Thursday, July 7, 2011

Elephants, Seriously? Part 2

I hadn't realized - - the more I looked the more I saw...I just might be collecting elephants so there's a Part 2...Seriously.

No, let's say I'm working in a series, sounds better.

It started innocently - I never intended it to be an elephant quilter.  I had a newborn, I wanted something less 'babyish' back in 1989....

I think this was a kit.  I changed it up a bit - I had a new sewing machine and wanted to use the decorative stitches with metallic thread....Cotton quilts, babies and metallic threads go together, right?

Add a big thick poly batting (maybe even doubled in thickness) and - you have wall art.

This hung on his wall - for a few years.  I kept it for sentimental reasons.  Someday maybe he'll have to decide what to do with it.  For now it stays in a pillowcase in the closet...I enjoyed pulling it out for a little visit and sharing with you!

Let me just add - I did miter the huge black binding - and hand stitch it the back...

Remember my Hexy Stars quilt?  There's an elephant there too...

This print is at least a few years old,
"Bombay" by Kings Road Fabrics.

This is the same elephant motif in the yet to be named Dutch Elephant quilt post.

oh....and the elephant block in the CWB/BOP quilt....I have that block finished.  Is this elephant number 4?

We were at Native Foods having lunch and I look up and what do I see?  An elephant poster...Yikes, ruined my lunch!

Is it the renewed popularity of Water For Elephants?

Are there more?

Then I looked at my sewing goodies...
Pins, you need a pin?

How about measuring...that's right I've got an elephant for that too.

I love his tiny little eyes.

The tag reads, "I am a tape measure pull my tail"
Patent No 410538

He is made of thin whale corduroy and the ball is pieced cotton stuffed with what feels like saw dust or excelsior.

Pull his tail and you can measure -

The beginning of the tape is stamped JAPAN in blue ink.  No metric measure marks, inches only.

See the hand stitching (between the purple and pink) where the pin cushion was closed after stuffing?

and...confession time....I recently added an elephant.
If you'd like one click here and you can join the fun.  Her wrist kitten is pretty cute too...

Thanks to those of you who shared your elephants.

L. shared her wonderful sewing card set: (She'll be sharing more treasure in coming posts)
   Did you play with sewing cards?  I did, and so did my children.

Make Your Own Sewing Cards HERE
  (check out the quilty shapes...)

Thanks for stopping by the circus today...and no, the 'little he baby' didn't grow up and join the circus...

Have a great weekend!


  1. I loved sewing cards! But I have to admit that after careful consideration, I can't think of any elephants to share. Your assortment is amazing!

  2. oh I loved sewing cards and yes my children had them too, of course ;)
    hmmm elephants I would have never guessed! very cute though, love the quilt that hung on his wall, very cute. The elephant for the CWB quilt is wonderful...

  3. What a fun post! I loved seeing all your elephants! And that hexie quilt -- I need to make one now. lol! Gorgeous!

  4. Aw! sweet elephants! A tape measure tail - so sweet.
    At least the baby quilt you made still exists! I made one for my son and it feel apart after a few washings. It's a wonder I tried again! I can see future generations loving this one - love the polka dots and the stars really sparkle!

  5. Have you seen the movie Water for Elephants? Loved the book - movie was good too but books are always better. I like your son's quilt.


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