Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bella Bella and What is THIS?

YUWA Live Life Fabric Collection
This was a class I did as a challenge.

"Bet you can't do it in reproduction fabrics", was all I needed to hear and I was up for the challenge.  My fellow stitchers had beautiful quilts in batiks, but I stuck with reproduction prints.

I love the detail in this one.

It set the color scheme for the rest of my fabric selections.

Norah McMeeking Bella Bella Quilt Pattern

This is the finished quilt - well not really.
BUSTED - I packed it away without hand sewing the binding down!  First time I've done that.  Imagine my surprise thinking I'd finished it!?!

The book is HERE.
If you decide to make it be sure to review the 'corrections' section of the website.

Mine is larger than the cover quilt - I added the Yuwa print as the final border.

It is all machine done, except for the applique center.

It too has matching pillow cases.

What is that wood thing??
Can you help me?  It was a gift from Northern Wisconsin and is said to be a storage box for sewing.

I can't quite see how that would work?

The loop at the top was said to have attached to a belt.  It is very sturdy.

The top swings open on a metal post/rivet.  There are 6 carver compartments.  It appears to have been made from a single piece of wood.

Once closed a metal 'U' bracket swings up to hold it in place.

It is very clean inside so this particular piece was used for oily parts or nails etc.
Ever see one before?

Check out Lynne's post HERE you'll see another version of the little red toile quilt quilt!
Seems Cyndi at Busy Thimble had a kit and Nancy gifted the kit to Lynne.  How wonderful!
Makes me smile ;-)

Stay safe and have a great week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Conversationals - Give a Bug a Cue

I'm cutting on the last bits of this ;-(
Someone told me there would be a day I'd want a billiards playing grasshopper in a quilt.

I've been adding them here and there - little surprises in blocks.

Now, the perfect project to use them ALL!

Great timing too since there's a new line of conversational prints.  Snap them up while you can get them.
Ascot Novelty Shirtings from Windham.
See all of them HERE

Only 40 more to go

My project is a crib quilt using a different red and conversational combo in each 4.5" block.

The red will be sashing.

I'm liking the shades of red not being too match-y.

Love pairing dogs chasing cats...frogs and flowers...bugs and leaves... FUN!!

Original antique from the book photo
The book is FABULOUS - it's a splurge, but worth every penny....
Treasures From Holland 
You can preview color pages HERE

It's based on an antique crib quilt from Mary Koval's collection.  I love it when a book shows the antique with the reproduction - this book is FULL of eye candy.  I want to make every quilt.

Included is the pattern for the Hindeloopen I posted about HERE.

Funny - I had stashed many of the fabrics so I'm well on my way...

snipping away on these today

I'm cutting these today and then I'll dig into the oldies....

Can you tell I'm excited about this project?

I only wish someone would reproduce the crying baby conversational print - I'd put it on the back...

Have a great weekend!!
Are you using conversationals??

Fabric: Reproduction Fabrics
Book: Busy Thimble, Mary Koval (May have the fabric too)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fleur d'Lis Quilt w Silk Needle Keep

Hand stitched Hardanger Table Runner
This is another of my early reproduction hand applique projects.

My thinking at that time was - repeat the petals will be great practice!  The three tips have to come together, and the petals have points.

Thank goodness for fabulous border fabrics!
    (Tulips - I used to live on Tulip Street)

This is a little walnut sewing chest about 15" long with double doors on top that swing open.

Could use a little repair...think I'll leave it for now...

The needle keep is silk with hand stitched silk ribbons that tie it closed.  The silk has shattered in a few places.

Very accurate hand sewing - fine stitches so evenly spaced.  Someone took a lot of care to create the beautiful silk needle keep.

The interior is a lofty wool.  The lanolin in wool is thought to protect steel pins from rust and provide lubrication.  However, I have also read the wool needs to be raw to retain the lanolin(?).

I see no evidence that a lining fabric was covering the inside.

The outer silk covering is wrapped to the inside, and stitched with the tiniest of feather stitches.

I've been making a pair of pillow cases for each quilt I complete.  One gets folded inside before storing, the other I use to store the quilt.

