Saturday, August 13, 2011

She's Got Great Legs

Mr Collector and I like to browse antique malls and flea markets together.

On one such outing we decided to divide and conquer.

He later found me, wandering my aisle and said,  "Wait till you see the legs on this..."

I followed ... certain it was sewing related.

It was the first two legged sewing cabinet I've seen.

Delicate, dainty rich walnut turned legs - I had to have it!

It is the perfect height for beside a chair - perhaps it lived next to a sewing rocker in a previous life?

The handle on top implies you can tote it around - and I have!

It has a center drawer with it's own sliding tray - fabulous for sewing treasures...

Each side lid opens for additional storage.

Yes, she has great legs!
Do you have a sewing stand near a chair?
Ever seen a two legged stand?

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Have a great week.


  1. Wow! What a great find! I love it! Love the legs too. lol! I don't have a sewing cabinet like that. Just a table to put my sewing things on. As usual, I'm envious!

  2. Actually, Dawn, I haven't ever seen a sewing table with two legs! How cool!! I have a little one which is also table height, but it has 4 legs. It has a door which swings out lazy Susan style and has a special place to keep spools of thread. I've always been a sucker for vintage sewing cabinets, but only have the one.


  3. I never knew such a thing existed. But isn't it lovely, and I like the sound of Deb's too. I have a small 3 legged table with no drawers etc. It is just a small surface to place my gear on. I must keep an eye out for something more appropriate.

  4. What a great find! I love it. The legs are very attractive. : )
    Yes, I have a sewing stand next to a chair--it is called a TV tray and there is an Ott-Lite beside it. Works for me, but not nearly as pretty!!

  5. Great find Dawn. No sewing cabinet by my chair - just a basket.

  6. oh I would have had to have this too.
    cute story. hmm a could see a little quilt hanging from the drawer?

  7. Very beautiful and totally unique. I'd love to have a sewing cabinet but alas - nothing here. We're sorta making do with whatever works. But I dream thanks in part to you as I never even knew such wonders were to be found!!!

  8. Really, really cool!!!


  9. That is gorgeous and yes, terrific legs! LOL I do not have a sewing basket or a sewing table.:(

  10. Oh I'm so glad you brought that one home. What a find! That reminded me of a rocker that my Mom used to have when I was growing up. There was a drawer that pulled out on the side that would hold needle, thread and a small project. Your little quilts are just wonderful and look so nice hanging!!!!

  11. Great find. I've never seen one like this before and I've been to LOTS of estate sales, antique mall, etc.

  12. So charming! I haven't seen another like it. What a lucky find waiting just for you!

  13. Great sewing cabinet! That's so nice that your husband is in on the collecting. I do my handwork at the dining room table because I need a straight back chair. My sewing paraphernalia is just strewn about. I should find a basket to store it in.

  14. What a treasure! I'm sure you'll have many happy hours sewing next to it.

  15. What a great find. I love that it has a handle on the top to move it around. I would love to find something like this - I'll have to go hunting.


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