Thursday, August 25, 2011

Conversationals - Give a Bug a Cue

I'm cutting on the last bits of this ;-(
Someone told me there would be a day I'd want a billiards playing grasshopper in a quilt.

I've been adding them here and there - little surprises in blocks.

Now, the perfect project to use them ALL!

Great timing too since there's a new line of conversational prints.  Snap them up while you can get them.
Ascot Novelty Shirtings from Windham.
See all of them HERE

Only 40 more to go

My project is a crib quilt using a different red and conversational combo in each 4.5" block.

The red will be sashing.

I'm liking the shades of red not being too match-y.

Love pairing dogs chasing cats...frogs and flowers...bugs and leaves... FUN!!

Original antique from the book photo
The book is FABULOUS - it's a splurge, but worth every penny....
Treasures From Holland 
You can preview color pages HERE

It's based on an antique crib quilt from Mary Koval's collection.  I love it when a book shows the antique with the reproduction - this book is FULL of eye candy.  I want to make every quilt.

Included is the pattern for the Hindeloopen I posted about HERE.

Funny - I had stashed many of the fabrics so I'm well on my way...

snipping away on these today

I'm cutting these today and then I'll dig into the oldies....

Can you tell I'm excited about this project?

I only wish someone would reproduce the crying baby conversational print - I'd put it on the back...

Have a great weekend!!
Are you using conversationals??

Fabric: Reproduction Fabrics
Book: Busy Thimble, Mary Koval (May have the fabric too)


  1. Your red and white project is looking good. Conversation prints are fun to sneak in to projects, too, I think. Give the viewer something to look for! Love the keys - must purchase some!

  2. Oh those Conversation prints are so much fun! I don't have any at all. So cool! I love your red and white fabrics -- that'll be a cool quilt for sure. (Don't remind me about that Hindeloopen quilt. I want to buy the kit soooo badly.)

  3. Funny you should ask! Yes, I pulled the bundle of Judie Rothermel conversationals to use in my spool quilt. I would definitely purchase a crying baby print.
    Love the blocks for the crib quilt. Can't wait to see it when you are done.

  4. Your grasshopper print is one of the cutest one yet, seen flies, grasshoppers with hats and ants. I look forward to seeing it when your done.

  5. The Treasures from Holland is just beautiful. Several of the quilts on the web site are medallion quilts which I just love. I love your red blocks and agree that all the different shades of red really work.

  6. Love the conversation prints - I've just had the hankering to use some, so will be buying some soon.!! Love the red and white blocks! What is the pattern? I have some vintage ones like that and was just wondering. And the book is stunning - another one added to my growing list of books to buy!! Always enjoy seeing your things.


  7. I don't have any conversation prints that are quite as fun as yours. How perfect for a baby quilt. I love the different shades of red in these cute little blocks!

  8. That grasshopper is very cute!!

    Treasures From Holland is a beautiful book! There are quite few quilts in there I would love to make.

    I love all those red fabrics you are using, especially the one for sashing.

  9. Love the conversation prints. I buy and use them, too.

  10. Crying baby on the back-now that would the perfect touch.

  11. l have a small collection of conversationals, and have used them in quite a few projects. Its time to do another quilt, now the pressure is off for this years exhibition. And as we are making quilts for our red and white exhibit next year, you just might have sewn a seed. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!
    l love that one with the keys. Its one l have not seen before.

  12. oh I just love these!!!! what fun using the conversational prints. The grasshopper is just cracking me up
    you know I will be looking for these fabrics now everytime I go fabric shopping I hope I find some oldie but goodies in the shops in Pa next month

  13. Pool Playing Grasshoppers might just be the name of my new band! I am ever amazed at your stash.

  14. Oh what fun. Red is my favorite color, but I didn't know that until I started quilting 7 years ago and found that most of my quilts ended up with a lot of red fabric in them. Love the conversational prints.

    Quilting Bear Gal

  15. I love that shirting - I still have a little if yo have serious withdrawals! lol.
    Your project looks great.

  16. Oh those conversational prints in those blocks is adorable! I'm hoping to score the rooster print in 2 weeks when I go on my own little quilt shop hop in Indiana!

  17. Love your grasshopper and the red blocks. I haven't used many conversational fabrics, but after seeing this, I will be looking out for them. I love to put surprises in quilts.

  18. I LOVE conversation prints...and yes, I too have the grasshopper/cricket playing pool. My husband used to play pool all the time, so it was a "have to have" when I saw it. I too wish I had bought more. One of my favorites is a purple fly/wasp conversation print with beige background!!

    I love how your quilt is coming along!

  19. they really should print more of these wonderful conversational style fabrics. i love them and am always mad at myself for not having bought enough . . . seems somewhere in my head i have "a fat quarter or maybe sometimes a half yard is plenty" thought, but it never is~!


  20. Your quilt is going to be awesome!!
    Can you tell me what that cute fabric is with the little roosters on it? Would love to get my hands on some of that for a quilt.


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