In this example I used the extra backing fabric and some other coordinates for the cuff and trim.

This way when I look at the shelving in the store room I can identify each quilt.  There are several I have still in labeled white pillow cases.  One of these days I'll share a photo of the storage area.

This is my full quilt.   Hand applique, machine quilted with silk thread.   I used a large variety of stripes in the sashing.  The binding is the red strip from the vertical sashing.

Pattern:  Fleur d'Lis
Lewis & Clark Vol. 2
Quilts Inspired by Bird Woman
By:  Terry Clothier Thompson
It's a nice book just for the reading and illustrations too!
"Along with the projects, we include writings from Lewis & Clarks journals and stories about the expedition. Dozens of drawings and sketches of animals and plants found on the journey"

I think the photo in the book has 49 blocks and no border.
If I ever made it again I would make it even more scrappy and not match the petal fabrics to their square centers.

My applique improves with each project - and each project has been a bigger undertaking...
Are you working on any hand applique this month?

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ohio Medallion Quilt, Hardanger and Sewing Accessories

Background:  Ohio Medallion Quilt Back
As you may know by now, I love antique and vintage sewing tools to compliment my quilt collection.

This is a wool 'booklet' for storing pins and needles.
It has a slight similarity to a pineapple shape with an interesting and delicate 'pinked' edge.  The 'pages' are tacked together at the top with ribbon embellishment.

The decorative ring overlay is all hand stitched thread work.

Background:  Ohio Medallion Quilt Back

This piece is like a wrist chatelaine, or perhaps clipped to something else.

The heart is for pins - the stick into the edges all around the heart shape.  The little pouch and sheath were empty when I purchased it.    The accessories are hand painted silk.

The tassels have glass beads at the top.

Since I kind of have a cream theme going... here's another piece of my hardanger work.

I recently re framed it for an update in the new house.  It is a burl walnut frame with a ribbon grain.

This is a 1984 piece from the book, "Hardanger Ribbons" by Janice Love.  I think it was the cover piece shown in colors and I did it in all cream.

This is my Ohio Medallion Quilt, a reproduction by Judie Rothermel, Schoolhouse Quilts.
The book (Reproductions From The Civil War Era) is still available, as is a pattern (Ohio Medallion) or kit.  HERE

I had the book and always thought about making it ... I still recall the moment I saw the top in Judy's booth in Houston - I knew it was going to the top of the list!

I've mixed some pre-civil war reproductions in as well - just like the scrap bag would have had multiple eras.

I loved selecting the multitude of fabrics for this - it was double the fun to revisit them as I was hand quilting.

The center star is hand pieced.

Crease lines...time for a re-fold!  So glad I pulled this one out today.

The rest of the piecing was done by machine.

To finish, I hand quilted using several motifs to fit various ares.

I also used a few thread colors, not all cream thread.

I liked the use of calm, alternate blocks between the stars.

The lightest in the center columns.

Same print - 2 colorways.

This is the edge detail.

Still a little chalk left from marking the hand quilting motifs...

See, I snuck an early reproductions in there...

Love the COLORS!!

Binding is the same fabric as the backing, just applied separately.

Thanks for stopping by - Do you have a star project in the works?  Completed?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

She's Got Great Legs

Mr Collector and I like to browse antique malls and flea markets together.

On one such outing we decided to divide and conquer.

He later found me, wandering my aisle and said,  "Wait till you see the legs on this..."

I followed ... certain it was sewing related.

It was the first two legged sewing cabinet I've seen.

Delicate, dainty rich walnut turned legs - I had to have it!

It is the perfect height for beside a chair - perhaps it lived next to a sewing rocker in a previous life?

The handle on top implies you can tote it around - and I have!

It has a center drawer with it's own sliding tray - fabulous for sewing treasures...

Each side lid opens for additional storage.

Yes, she has great legs!
Do you have a sewing stand near a chair?
Ever seen a two legged stand?

If you enjoy collections - check out The Copy Cat Collector 

Have a great week.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I've Been Shopping - Again

The only thing I like more than quilting and collecting is shopping!

