Monday, March 18, 2019

Antique Shopping - Come Along

We spent some time antique shopping this weekend.

Join me and we'll look together.

There were still many red items out from Valentines Day.

Good for us because we hadn't been out with all the February snow.  But kind of sad too, meaning these treasures weren't sold.

I would have loved them instead of flowers and chocolates,
how about you?

I love the look of linen and lace with blue cottons.

The linen so crisp and clean, the hand crochet edging is beautiful.

The quilt top was just shirting squares but still quite nice.

I really like coverlets, and have a few in the collection.

This case mixed a few decades of bed coverings with the drunkards path quilt and woven coverlets.

Red, White and Blue is always striking.

This coverlet is "Bird of Paradise"

If you look closely at the bands you will find the words woven in the smallest areas.

It is very heavy, about mid 19th century

I always look for nice hand quilting, and this trip was rewarding.

Inspiring fine, even stitches.

Always motivating to see when working on a large hand quilting project.  I couldn't help but long did this take?

I really liked this clever foot stool.

It is an octagonal wooden box open on the bottom.

The top is covered in needlepoint with a well done corded edge.

The ring is handy to move the footstool around to where you need it!

The sides are covered in wooden thread spools that have been sawn in half.

They are stained to look like a dark walnut.

On closer inspection, each side of the octagonal box has a different spool arrangement.

Kind of like quilt blocks, or mosaic work.

Some of the sides had a circular variation, while others where square, almost looking woven.

Very clever, and a fun use of empty spools.

This sewing cabinet is missing the drawer labels, but it was very nicely made.  I think the handles are original.

This stack is from a shopping trip a few years ago.
I can just imagine adding yesterdays find...Imagine being the key word!

If I had a retro kitchen this pot holder hanger was adorable...I thought the list os uses on the front was charming.  It's that red and white theme again...

No antique shopping in the mid west would be complete without seeing at least one Sun Bonnet Sue!
Just for spring, this is example has a very tiny bouquet of flowers in her hand.  Sweet.

I hope you enjoyed this arm chair shopping trip!
I am busy quilting away on my Noah and Matilda (HERE
Be sure to checkout Wendy's (Constant Quilter) stunning Noah and Matilda (HERE)
Doing some Mary Witherwax applique (HERE) 
and mostly enjoying some sunshine and warmer weather!

Happy Stitching,


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Circa 1880 Scrap Management

3" scrap blocks
I'm doing some scrap management - how's that for justifying a new project?
I like it.

I saw Wendy's post HERE about the Circa 1880 Project and it sent me over the edge...Off I went order the set.

I'm starting with scraps (laying around the floor and cutting table) from other projects.

I just love the tiny size and simple block.

However, I'm not following the plan....
Not swapping, not using 1880 fabrics and making my own timeline.  Just a little time for machine work these days.

Happy Stitching!

More Information from Marcus  HERE
More Information from Pam Buda HERE

Friday, March 1, 2019

March Happenings

How has your March started?
I'm ignoring the weather and enjoying my stitching time.

I set a personal goal to complete all of the hand quilting on my full reproduction Noah and Matilda quilt by October.

I had it long arm basted, which was nice because I do NOT like basting a large quilt.  I have not setup my large floor frame in this house.  It was ideal for basting!  I can easily hand quilt in a hoop.

This is a large quilt over 80 x 90!

It is so enjoyable to revisit each block as I quilt.

You can see the entire quilt and block details HERE.

In order to make a realistic date I break the project down.

I time quilting one block, then multiply it by the number of blocks.  The border I estimate by thinking of it as blocks.  42 + 36 + 32 = 110.
I can commit to a block a day, at this time of the year more!  so I am estimating I could possibly finish this summer.  October - YES!
Mountain Mist 100% Cotton Batting Cream Rose
YLI Natural Hand Quilting Thread
Tulip #12 Between Needles

I plan to have other tops in the queue basted but I'm not thrilled about these needle holes.

I also would like fewer stitches per inch.

I love the white basting thread, I had to specifically request it.  They usually use black!

I don't think I will need this enough to rent time on a machine.

Things are going well with the book, I have them back in stock as does the large online sellers.
The gift wrapping promo was fun so I am going to continue it.  If you order directly from me of the Etsy shop I will sign and gift wrap your book AND include one of our new cards for free.
I'm so thrilled so many have been given as gifts!
Link Below.

Nicola Parkman from Hands Across The Sea Samplers reviewed my book on her Floss Tube Channel, Episode #22.  You can listen HERE.
About 18 minutes in!

I just can't quilt, I need a little applique in the mix!

I have continued with making mini (4") Noah and Matilda blocks.

These are so fun and I've been able to do them all from the scrap basket.  I think I will set them differently - because I already have the full reproduction.

For the tiniest of stems I'm using embroidery.

I have a few more prepped and ready!

In my Facebook group for Needlework Tools we've been
busy sharing photos of pin cushions and "Make Dos"

All are welcome to join the fun, just three little questions to keep the spam out and YOU are in!

This thread holder is made from a broken glass base, pegged wooden spool holder and a wooden spool.  There are more examples in my book.

