Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Catherine’s Pin Cushion

 This is Catherine’s pin cushion from c.1855.  

Her quilt, Catherine’s Garden is one of many quilts we’ve patterned and reproduced. Whenever I buy a quilt I try to gather as much as I can about the original maker - it’s special to have Catherine’s pin cushion.  My Catherine’s Garden reproduction quilt was chosen as the International Quilt Festival 2022 Signature quilt.  Quite wonderful! The pattern includes all of the hand quilting lines from the original.  I used them in my reproduction.  

To celebrate, we have reduced the price of our digital pattern for our Noah and Matilda quilt.

Link To Listing

We also made a single file digital pattern for a smaller version of Catherine’s Garden - called Catherine’s Flowers.

Link To Listing

Finished quilt hand stitched by Shona in Colorado

If you are going to Houston, please stop by the exhibit and say hello!  At 1:00 Saturday and Sunday we will do an exhibit talk with some of the the other makers! Hope to see you there.

Happy Stitching! 


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  1. Looove the old pin cushion! I have a couple "quirky" oldies in my collection. And some are absolutely lovely. How special that the cushion goes with the quilt/quilter.


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