Sunday, July 24, 2011

Up North Utility Quilt

In the USA, Minneapolis and Saint Paul are commonly referred to as The Twin Cities.  North of there, you just say, 'Up North' - or Up Nort' don't cha know!

DH was born and raised Up Nort' and this is his boyhood patchwork.  I say patchwork, because it isn't quilted or tied, and it has no filling or batting.  It is corduroy patchwork on both sides.

In this group I've included a rather primitive needlework stand and a flannel sewing kit.

The sewing kit is from Judie Rothermel, and closes with a millennium button.

The patchwork is machine sewn from old pants The kids outgrew.


In this picture you can see the pocket spot and wear on the britches bottom before the pieces were sewn into this bedding.  Although, besides a warm bed cover it was frequently used for tents, fort building and outdoor adventures - like picnics when you wanted your own spot!

Every bit counted when you had 10 kids to provide for - geeesh don't cha' know!

It's seen its better days - but what fun days they were.  A utility piece with sentimental memories.  It had been tucked away once DH went off to college.  When the old house was cleaned out it came to us.

DH remembers it being long on his twin bed so his feet always stayed covered.  There were many a cold morning when he could see his breath in the air before getting out of bed.

How clever that it is reversible - patchwork on both sides.

Colorful pants they were - with seven sisters he's lucky they wore more red than pink!

The sewing stand is not a family piece, but a unique find.

It is turned wood with the bark left on.
It has four arms - each with their own purpose.

This arm holds the thimble.

Here's the little carved wood piece the thimble sits on.

There are three others arms.

Two for thread and one for a pin cushion, which is missing, or was it a pin cup?

The lid comes off and there is room for thread and scissors.

It's a unique handmade piece, just like the patchwork!

Little Wall Quilt Report:
One more done.

This one is really simple - two wide stripes, hand quilted and bound.  It's only about 8" x 10".
I love these two stripes together.

Thanks for reading today - Have a great week!


  1. What an amazing family piece!!! I notice that the corduroy is nearly threadbare in some places, how amazing is that, and to think your DH remembers he once used it!!! Thankyou for sharing these lovely items! I love handmade things, someone spent a lot of time thinking and creating them a long time ago. Your little handquilted quilt is very sweet too, beautiful prints!!!

  2. Nice post! How fun is that sewing holder? And the patchwork.....memories of my five kids makeing forts in the living room with all our couch quilts, too. Warm feelings.....

  3. Lovely family quilt!! I think they are the best!!!!

  4. I always enjoy your posts. That's so cool about that utility quilt from your DH's family. Wow, 10 kids! And reversible too -- very nice! The sewing took is really neat too. And your latest doll quilt -- too cute! Love those fabrics!

  5. what a great post and its great that he still has that quilt, many a memory
    oh my gosh how adorable is that wall quilt I love that its so small
    you have the greatest fabrics, border fabrics are not something I really collected, guess I will be now!
    thanks for sharing

  6. Just proves that heirlooms come in all forms. For me, this is the best kind of all *s*

  7. That is an amazing sewing "stuff" holder! thanks for sharing...

  8. What a sweet Monday post. I love your hubby's bed covering. Having a family quilt, even if it was just to keep warm is so special.

    Your newest little quilt is so adorable!!

  9. What a unique sewing stand! I've never seen anything like it. You have the neatest collection of sewing accessories. Also, enjoyed reading about your husband's childhood patchwork. It must hold many memories for him.

  10. Hi! What a great story about your husband's bed covering. It is wonderful to have family heirlooms like that to pass through the generations.

    And the sewing stand. That is so cool!!


  11. I have a Judie Rothermel millenium needlebook too but in different fabric and use it all the time. I bought it at the International Quilt Festival in Houston way back when.

    Love your strippy small quilt. Never thought to do that myself. I have bunches of large print fabrics that can't be cut up into little small pieces without ruining them so this type of quilt would make it possible to display the beautiful prints.

    Donna K. from N. TX @

  12. What sweet memories! I heard Gyleen Fitzgerald speak at a guild meeting last year. She told us to put our quilts out around the house and have our families use them or they will end up in the yard sale when we are gone! I think this was something that I already knew, but it was a good reminder. It is the things we see and use that have meaning to us, not the things that have been stored away and never seen.
    Love your little wall quilt. A good way to use fat quarters with large prints that I don't want to cut to small.

  13. A lovely post and such an interesting sewing stand!


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