Friday, July 22, 2011

Animal Cards and a Little Nine Patch

These are rare Clark's advertising cards used to promote their products.

There are 12 animals in the full set.

I've never seen one in person.

J. Has two and she's sharing them with us.

What a lucky girl.
Anyone else out there have any or all of these cards?

We'd love to hear from you.

The back of the cards are interesting.  These would be considered a cross-collectible.  Meaning they would be collected for multiple reasons.  If you collect advertising, sewing or exotic animal related items they might be on your list.

On the back of the cards there were instructions for ordering:

"Send three two cent stamps to the Clark Mile End Spool..."

Are they rare because so few people sent in six cents worth of stamps?  Few wanted to buy trade cards with advertising?  They were used up and played with?

Maybe a busy mom would send for them and let the kids she would have more sewing time?

I finished a little wall quilt.

Lately I find myself drifting to pink!?! What's with that?

I hand quilted this one and did a knife edge.
This is the first time I didn't use any batting.  I did get some surface texture without it.

I think this is the smallest quilt I've made.

This is the backing - it was left from my Tree Of Life alternating squares.  Amazing what can be done with scraps.  I liked the green and pink then and I'm happy I kept the scraps.

I've been cutting like crazy and have a nice stack of fabric for the wall quilts.  I hope to hang a few this weekend and will share a WIP (Wall In Process) soon.

Thanks for stopping by - Have a great weekend.


  1. wow~!!~those animal cards are way cool and i've never seen anything like them before. my guess is that they got played with until 'mom' had to sweep them up off of the floor in pieces~!!~

    the little quilt is more than fabulous and that backing fabric quite beautiful.
    how big is it? your hand stitches are so pretty ~ love looking at the quilt (and it's back) in the larger size~!!~


  2. Ok, that little quilt is gorgeous! Gorgeous!!!!! Love the fabrics! What's wrong with pink? lol!

    And those cards-- how cool is that? Never heard of them before! So neat! Now I have to go search for more history on them. :D

  3. Wow--those animal cards are really coo. I have never seen them before.


  4. Interesting sewing collectible--never seen cards like that before.
    What a wonderful mini quilt. You can't go wrong with a nine-patch, IMHO.

  5. I've never seen animal cards like that before!! Your little quilt is very sweet! nothing wrong with pink!!!!

  6. I have never seen any of those animal cards before, at least I don't remember those, very interesting.
    Love your little quilt oh the backing is just perfect
    I haven't made a quilt yet without adding batting may just have to try that too!
    Still have to do a knife edge too, so many things yet to try in my quilting
    Thanks always like to learn

  7. Hi Dawn! Love the little quilts - looks like you have the perfect spot for a gallery. I'm in love with the quilt from your last post (the one with the bed posts corners)!

  8. I really love your little quilt - that pink border fabric needs to come and live with me! I don't think I've seen it before, but I love it!

  9. Sweet little, pink 9 patch, and it is nice and flat, and limp-looking (bad choice of words, but you know what I mean?!) like old ones are. You've been making some charming ones lately! What a great space you have for display.
    Haven't seen the animal trade cards before, but I love them. There is a nice, small collection in my sewing room. They rotate for display in lucite picture frames, and just standing up against quilting books. Do you display yours?

  10. Cool stuff!

    Donna K. from N. TX aka Quilting Bear Gal

  11. I love your little pink quilt. I'm a pink person, so I can see why you'd be drawn to such a lovely color. I'll look forward to seeing your quilt gallery wall take shape! At the rate you've been making quilts, it will be filled up in no time!


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