Thinking ahead to some gifts - I used a little thimble quilt I completed to wrap a bottle - my friend KB told me forget the quilt - she'll take the bottle - but who wouldn't LOVE both?
Quilts aren't just for collecting - they're for giving too!

The basil is from the garden - just a little Italian theme going...

I've been around the house a little more than usual lately so what's a girl to do - but shop online.

I thought I would share a few treasures with you...

This is a gift from me to me...

The Debbie and Pam at One Stitch Off made this from my custom order.  It's my Blog name, and initial on the little bird!

Wouldn't these be great for all kinds of friends and family made to suit their interests?

No affiliation - just a happy customer supporting local business!

Here's a close up:  Checkout the tiny needle and thimble!

So then....I got this pin cushion at Prairie Zen - another Etsy Shop.
Bottom Stamped Japan
Not only do I love the figures - they will live next to the wooden shoe pin cushions in the collection - it has vintage buttons, and the pin cushion 'ball' isn't glued so no harm to the ceramic!

I also am deciding what design and color to order From Julie:  Me & My Stitches

I did a little fabric shopping too - but I'll save the for later...

Little Quilt Update:
I collected these blocks at the Long Beach show - a little wonky - but looks more authentic to me ;-)
I added reproduction sashing from an era close - 1860, and hand quilted it.  It's going on Gallery Wall 3!

Antique Nine Patch Blocks
I've dug out more of my old blocks and have a couple more wall quilts planned.

Back to quilting - have a great week!

Gallery Wall Part 1 Pattern Sources

Deliberation is over on how best to give you pattern sources - - so here goes.

Left to Right:

Basket Quilt - Baskets for Betsy's Pattern by Carol Hopkins Designs HERE 
   It was also published in Miniature Quilts No. 73 Aug/Sept 2004 pg 33
   I did not add borders to mine as her pattern shows.
   Mine is machine pieced and hand quilted.

Madder Stars w Pink - my own 3" stars on point w/alternating pink blocks
                                    Hand quilted - really scrappy stars - I even pieced a couple star points.

Feed sack w/ solid blue
    Real Feed sacks - Darlene Zimmerman - Free Pattern HERE
    Machine pieced and hand quilted - I also bought her lap size version and it's...waiting to be finished ;-)
    Her kits include REAL vintage feedsacks.

Primitive Medallion - My version from an antique inspiration - details HERE
      email me if you would like to make one

Four Poster Chintz
   Details HERE
   email me if you would like to make one

Log-ish - Black and Madder Details HERE
   email me if you would like to make one

Green Chain - Antique block I hand quilted with a knife edge

Right of Shutter Wall:
Vintage Above the window - Repeat overlap for Left of Wall

Small Four Poster/4 Patch
Details HERE   email me if you would like to make one

2 Stripe Combo
Details HERE - scroll to the bottom of the post

Pink Nine Patches - 3" finished blocks - do your own thing ;-)

Uncle Franks Socks 
Another Carol Hopkins Designs pattern HERE
Did I mention I love her patterns?  I have Hard Crackers ready for quilting....and will share my version with you later.

Amish - this is one of my vintage from 1983ish...finally got it bound...for the wall.
Picture taken looking up - sorry!  Four inch blocks.

Vintage One Patch - I bought this one because of the hand button hole stitch around the edge and the variety of fabrics.  Here's a corner detail:

The Dark Star - another 1980's - having trouble getting a picture.  No commercial pattern available. 

Tumbling Blocks - I drafted the diamond - details HERE

Rolling Stones - Ann Hermes - Notes From The Quilt Lab  - Free Pattern HERE

Mini Nine-Patch with Star Center - Jo Morton, from the book "Small Quilts with Vintage Charm"
   The nine patch blocks finish at 1 3/8" square - Center medallion is 3" square.

Red Toile
 Details HERE

Sigh....That's a lot of patterns!  Did you catch the one I included that isn't on my wall yet?

There are so many ways to hang wall quilts!
This is a good thing because there are so many reasons and needs to hang them.
I think you need to look at your needs and decide for yourself what works for you.

