Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Spring and Easter

Tiny bunny with miniature bears - all hand sewn
Our snow this week melted quickly.
The spring flowers are out in full force.

With a spring theme, pictured is a favorite bunny.
I made her when my daughter was little.  The clothing is all hand embroidered, including the bee on her shoulder.  There are a few bead embellishments added to numerous embroidery stitches.
The two bears in her lap I stitched from kits.  Many years ago I made many bears and bunnies.  I enjoyed working with mohair and velvets.  The little bears are all hand sewn.

At that time my quilting consisted of primarily doll quilts.

Hand sewn mini bears made from quilts

Here the bears are next to a ruler.
Don't you love the bunny slippers?

I checked, and the company I bought from is still in business.  However, these same kits are no longer available.  They do have many other tempting little choices.
Edinburgh Imports
I have completed quite a few of the tiny kits, and enjoyed each one.  I'll share more in a future post.

We have been busy with home projects and spring cleaning.  I think the painting is DONE...for now anyway.

Of course lots of quilting has also been happening and I have much to share in future posts!

In the mean time - Happy Spring and Easter!


  1. Oh my goodness--those tiny bears simple blow me away!! LOVE the bunny slippers! These are amazing, Dawn!

  2. Such cute bears and bunnies! I made one or two tiny bears, but that was it for me. Love those bunny slippers!

  3. so tiny, so precious! And, sigh, *bunny slippers*!

    Happy Spring, Dawn

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  4. Happy Spring, Dawn. Your bears and bunnies so sweet and so tiny! Love the bunny slippers.

  5. those bears are soo sweet. I too love the bunny slippers :)
    hoppy spring!

  6. What sweet little bunnies and bears.
    Looking forward to the quilting you have to share.

  7. Now that's tiny! Those are just adorable, and I love the teeny little slippers. Glad you're done painting - and just in time for Easter!

  8. Sweet bunnie and bears. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  9. Adorable bunny and bears!
    The teeny tiny details in your wee little bears are awesome and amazing!

  10. Miniture delights! I cannot imagine the teensy stitches required for those bunny slippers, OMG! Too precious.

    I'm hoping to get some painting done over the Memorial Day weekend.


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