Friday, July 15, 2011

Dutch Chintz Quilts and Wooden Shoe Pin Cushions

My Repro Quilt on the wall
I saw this reproduction quilt and wanted to make it for two reasons - the beautiful dutch chintz fabrics and the medallion style.

It is machine pieced and hand quilted and hangs on the wall above one of my work spaces.

The original Hindeloopen quilt is dated around 1800-1815.
The reproduced fabrics are only similar in nature and not exact reproductions of the original.  Many French fabrics are in the original, including dessin geometrique.

The kits are still available HERE

Similar fabrics in the US HERE

UPDATE:  New Petra Prins Repro farbics HERE

This is the zigzag border.
Here you can see more detail in the prints.

This quilt was very hard to hand quilt because of the finish on the chintz.  I wanted it to keep the polished finish so it has not been washed.

The center of the quilt is a 8-pointed star framed in a narrow border.

In the kit, my center border is a tone on tone rust chintz.  The pattern on the inner border is hard to see in the photos.

The corners in the kit are a little different than the original.

The original is a cream star surrounded in color with a center of a fussy cut or appliqued center.

The binding is twill tape, I purchased from Reproduction Fabrics and hand applied.  I love it!!

I'll be sharing a couple more quilts finished this way.

5/2013 UPDATE - Replaced the binding with a knife edge

Photos of the original are in the book:

A History of Dutch Quilts
By An Moonen
(An has beautiful quilts pictured on her website too)

This isn't a pattern book - fabulous history and photos.
More info HERE

I made another Dutch Reproduction - simple pattern - the project is more about the variety of the prints.
I machine quilted this one.  I learned my lesson with the chintz...kind of sorry the finish is lost on this one.

I have the Tree Of Life panel and border just waiting for me to get sewing...

Checking my sewing items and look what I found - souvenir pin cushions.
I know ... it's a stretch - but enjoy.

Grouping of wooden shoe pin cushions

The curled toe pin cushion is hand painted with a windmill scene and labeled Belgium

Thimble is stored in the shoe

This is funny to me - why a wooded shoe souvenir from New Hampshire?
Labeled:  Man of The Mountain Franconia Notch NH

This is a cute pair - pin cushion and thimble holder are in separate shoes. 

For inquiring minds - click HERE for a history of real wooden shoes.

When you travel - do you bring home stitching related souvenirs?
If so what did you bring home?

Thanks for stopping by - have a great weekend!!


  1. Your quilt is absolutely enchanting, Dawn. You did such a beautiful job on it. And I do love its color palette. I should make one in honor of my husband's Dutch heritage. The wooden shoe pincushions are adorable. So glad you shared them with us today! Lovely and informative post as always.

  2. This is great. My mom and sister went to Holland 2 years ago and got me some fabric and have been looking for a great pattern to use with the fabrics they got me and this fits the bill.

  3. Do you read my mind or something? I've been drooling over this quilt kit all week, and here you are having already made it! lol! I so want to order the kit, but it's so expensive! Sigh. I love your wooden shoes -- OMG! You have such great collections of needlework tools!

  4. I love your quilt--what a treasure!
    The wooden shoe pincushions are a fun thing, but New Hampshire? I don't know New Hampshire history--was it settled by the Dutch?

  5. oh Dawn this quilt is amazing the fabric choices are just perfect....oh just looked at the kit price, wow!
    as a child I always wanted a pair of wooden shoes
    these are just adorable pin cushion and thimble holder!
    love how you finished the quilt by the way
    I have to try that too
    such an inspirational post

  6. I adore everything that has to do with the Dutchg heritage. I have designed and a few quilt patterns regarding Dutch women and Dutch children for a quilt shop in Pella, Iowa called VandeLune Quilt Shop. Linda Stocks beautiful fabrics and has a lovely shop in a quaint Dutch town in Iowa!!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of your quilt!!

    Carolyn :)

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous. I have seen this book and just loved the quilt.
    Handy to have a local place with the Chintz fabrics, or maybe not.I'd spend too much

  8. Oh this is wonderful! I have the tree of life panel and some dutch fabrics to make a quilt with that. Just too afraid to start! I never thought about the chintz hard to quilt through.

  9. Another beautiful quilt and informative post! Those fabrics are beautiful. I've seen this book on other blogs and I'd love to spend an afternoon with it!

  10. I love the quilt and looking at all of the different fabrics. The wooden shoes are just adorable.

  11. Your Dutch repro quilts are absolutely wonderful! I ADORE Chintz fabric. You used it well. Also enjoyed the sewing doo dads. I collect needle books, buttons, old sewing magazines (like in the 1900's - 1930's), and I have a Singer featherweight sewing machine that works and a metal toy sewing machine that doesn't. I'm running out of room for good stuff.

    Donna K. from N. TX @

  12. I've often admired that wonderful quilt. You did great on reproducing it!!

    The wooden shoes pin cushions are adorable! Hilarious too!! I've never seen them before.

  13. I do love your repro quilt! the prints are just wonderful! I have seen that book around for a while now and thought of getting a copy!
    The clog pincushions are quite interesting too! nice collectors pieces!!!

  14. I love the pin cushions! Especially the shoe with a place for the thimble!! And yes, I am always on the look out for sewing related items when we go on trips. At the least, we stop at one or more quilt shops and get a few fat quarters!


  15. Thank you for the link for the chintz fabrics!

    Those wooden shoes are very cute!

  16. I recently discovered your blog, and have been reading backwards for about two weeks now. I have similar taste in quilts as you, so i love looking at your pictures. You did a wonderful job on the Hindeloopen kit! I was very happy to discover it on your blog!! Why? Because i work at den Haan & Wagenmakers in Amsterdam!! Greetings from Holland, Josephine


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