Friday, January 20, 2023

New Book Sewing Rolls Needle Rolls and Huswifs - Now Shipping

Front Cover

We are so excited to announce our new book is now shipping!
Hot off the presses - it arrived 12 hours before I stepped on a plane for a symposium.
The copies I was able to carry sold in seconds.
Since I've been home - I'm filling wholesale and retail orders.
My support team is helping Saturday - just had to provide dinner!
It's going to be a fun day.

The book is 235 pages
Filled with history, vivid high resolution photography
detailed descriptions from a diverse collection dating back to the 18th century

Sample Interior Page - Gorgeous Antiques
Examples include basic to rare one of a kind - not just from the USA

Table of Contents
Examples date from c.1780-c.1900

Index - for help looking up topics

Back Cover - sturdy packaging for mailing


This book will not be sold through distributors or Amazon.
We chose to print with a local union shop.
(Union Certified - Livable Wage) 
We are selling wholesale to small businesses in the USA.
Inquires Welcome!
International Postage is available - Private message or email us.
Please be patient - International Orders take time to complete customs forms.

Link to our Etsy Shop:  HERE
There is a short video in the listing where I flip through the pages to give you an idea of the interior.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. This looks like a wonderful book! Heading to your Etsy shop now.

  2. I received the book at the end of February. It took me a while to read it - time to get my eyes checked again already?
    You wrote another wonderful book about tools used in the days gone by for creating all those wonderful quilts, garments, and needlework by hand. I was surprised by the small size of many rolls shown. For some reason, I thought they were much larger. I guess I'm accustomed to thinking I need to have many more tools at hand than were even available back then?
    The downside of reading this is that now I want to add making rolls to already too long list of sewing & needlework projects!


Thanks for your comments!