Friday, August 5, 2011

Are Diamonds Really a Girls Best Friend?

If you read my Hexy Stars post then you already know about my love of diamonds.
Fabric diamonds that is.

This little Tumbling Block quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted.  Painter's Tape again - there will be many quilts hung on the gallery wall this weekend!

I've been cutting diamonds for numerous projects.  These finish at 2" long and 1.125 wide - perfect for a little quilt.  It was fun to pull from the scrap bin and not repeat fabrics, although I think I found a repeat or two while quilting.

Still working on my hand quilting I think I have a tension problem and am still pulling a little too tight...what me, uptight?

I also finished a little quilt inspired from the book, 'A Child's Comfort Baby and Doll Quilts in American Folk Art' by Bruce Johnson.  ISBN 0-15-117184-X
A 1977 book, so I bet you can find a copy at a bargain price - no patterns just lots of inspiration.
This is the original

My version - all finished

This is my version - a little chunky in the middle so it has a good home with me  ;-)
I have a perfect spot on 'The Wall' for a long narrow piece so I was very motivated to get this one completed.  It is machine pieced and hand quilted.  Approx 12" x 22.5"

Didn't dig in the old things this week - next week I'll have some for you.
I was busy making NEW FRIENDS!
Wednesday I drove down south to sew with Libby and Co. from Plain And Simple.
She has a beautiful home filled with quity wonders - beautiful quilts!  I sat beside her wonderful hexagon quilt she is hand quilting - an heirloom!  Thanks to her and her friends for the warm welcome!

Off to work on some more wall shape of the month - Diamonds.
What's yours?  Hex? Square? any other diamond lovers out there?


  1. Beautiful little tumbling block quilt!
    Can't wait to see your little quilt gallery take shape! I know I keep saying that, but I am really looking forward to it. I love the idea!

  2. I'm sure I speak for the whole Co *s* when I say we are so (SO) glad you joined us and hope that you will come again and again and again!

    I think you know my diamond style - those hexagons that are ever so slowing being quilted. I'll have my little one hour (hopefully more) session with them later this afternoon. In the meantime, a little 9-patch quality time at my machine. It has been a long time.

  3. I love both quilts, but the tumbling blocks is just adorable. You are going to have quite a striking wall when they are all hung.

  4. Nice little pieces. I have that book also and would like to make my version of a few of them.....when I find the time.

  5. Gorgeous!!! You already know I love Tumbling Blocks. Love hexies, love hexie stars, loooove! I love all these little quilts you're making! Love the second one too! You're going to have quite the wall!

  6. This wall is really taking shape. At first I thought you were using little quilts you already made, but no, you are cranking them out as we speak! Both quilts are beautiful.
    So fun to hook up with a blogging friend!
    I guess hexies are my shape of the month, but I'm looking forward to a new shape when I learn how to hand piece. Haven't decided yet what that new shape will be, but diamonds are certainly on the short list.

  7. Your Tumbling Block quilt is just divine!!!! I also love the second one you made, love that it has strips, almost like an elongated courthouse steps look! Quite lovely!!!!

  8. Love your tumbling blocks - I believe I spotted a little piece of brown wheat in there! Your quilting looks great too!

  9. Your repro really does justice to the old one & I love your tumbling blocks - 60 degree stars are so fun to play with.

  10. wow your going to just have an amazing wall of little quilts. Diamonds, no I have never attempted them yet.
    just beautiful...guess I need to jump on the band wagon with this one too!
    Love that book!!! ah yes lots of inspiration in that book too. your version is wonderful love your fabric choices.
    shape of the month squares...
    simple squares!

  11. Olá! Adorei visitar seu Blog. Seus trabalhos são lindos de se vê. Parabéns!
    Convido a me visitar, também adoro bordados.
    Um grande abraço, Algecira

  12. You machine pieced the tumbling blocks? I am impressed. That has always been one of the patterns for me that I must hand piece. Of course, that also means I have never actually finished the tumbling blocks project I started. Yours looks wonderful!

  13. Dawn, both quilts are just darling. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I just love your little reproductions, and the Tumbling Blocks is amazing!

  15. Dawn, amazing quilts. Your work is so awesome.

  16. I love your reproduction piece, very nice. Small projects, hand quilting, amazing work! How fun to meet up with other blogger/quilters!


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