Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lovers Knot, Indian Puzzle and Childs Dress

I have a few new treasures to share with you.

I passed on this quilt last year.  I tried to talk a friend into buying it.  She passed on it too.  Last month when I stopped into to this local treasure filled shop and it was still there.  It spoke to me this time, and now I call it mine.

The quilt block is called Indian Puzzle, Snowball, Steeplechase, Jockey Cap and Rob Peter to Pay Paul.  (Brackman 1450).  It is entirely hand pieced.

I love the little dress.  It is only 18" long.  Completely hand stitched.  Even the little loops for the back closure hooks are hand sewn.

Initially I was calling this quilt a bow tie. 
A quick look in Brackman and it is True Lovers Knot (1429b) set in groups of four.  I especially like the scrappy blocks.  Stripes in multiple directions, light blue used as a 'light' in one block and 'dark' in another and multiple reds in one block.  This quilt is hand pieced and tied with pink thread.  The thread looks like it could be a cotton like Pearl cotton.
It is filled with a wool blanket.  There was a spot in the binding I could check.

I have a small collection of aprons.  This one is entirely hand stitched.  Two tuck rows and a pulled thread hem.

Dress sleeve
Close up photos:

Dress back closure detail   
Classic chrome, indigo, mourning and dots

Wonderful hand piecing

Indigo Blue

Yes, scrappy!
Have a great week! 
Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia Of Pieced Quilt Patterns  ISBN 0-89145-815-8
A must have book for quilt study.
The book is out of print.  If you find a reasonably priced copy - grab it.
If you own a copy - treasure it.


  1. Are you showing two different quilts? One with Bowties, and one with the more curvy blocks? or are they all in the same quilt? Or am I just confused? Its early!

    Wonderful collectables. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You have the best treasures! So glad that the quilt called to you this time! I just love looking at all of the different fabrics.

  3. Love both of these quilts! Can't go wrong with a classic red,white and blue color combination :0) Thanks for the close shots - the fabrics are marvelous!

  4. You got it Sandy...it is a double sided quilt! Have not compared sides yet to see if there are any duplicate fabrics. I didn't see any signs the tops had been previously quilted or tied.

  5. Big sighs here. I'm admiring and envying your beautiful quilt. After you confirmed that this is one quilt, then I looked more closely at the photos. I think I can see the ends of the ties on the True Lovers Knot side and the back of the loop on the Indian Puzzle/Snowball side. Yes, I'm truly envious.
    The little dress and the apron are lovely as well.

  6. Incredible two-sided quilt!
    And I love the little dress. My MIL recently discarded an apron that I'm thinking I should have saved--from early in her marriage, made for her by a sister-in-law. A very delicate creation that I don't think she ever used--too fancy. But she saves everything, and I am supposed to be helping her clear things out. When she made the decision to dispose of it, I felt it would be counter-productive to question her choice. I have questioned that decision ever since.
    I know I treasure my Brackman's Encyclopedia. When I bought it years ago it was a hardship to come up with the money, but I have never regretted it!

  7. What a fabulous quilt! Love the scrappiness and the older fabrics--beautiful find.:) I adore the vintage/antique aprons too, just trying not to start another collection!

  8. Thanks for sharing your new treasures. Funny how it took a while for that quilt to speak to you. Love how the dress and apron look displayed on it. Oh, how I wish I had a copy of BBs encyclopedia!

  9. I love your quilts -- the first one especially! Such a lovely little dress and apron too. Love seeing things from your collection!

  10. That quilt was definitely waiting for you. What a wonderful treasure, especially being double sided. Of course, I loved see the indigos after the presentation on Saturday. The hand stitching women did on clothing and simple everyday objects like aprons is so beyond what anyone sees today. Thanks for sharing.

  11. sweet little dress and so pretty displayed on this quilt. the quilt is full of delightful old fabrics and looks to be in good shape. i enjoyed seeing the close up details and it's apparent that it was well made~!

    as always, i've learned something and enjoyed seeing your pretties. thank you~!!


  12. it occurs to me after looking/drooling once more at your photos that the blocks must be of a fairly small size . . . ?


  13. sweet little dress and so pretty displayed on this quilt. the quilt is full
    of delightful old fabrics and looks to be in good shape. i enjoyed seeing
    the close up details and it's apparent that it was well made~!
    also, i'm thinking that those blocks look like they must be fairly small . . . ?

    as always, i've learned something and enjoyed seeing your pretties. thank


  14. Treasure indeed. And two quilts in one; cherry on top I say. Just GOOORRRGEOUS! But wait a minute! You say the dress is 18 inches long and it covers almost 7 blocks. How small are these blocks? Beeeeaaauuutiful handwork, love the fabric and the dress, Wow! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

  15. What beautiful hand pieced treasures you've acquired!
    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photo's with us!

  16. Clearly the quilt was meant to be yours...Enjoy!

  17. You are lucky I didn't come across it before you did a second time! My favorite time period. You don't mention it being two sides of the same quilt but it is? I can't see why the one side isn't also known as Bow Tie....is it because of the setting of the traditional bow tie blocks? Great other textiles you share, also.

  18. Jean - we discussed the two sides a bit in the comments.
    In your Brackman book if you go to the referenced block number you will see the setting of four. There are other settings of four, as well as re fence to other bow tie variations.

  19. I have some wonderful old children's clothing and they are so precious!! Love those quilts and the fabric.

  20. what a sweet dress and apron. I love the look and feel of vintage pieces.
    What a great study of antique fabrics in the quilt. I love that pattern!

  21. So happy the antique quilt made its way safely into your care. Its so fun to look at the fabrics, and color choices that went into these beauties. I always enjoy looking at how finely antique clothing was made. Great post, Dawn!

  22. Love all the vintage cuteness!!

    Enjoyed the close ups!


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