I hope to see you this year!
A few Dates/Events:

April 6-12 Private Event
April 25 Private Event
April 27 Saint Paul Embroidery Guild Annual Meeting
May 2 Saint Cloud Heritage Quilt Guild - $3 Guests
May 16/17 Pennsburg PA - Penn Dry Goods Enroll HERE
June 11 South Minneapolis Quilters
October 9-13 Study Center AQSG Lincoln NE
November 7-9 Minnesota Quilters Guest Fee
December 7, Colorado Quilt Council

Contact me if you are interested in having me visit your group I have several lectures to select from!

Happy Stitching,

Penn Dry Goods HERE
Etsy Shop HERE  Or, DM me
Hands Across The Sea Samplers HERE
Noah and Matilda Pattern Page HERE

OK...One shot of my street about three snowfalls ago...and it's snowing NOW!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Mary's Leaf Collection

Our weather had given me a lot of stitching time!

I finished hand quilting "Mary's Leaf Collection" and hung it.  

It is so refreshing to see leaves with our winter weather.  Six weeks until spring, but who's counting?

I used the leaf blocks from our Mary Witherwax pattern. I found several photos of antique garden trellis quilts from the 19th century and looked at their technique.  I liked the applique X approach.

The wall hanging finished at about 36" square.

I enjoyed every stitch!

Hand quilting includes:  Echo, grid and outline.

Each leaf is a different 19th c. green repro print from stash.

Mary had all of these leaves in her quilt, I think she was a leaf lover and would approve.

The Breakfast Club events at Eagle Creek Quilt shop were a great success.
Thank You Eagle Creek Quilt Shop.  HERE.
The weather cooperated!
The day before we had the coldest day in 20 years with temps -29F before the wind!
The snow stopped too - breakfast was wonderful - the ladies turned out early.  The freight room was packed with enthusiasts.

It was nice to meet so many people!!

The shop caters to many quilting styles.

They have Kaffe, batiks, modern solids, all kinds a popular prints and many, many beautiful samples.

You don't have to love reproduction fabrics to appreciate antique needlework tools!  I incorporate women's history and information on materials you might not recognize!

The shop is large, housed in the former train depot.
Large windows, high ceilings highlight all of the samples in every room.

I like the combination of contemporary quilts and antique fixtures.

We love to hear from customers!

I met Sally online, then in person in Australia.

She gave me permission to share this picture of her hoop bag  made from our pattern. (HERE)  Several antique styles are also shown in my book.

Didn't she do a wonderful job?  
Sally added all the features you can't see as well.  Interior pockets, holders under the top and a lovely closure.

Well done Sally!
Thank you for sharing.

On the Mary Witherwax Facebook group I've been sharing my alphabet project.
I even showed my messy design wall.

I almost have the complete alphabet stitched and am experimenting with how to set them.  So far I am liking the nine patches...that could change.

I pinned the "Heritage Roll" to the design wall to hold tape measures, sticky notes and a pencil.  It's handy!  I sent the first check off to the museum - ALL proceeds from this pattern to go the Schwenkfelder Capital Fund.

My book was reviewed on the Hands Across The Sea Floss Tube.  HERE

This was quite an honor as I admire Nicola's work.

Listen as she shows you her her newest antique samplers, new charts for beautiful sampler reproductions, wonderful cards and my book.


If you love it as much as I so - subscribe!

I also did a little bit of crochet.

It had been a long time but I remembered!

I bought a four post doll bed at the local antique fair last month.

Mr. Collector cleaned it all up, it had been stored for decades in an old attic accumulating layers of dust.

I wanted a netted canopy, but that wasn't likely to happen.  I crocheted one I am happy with.  I added hand tied tassels for the final touch.  Then I decided it was too white so I coffee soaked it.

I'm pleased so far - once I have a quilt made for it I'll show you.

I have also been posting daily to Instagram.

You can find me there - 'Dawn Ronningen'

Quilts, needlework tools and embroidery photos.
I've "met" lots of friendly people there!

I posed this quirky pin cushion last week.
I love these one of a kind pieces of folk art.

I posted  these Black Forest bears on Instagrom.

The one on the left is antique Swiss.
The pin cushion is on his back.
His front paws hold a thimble.

Mr. Collector, carved the thread holder bear.
The white rod is cow bone.
His back is also a pin cushion.

The weather has been near record breaking in cold and snowfall.

The deer in our backyard come out on the milder afternoons, usually for some sun.

This doe is resting near some brush that breaks the wind.

The entire family has been out since the -50F wind chill weather so we know they survived.

So have the birds and squirrels, they stock up at the feeders on the warmer days.

After the severe cold we had snow -  20" just this week, I'm ready for a vacation someplace WARM.  I took this photo today.

The snow piles are getting taller and we have more snow on the way this week.

I say I had more stitching time, but that's not totally true.  It takes time to clear the snow.  We have a snow blower, but some areas just have to be hand shoveled.
It also takes longer getting around - I just go out less!
The snow pile are getting as high as the STOP signs, making driving around slower.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Stitching!!

Link to signed copy of my book:  HERE