Monday, August 8, 2011

Gallery Wall Part 1

Gallery Wall Part 1 - The Ladder Was Out Sunday

The Little Quilt Hanging has started, and will be a WIP for quite some time...the voids will be filled and the painter's tape gone.

Click HERE for the before pictures. Nothing but white!

This is the top of the landing.  You will see a few familiar little quilts I have shared before...and some new (vintage) ones I will be telling you about.

Looking to the left from the top of the landing is a two story wall and we needed the big ladder to get the top few hung!

I think the next 'hanging' will have to be a batch, its a big job to hang these!

I've chosen to mix era's and repros with originals.

In this picture I have 150 year span represented.  The oldest, a reproduction would be early 1800's, and the 'newest' is the vintage red above the window circa 1950's - with the rest falling in between.

I still have a mix of vintage and reproduction ones to add, in time I'll show you part 2.

For now, I will share some close ups in the next week or two of the quilts and provide more details on each.

This little one is machine pieced.

Instead of quilting, this creative jewel has a yarn "Lazy Daisy" stitched in the middle of each block.

It came with an older doll and a lot of doll clothes I picked up in the 1980's.  The kids played with it - it  was part of many teddy bear teas.

The blocks are about 3.5"

In the next few days I'll post details for each little quilt....source, fabrics, close ups etc!

I want a wide representation on the walls, so still to come are an applique, mourning print churn dash, whole cloth with birds...

What else do I need?


  1. Love the gallery! Can't wait to see more. Especially love the baskets and the stars and ... no, I can't get started--I'll be naming them all!

  2. This is quite fun - seeing your gallery come together.
    Can't wait to hear about these quilts - especially the baskets - I really must start a basket quilt.
    So special that the 1950's quilt has family memories.
    Will you share your method of attaching the quilts to the wall? I've used various methods - quilt hangers, curtain rods, plastic strips and rings - so many ways to do it!

  3. Oh, this makes me want to get crackin' on hand quilting the stack of doll quilt tops. Excited to see the next phase!

  4. What a great idea! I can't wait to see the your updates. They are wonderful little quilts.
    Superior Threads

  5. I LOVE it! Maybe you need a little hexagon quilt - you know how I love the hexs *s*

  6. This space has taken on a very different feel now that the quilt gallery is there, I love it!! I was wondering how you are attaching them to the wall as I can't see anything obvious!

  7. That is so good. I didn't think little quilts would have such an impact, but they do. Please share with us how you are hanging them, including any permanent damage to the wall. I think I can now see some little quilts in my future.

  8. Oh, your wall looks great, and rallly inspires me! I can't wait for your open house. ;)

  9. This is going to be one spectacular gallery of little quilts! I hope you tell where you got each of your vintage quilts as well. Gosh, I'm envious of your collection -- both vintage and made by yourself. Truly marvelous!

  10. It's looking great. What is the one in the upper corner on the window that a new one or an oldie? Without seeing it close up, it looks similar to an antique doll quilt I own.

  11. Looks great. I have that baskets pattern...must find it and get to work on it.
    Julia ♥

  12. What a neat idea, I have a long hall with family pictures and I can see small quilts mixed in with them. Thanks for the idea.

  13. Dawn, you are off to a great start and it looks great. I will look forward to following this project.

  14. Love all your little quilts-------what a great canvas to display them.

  15. what an awesome place for this beautiful collection of quilts~!!~

    i love that your children played with this little quilt. it makes it very special every time you look at it i bet.


  16. It is so wonderful to see your wall turning into a gallery of beauty! Thank you for sharing your gems with us:)

  17. Your little quilts are looking fantastic on the wall. When I tried that something just didn't feel/look right, so I took them all down:)

  18. Great start - I look forward to new installments and the closeups and details of each piece. I am hooked on making these things, too. I have three in progress at the moment!


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