Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Beach International Quilt Festival 2011

You have to love a good quilt show...I am lucky to be attending the Long Beach International Quilt Festival this weekend.

I go with a few things on my list and always find additional nice surprises.

Take a closer look at these acorns...The tops are real - the bottoms are velvet.  I needed a pair ;-)
I got the from HERE.

I also picked up a few vintage blocks that will work their way into some future project.

I always enjoy visiting Cotton In The Cabin.  Besides the indigo and reproduction fabrics they always have a wonderful assortment of antiques.  Checkout some of these fabrics in the blocks I bought:

I also bought several yards of fabrics from:
American Folk and Fabric.  Lucky me - they don't normally sell retail and will be at Houston Market and not the show.  She said to check out Reproduction Fabrics.  Makes sense to me ... I think these will be fabulous with Margo's panels.

Of course Primitive Gatherings had a fabulous booth with samples to die for...ok, maybe not die, but surely buy lots of patterns and kits - three visits just today.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
More wool anyone?

Last but not least...Cindy's Antique Quits.  The outstanding quilt (IMHO) of the morning was a four poster with the most stunning fabrics.  Even had hook and eyes to secure it around the bed posts. Or wait...maybe it was the red and green applique with micro tiny hand quilting...or....

These are just a few of the vendors - more tomrrow.

Sigh...I haven't even gotten to the Exhibition Quits...yet.

Thanks for coming along to the show with me...have a great weekend...


  1. looks like you had fun shopping! amazing fabrics, just beautiful, can't wait to hear about the quilts...
    and of course what else you had to go back to buy.
    oh to see Primitive Gatherings in person....have fun!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous stuff! Lucky you!!!! And you did have to include links, didn't you? lol! I'm drooling over those chintz panels. Wow!

  3. That sounds like a great show!! Love your antique blocks.

  4. As I look up at the board above my computer there is Cindy's business card! I think I bought a top and some blocks from her at Houston. Aren't the Primitive Gatherings booths many things on display and soooo organized!

  5. What a fun show full of vintage goodies! Love your finds! I used to buy from Margo at Reproduction Fabrics when I was volunteering at a heritage center and had to make period correct costumes and have period correct handwork. She always had a great selection.

  6. Did you make your acron pincushions? They are so cute. And, search of Texas Acorns...:) I'm afraid Nebraska Acorns don't grow quite this large.


  7. You did a good job savoring the show. I saw Cotton in the Cabin at the show in San Jose and in Chicago. I bought an old red and green house block from them. I love to look through their vintage treasures. AND they've had rolls of the Judie Rothermel Lancaster fabrics which I love to find. It's nice to see acorns put to such good use. I've been picking them out of our pool all weekend.


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