin quilts. A Log Cabin quilt is formed in squares known as blocks, each with a central small square surrounded by bars or logs. "

detail - c. 1875 Child's Rolling Star  Object Detail HERE

"Over the last thirty years, Pat Nickols amassed a wondrous collection of mostly American quilts; a quilt and fabric historian, her knowledge of this important genre of American folk art is boundless. 
The collection is comprised of traditional quilts made from the early 1800s to the 1950s, gathered from many parts of the United States. 

It includes excellent examples of many types of quilts including Log Cabin, Charm, String and Signature quilts, and quilts made with feed, flour and sugar sacks."

Object Page HERE
The Quilters Guild of Dallas, Quilt Accessibility Project made digitization of the collection possible.
From the Mingei site Click on the LEARN tab> Collections > Special Collections > Quilts

Each quilt record includes object details; date, size, etc. AND numerous detailed photos.

This is an impressive study opportunity you will want to bookmark and revisit!

Doll quilts, charm quilts, chintz, stars...it takes hours to enjoy all of the detail available.

See if you can find the c. 1835 stripy quilt...

The Mingei holds only a portion of the Pat L Nickols Collection!

If you are able, please consider making a donation to support the Mingei Quilt Collection HERE.
You can designate the donation support the storage, exhibition and promotion of the quilt collection.

ENJOY the collection - aren't we lucky so many have made this beautiful collection of quilts available?
Object page HERE


  1. Looks like they have an impressive collection. Would be great to see them all! Thanks for posting about the museum.

  2. Oh.. I would LOVE to see that collection! San Diego isn't that far away, so the possibility is definitely there. The wheels are already turning..... thanks so much for the heads up, and also for the Museum link. I know I'll spend plenty of time perusing all those wonderful old quilts.

  3. thank you~! for sharing this collection. i followed the link and will definitely go back again for further study. in fact i think i will be sure to include this link within my guild's newsletter/blog.

    i found this one: http://www.mingei.org/collectionobject/childs-quilt-known-maker-brunnell/ to be charming and fun. not a large quilt but full of energy. love the way that many of the triangles are pieced from smaller scraps of fabric.

    thanks again for sharing this treasure.


  4. Wow--I am obviously going to need more time to view these quilts. I am especially excited to look at the doll quilts up close! Thanks for linking us, Dawn!

  5. Thanks so much for that link - I have had a wonderful time looking at all of them - so inspiring!

  6. thanx for the very, very inspiring link. Is it ok if I share it with dutch bloggers? I will make a link to your blog of course. Let me know please!

  7. thanx for the very, very inspiring link. Is it ok if I share it with dutch bloggers? I will make a link to your blog of course. Let me know please!

  8. Wow! I could spend hours going through all those quilts and the amazing details provided. Haven't found the 1835 stripy yet. Must keep looking!

  9. Wow - you share the best quilts, treasures and inspiration! Can't wait to go see more of this exhibit (online) only wish I could see them in person. I really love looking at the fabrics and recognizing so many that have been reproduced.

  10. Great eye candy thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful! Love those old fabrics.:)

  12. Thank you for bringing my attention to this exhibit.. Pat was at a repiecers meeting and modestly told of the collection... Loved the site and the Pin button... yay for Pinterest!!

  13. Not sure if my first comment was not entered correctly...if not I wanted you to know I really appreciate your posting this both on FB and your blog...It led to a wonderful time looking at the collections donated by Pat L. Nickols to a museum only and hour or two away from me. Thank you, Dawn.

  14. I'll have to go back and spend more time, browsing through the online collection. I love seeing how quilters of the past used fabrics similar to what I have in my stash. Thanks so much for the link.
    I'm always impressed by the bright, bold fabrics that in some of the 160 and 170-year-old quilts. Anybody who thinks that all antique quilts are dusty and brown and boring needs to check out some of these beauties. Wonderful post!

  15. wow! I love the log cabin quilt! what a stunner.
    Looks like an amazing exhibit - wish I could see them in person - thanks for sharing some here.

  16. Thank you for the link I had a great afternoon watching all these ancient and wonderful quilts! I redesigned a block and already sewn a try!
    Friendship and thank you again!

  17. I love the child's rolling star quilt! The edge blocks are so interesting. I would LOVE to see it in person... Some fabulous fabrics in the other pictures. A great post!

  18. Dawn, thank you for sharing this wonderful exhibit with us! These are gorgeous quilts, and yes, I've been looking through them for over 2 hours now! lol And since this museum is in San Diego, where my children live, I just might be able to see it in person! Thanks!

  19. Yes, Dawn, another Thank You from a Mainer (Regan lives in Maine too!). I had my day kinda planned out but looks like there will be a detour to view antique quilts!!!

  20. What an amazing collection! Thanks for the link to view them.


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