Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Projects From Stitching Friends

Ferns and Berries - Florence Block 1
Checking in with my stitching friends!
Wishing you all the best, thinking of you.

A couple stitching friends sent me photos of their current work and gave me permission to share with you.

Florence shared her Ferns and Berries project.  She's using a small reproduction indigo print with red berries and reverse applique.

For the berry stems, she's using an embroidered chain stitch.

Antique Quilt from our collection

This is our original - from our pattern cover.

The antique quilt is very heavily hand quilted with detailed motifs.

The original had embroidered stems that connect the berries to the foliage.

Florence shared her berries in process.

There is no one best way to do berries.

She is enjoying the berries - and the project!

Just like that... she has a pile of berries ready to applique.

I often find repetition relaxing for a portion of my day.  The Mary Witherwax quilt had many berries.  Doing a few each day, broke it down and before I knew it - they were done!

Ferns and Berries In Process

This is the block before the vase, berries and stems.

It's pretty as is - but completed - it's a stunning block.

Looking forward to seeing the next block!

Blackbird Designs

My friend D is a quilter and does embroidery.

She's enjoying a lot or red these days!

I've shared her work here before, so I think your will like
seeing what she's up to this month.

Part of D's Stitching Stash

More from her stitching stash
I don't have to worry about D running out of things to do.  She's a prolific and talented stitcher.

WIP - Close to a finish
Ready for framing
I bought this chart and antique ivory linen
This sampler is so sweet - Check the name - then the sampler motifs!
Little Red Chair Sampler

And - there's more!  I told you she's a prolific stitcher!
Will Update with Chart Source

Will update with chart source
Thanks to D & Florence for sharing their work!
I've been busy too!  How about you?
In my next post I'll show you several of my projects...The apron challenge, some embroidery and more.

Stay Home and Keep Stitching!!
Stitchville USA currently taking mail orders by phone and email. HERE
Pattern:  Ferns & Berries HERE

I'm still having problems leaving comments on blogs.
Not sure if you can comment here.  Feel free to email directly.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Radical Rose

Original Quilt from our Collection 
We love seeing quilters making projects with our patterns.
Our 'Radical Rose' has been a popular pattern for us.
One of my favorite things is seeing the fabric selections, and how they add their own personal choices.
Since we published the pattern, a few blocks and one similar quilt have turned up.  They appear to be "newer" and have the look of a "traced" pattern where the shapes and lines are thinker and less pronounced.  We are proud of the accuracy of our pattern to the 19th century original in our collection.
We also include all of the detailed original quilting lines.

Kelly's Dot Version

Kelly at Pinkadot Quilts blog is using Dots! (Here).
You can read about her process, trying a new to her technique and some changes she might make.

She also has additional photos and steps on her Instagram feed - pinkadotquilts

She's aiming for a modern, yet traditional - I think she's nailed it.
Dots are a favorite of mine, I think Kelly has a winner with her project!  Don't you?

A Pair of Janet's Blocks

Janet at Mrs Sew n' Sew blog (HERE)
Has her version of Radical Rose moving along nicely.
Janet, like me, rotates between projects - fun in variety for us.

She is making her blocks in scrappy fabrics, sticking to traditional red and green prints.
Another beautiful interpretation.

My Kaffe Version

The pattern also looks wonderful in fabrics like
Kaffe Fassett.

This smaller version is also available in the pattern package.

I like how the border blocks create s secondary pattern.

I machine quilted this wall hanging and bring it to my workshops.

Karen's Wool Version

Karen, Log Cabin Quilter  (HERE)
Made a table mat in wool.

It too is very popular, and I bring it to workshops.

She walks you through the appliqué method she used in the linked blog post.  It gets RAVE responses when I show it.

She used the smaller of the two block sizes in the pattern.  It has a finished edge and not quilting - a beauty!

I also have some blocks completed in indigo.

So rich, for this variation I left iff the floral arms - yes, make it your own!

Thank you for following along this 'Radical Rose' journey.
If you finished one, and would like it featured, please let me know - I would love to share your work.
If you have one started - We would love to share it as well!

Link to Pattern HERE
Link to Pattern Release post (HERE)

Have a great week!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Starry Hearts FREE Doll Quilt Instructions

My Valentines gift to you - Starry Hearts Doll Quilt instructions with a template for a seven pointed star

Have you ever made a seven pointed star?
It was a first for me - I enjoyed it and I think you might too.