My personal choice for my Gallery Wall, is simple small straight pins.
In my case the quilts are small, light weight and I like to change my mind so they may get moved over time.   I also like to gallery look with nothing visible but the quilt.

I have had good experiences hanging with pins - I had a quilt on my porch in MN that went through freeze and thaw cycles - After three years I had no rust or damage to the quilt or wall.  It was a fairly large quilt - 60" x 80".  I used about 8 pins across the top angled down - don't press the pin in straight.  It was my risk to take and it worked for me.

Larger wall quilts that I commit to hanging for a period of time - I hang with a rod - add the sleeve etc.  No questions there - moving these means spackle, wall filler etc.  If you plan to show quilts be sure to check show rules for sleeves etc.  My needs were simple - little light weight quilts for my in home enjoyment.

I'm always moving my quilts around in display, storage and use.

That said there are many other options that may be better choices for you!
I know people who have had great success with the 3M Command Hangers.
There are fabulous creative hangers - checkout Anne's Yardsticks.
There are wood and metal creations HERE.
Magnetic HERE.
With many more - this is not meant to be a comprehensive list - just a start if you are looking for other options.

...Besides quilts aren't just for hanging.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gallery Wall Part 1

Gallery Wall Part 1 - The Ladder Was Out Sunday

The Little Quilt Hanging has started, and will be a WIP for quite some time...the voids will be filled and the painter's tape gone.

Click HERE for the before pictures. Nothing but white!

This is the top of the landing.  You will see a few familiar little quilts I have shared before...and some new (vintage) ones I will be telling you about.

Looking to the left from the top of the landing is a two story wall and we needed the big ladder to get the top few hung!

I think the next 'hanging' will have to be a batch, its a big job to hang these!

I've chosen to mix era's and repros with originals.

In this picture I have 150 year span represented.  The oldest, a reproduction would be early 1800's, and the 'newest' is the vintage red above the window circa 1950's - with the rest falling in between.

I still have a mix of vintage and reproduction ones to add, in time I'll show you part 2.

For now, I will share some close ups in the next week or two of the quilts and provide more details on each.

This little one is machine pieced.

Instead of quilting, this creative jewel has a yarn "Lazy Daisy" stitched in the middle of each block.

It came with an older doll and a lot of doll clothes I picked up in the 1980's.  The kids played with it - it  was part of many teddy bear teas.

The blocks are about 3.5"

In the next few days I'll post details for each little quilt....source, fabrics, close ups etc!

I want a wide representation on the walls, so still to come are an applique, mourning print churn dash, whole cloth with birds...

What else do I need?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Are Diamonds Really a Girls Best Friend?

If you read my Hexy Stars post then you already know about my love of diamonds.
Fabric diamonds that is.

This little Tumbling Block quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.  Painter's Tape again - there will be many quilts hung on the gallery wall this weekend!

I've been cutting diamonds for numerous projects.  These finish at 2" long and 1.125 wide - perfect for a little quilt.  It was fun to pull from the scrap bin and not repeat fabrics, although I think I found a repeat or two while quilting.

Still working on my hand quilting I think I have a tension problem and am still pulling a little too tight...what me, uptight?

I also finished a little quilt inspired from the book, 'A Child's Comfort Baby and Doll Quilts in American Folk Art' by Bruce Johnson.  ISBN 0-15-117184-X
A 1977 book, so I bet you can find a copy at a bargain price - no patterns just lots of inspiration.
This is the original

My version - all finished

This is my version - a little chunky in the middle so it has a good home with me  ;-)
I have a perfect spot on 'The Wall' for a long narrow piece so I was very motivated to get this one completed.  It is machine pieced and hand quilted.  Approx 12" x 22.5"

Didn't dig in the old things this week - next week I'll have some for you.
I was busy making NEW FRIENDS!
Wednesday I drove down south to sew with Libby and Co. from Plain And Simple.
She has a beautiful home filled with quity wonders - beautiful quilts!  I sat beside her wonderful hexagon quilt she is hand quilting - an heirloom!  Thanks to her and her friends for the warm welcome!

Off to work on some more wall shape of the month - Diamonds.
What's yours?  Hex? Square? any other diamond lovers out there?