Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Noah and Matilda Set Five

First 20 Noah and Matilda Blocks
Happy May Day!

The fifth set of Noah and Matilda blocks are posted HERE.

This set includes cherries, cactus, reel and floral blocks.  The photo is not the setting for the quilt.  There are alternate blank blocks; a great place for quilting motifs.  I plan to use the alternate blocks even though I like the look of all the blocks laid out touching.  What do you think?

Blocks in Set Five

Here are my blocks from the fifth set.

I'm mixing solids and prints.  I wasn't sure I would like the result, but I do.

I never thought I would applique a cactus!
It was great fun, and a blooming cactus as well.

I always post the pattern before I get the blog post done so for you eager stitchers - enjoy before the first of the month!  International NM stitchers might feel like it is late.

Cherries in Set Five

The cherries/berries were fun.  I choose to back baste mine.  My personal preference, use whatever technique you enjoy!

The stems are chain stitched using two strands of DMC floss.

I'm enjoying the bits of embroidery in between the applique.

I'm also still working on researching Noah and Matilda.  If I have the correct couple, they had 12 or 13 children.  Four died as infants.  Were they a romantic couple?  The girls had names like Angeline, Paris and Amelia.  There are also some clues that Matilda may have been married before Noah.  I'll post more on the family when I have finished validating my findings.

Velma with the block she prefers

Velma, without being asked, has a favorite block.

She pulled one block from the set and would like it renamed for her...probably not going to happen!  I think she missed the bird block.  She's settled in great.

Have a great week!  I hope you are enjoying some stitching time.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

circa 1825 Fabric

I love this new line of reproduction fabrics from In The Beginning Fabrics:  Circa 1825

I first saw the artwork for this line last year at the American Quilt Study Group's annual seminar.  In The Beginning Fabrics did the line in association with AQSG.

I knew it would be good, but I have to say it is FANTASTIC!

This photo is one of the floral colorways.  I put a small spool of DMC thread in the picture so you can get an idea of the scale.

It is in stores now so check your local quilt shop.  If they don't have it, do an Internet search.  There are several online sellers who also have it in stock.

I bought the documentary  and a few of the contemporary colorways.

I thought the thumbnails on the websites looked like a red print.  It turned out to be more brown.
It ended up the first one I cut into and used!

The detail in the prints is wonderful.

Not a paid infomercial, just a happy customer!
A portion of the proceeds benefit AQSG.

Great Blues

Did I mention I love the detail?
Have a great week!
Thanks for stopping by - I'm off to fussy cut some fabric....
What should I make with this fabric for the AQSG Auction this year??
Free To Use Quilt Patterns with this line HERE

Monday, April 21, 2014

Portable Travel Projects

Arranged in mass for fun and effect
Getting ready for some travel.
I love taking along a little hex project.
I pulled all of these finished pieces out, to make room for fabrics for the next batch.
These are half inch papers.

I started them to use in my personal version of the Brown Basket Quilt.  Surprising how they add up with little odd bits of time on planes, trains and automobiles!

The rejects for the basket quilt will go into a doll quilt.

Have a great week!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Spring and Easter

Tiny bunny with miniature bears - all hand sewn
Our snow this week melted quickly.
The spring flowers are out in full force.

With a spring theme, pictured is a favorite bunny.
I made her when my daughter was little.  The clothing is all hand embroidered, including the bee on her shoulder.  There are a few bead embellishments added to numerous embroidery stitches.
The two bears in her lap I stitched from kits.  Many years ago I made many bears and bunnies.  I enjoyed working with mohair and velvets.  The little bears are all hand sewn.

At that time my quilting consisted of primarily doll quilts.

Hand sewn mini bears made from quilts

Here the bears are next to a ruler.
Don't you love the bunny slippers?

I checked, and the company I bought from is still in business.  However, these same kits are no longer available.  They do have many other tempting little choices.
Edinburgh Imports
I have completed quite a few of the tiny kits, and enjoyed each one.  I'll share more in a future post.

We have been busy with home projects and spring cleaning.  I think the painting is DONE...for now anyway.

Of course lots of quilting has also been happening and I have much to share in future posts!

In the mean time - Happy Spring and Easter!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lovers Knot, Indian Puzzle and Childs Dress

I have a few new treasures to share with you.

I passed on this quilt last year.  I tried to talk a friend into buying it.  She passed on it too.  Last month when I stopped into to this local treasure filled shop and it was still there.  It spoke to me this time, and now I call it mine.

The quilt block is called Indian Puzzle, Snowball, Steeplechase, Jockey Cap and Rob Peter to Pay Paul.  (Brackman 1450).  It is entirely hand pieced.

I love the little dress.  It is only 18" long.  Completely hand stitched.  Even the little loops for the back closure hooks are hand sewn.

Initially I was calling this quilt a bow tie. 
A quick look in Brackman and it is True Lovers Knot (1429b) set in groups of four.  I especially like the scrappy blocks.  Stripes in multiple directions, light blue used as a 'light' in one block and 'dark' in another and multiple reds in one block.  This quilt is hand pieced and tied with pink thread.  The thread looks like it could be a cotton like Pearl cotton.
It is filled with a wool blanket.  There was a spot in the binding I could check.

I have a small collection of aprons.  This one is entirely hand stitched.  Two tuck rows and a pulled thread hem.

Dress sleeve
Close up photos:

Dress back closure detail   
Classic chrome, indigo, mourning and dots

Wonderful hand piecing

Indigo Blue

Yes, scrappy!
Have a great week! 
Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia Of Pieced Quilt Patterns  ISBN 0-89145-815-8
A must have book for quilt study.
The book is out of print.  If you find a reasonably priced copy - grab it.
If you own a copy - treasure it.