Thursday, July 28, 2011

Waiting For A Spot - Gallery Wall Planning

What do you do with little quilts while planning the positions on a Gallery Wall?

Play with them!!

I took a small chair - about 15" tall, folded a few of the little quilts and added a few accessories.

Accessories include:
     Braided Rug
     Sewing Clamp
     Suitcase Sewing Kit

I'll start hanging the quilts soon...but in the mean time it's fun to have them close at hand for auditions and wall positions.

I also tried one folded over the back of the chair.  This was more fun than auditioning them with painters tape on the wall...more on that later...

This little one is so fun I hate to hide it all folded up.

The colors in the quilt look nice with the rug.

The inspiration for this one is from the book:
Small Endearments by Sandi Fox
     pg. 161  (no patterns - history & photos)
I just may be on a person quest to make everything in this book...

It measures 14" x 17"

I pre-planned all of the rounds - in some cases I cut less than 1.5" of a single fabric.

I machine pieced and hand quilted my reproduction.  Working with the plaids was new for me.

The binding is also scrappy and once again I rounded the corners like the inspiration quilt.

Late 1800's in private collection
Here's the book photo.

It is referred to as inventive construction with many pieced borders.

It was fun to work out all of the rounds and colors. It was almost harder to make it asymmetrical than all evenly balanced.  A great exercise for me!

The suitcase sewing kit if from Canada so the printing is in English and French.

No advertising markings, but it was probably intended as a travel set.

The clamp has nice detail:

Swing arm is filigree and holds the fabric in the down position

What quilt have you most recently hung on your wall for pure enjoyment?

Thanks for stopping by - Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh I love it!!!! Love the little chair, love the quilts, love the clamp and the suitcase. Oh, and the rug! You have the most wonderful things! I have a couple of quilts hung up, but they've been there for years. They hardly count. I need to make some tiny quilts....

  2. I have a small spot beside a window in the eating area of my kitchen that I rotate little quilts through...last week I put up a thimble quilt in reds and cheddar...a little early for fall colors but it is one of my favorite quilts!

  3. How fun to play with your darling, little quilts!
    I would also find asymmetrical hard to do. Love those rounded corners - will have to try that sometime.

  4. Love the little vignettes with the mini quilts and chair!
    What a perfect reproduction you made of the quilt from the book. It could have been the original.
    And the little suitcase sewing kit is priceless!
    What fun, what fun!

  5. Oh, wonderful wonderful Small Endearments-inspired quilt!!

  6. Oh, that little chair makes such a sweet vignette for your little quilts! What a lovely idea. I was mesmerized by the little sewing clamp. I've never seen one so small! And of course I love your little quilt inspired by Small Endearments. Well done! I most recently hung a green 19th-century patchwork quilt in my stairwell. I've had it since last fall and wanted to display it somewhere in my home. Don't quilts make a home so much cozier?

  7. You are just having too much fun! It all looks so pulled together. Keep it up.

    Donna K. from N. TX @

  8. What a gorgeous display!!! That chair is just perfect to display your tiniest little quilts, just too cute!!! How wonderful is that little sewing kit!!!! Thankyou for sharing your treasures!!!!

  9. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing, I can tell you are having so much fun. Inspiring.

  10. I just love the quilts on the little chair your pictures always make me want to go out and buy the same "props" I need to go antiquing with you!!!!
    The doll quilt is beautiful wonderful choices of fabric and of course love seeing all that hand quilting on the quilt under the chair , etc!

    thanks for an inspiring post

  11. The little quilt/chair vignette is soooo cute! I'm loving your little quilts.

  12. Your little reproduction is really precious! Love the little chair vignette. My office walls are a deep chocolate brown, so I don't really get inspired to hang quilts at work until fall. Quilts with fall colors and orange pumpkins look fabulous on those walls. Summer quilts? Blech!

  13. I don't know - I think I like the little photo set up even better than a gallery wall *s*

  14. You did a wonderful job capturing the antique look of the original little quilt. It is going to look great on the wall.

  15. LOVE your late 1800's reproduction quilt~!!~
    you did an amazing job recreating it and it's incredibly charming~!!!!~



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