The original vintage quilt was found at a local antiques shop.  Too sweet to pass up and not share with you.

The little bear has lost all most all of his mohair...and ears!
Shoe button eyes are a little loose.
She has lace trimmed sleeves and a plaid scarf - it is cold here.

The dolly is a printed/sewn panel, slight glaze remains - she is straw stuffed.
They love their bed, covered in bedding.

The bed headboard has the maker "Amsco"
with a decal "Doll-E-Bed"

The company made several styles of doll beds, many available online and antique shops.  Just in case you want a little bed to go with a quilt you might make.

The bed is on wheels.

Maybe for doll bed races?
Ease of redecorating your room?

I keep mine in my sewing studio.

On the foot of the bed is a little one patch all hand sewn in flannel squares.  The little gem is hand tied in colored pearl cotton.

There are a variety of flannels in the quilt.
Possibly left overs from previous sewing projects.

Starry Hearts has several quirky features:

French Knots embroidered at the center and tips
A blanket piece was used as batting

Running Stitch Applique
None of the four hearts match
Squares are stitched on top of the background fabric

The backing is folded to the front to create the "binding"
Mitered corners
Instructions and a free download for the seven point center star is HERE

Happy Valentines
Thank you for your support and encouragement over the many years we've been here!


One of my Starry Heart Reproductions

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Piecework Front Cover and Fall Events

So excited to have one of my sewing roll projects
 featured on the front cover of
Winter 2019 - New stands October 31, 2019

Come see the issue in Houston!
Limited Edition Kits (HERE)
Feature velvet and hand dyed wool by Ann Hermes
(Notes From The Quilt Lab)

***The kits are not shipping Internationally.  If you are coming to Houston, 
I might be able to hand deliver a kit - send me a convo***

Piecework Magazine is available (HERE)
Now Owned by Long Thread Media - new size, binding and paper!

Houston - Quilt Festival
Booth 2426 Main Aisle
Book Signing
Meet and Greet
I hope you will stop by and say hello!

November 7,  Minnesota Quilters
Journey of A Collector and Quilter
There is a guest fee for non-members:


November 9, Minnesota Quilters
How Did They Do That?
There is a guest fee for non-members:


November 12, South Minneapolis Quilters
200 Years of Hexagon Quilts
Guests are Welcome

December 7 and 8 Denver, Colorado
Trunk Show:  Journey of A Collector - Antique Quilts and Needlework Tools
Workshop:  Mosaic Pin Balls
Enrollment is Now Open


Please Contact me if you are interested in booking a private or group event.
I am booking into 2020 and 2021

I hope to see you soon!
In the meantime - Happy Stitching!


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Dressing a Canopy Doll Bed

I love canopy beds.

I have one in the guest room with a hand tied canopy.
Guests love it too.

I have a few canopy doll beds that need bedding so when I found this one - I almost didn't get it.

How many more projects do I need to add to the list?
I justified it because I thought I had a few doll quilts at home that could be used to dress it out.

I got it and I'm glad I did.

It did not look like this when I got it.

Top Finials Off

It required some work, and Mr.
Collector was very helpful.

First, it had to be cleaned.  There was a filthy canopy that was crudely secured under the finials.

Once it was vacuumed and detail brushed, it was oiled with a special mix for antiques.

Looking at the details, it wasn't made by a fine furniture maker.

That's why it was a good add to the rest of the collection of doll beds and cradles.

Other than cleaning, we left it as is.

After cleaning it was time to dress the bed!  My favorite part.

I decided I wanted a hand tied canopy.  However, I don't do netting.

I decided a crochet canopy would be close enough for me.

I pulled out my thread and crochet hooks and I just "winged" it.

I had to keep the thread secure, because Velma wanted to eat it - dangerous for a curious cat.

After the canopy was crocheted, I added hand tied tassels.  In my photo the canopy is a little crooked.  I was so focused on the quilt, I didn't adjust the canopy.

I posted both photos on Facebook and Instagram and asked which quilt they preferred...
Antique Hexagons or Reproduction Four Patches?

It was a close tie in the comments!
First place was hexagons, a close second was the four patches and there was a popular third response - rotate them!

Another suggestion I really liked was make a few more designs this size and change a quilt a month.

Do you have a preference?
Happy Stitching,
Click HERE to see some of my other doll and doll bed projects