Friday, August 12, 2011

I've Been Shopping - Again

The only thing I like more than quilting and collecting is shopping!

Thinking ahead to some gifts - I used a little thimble quilt I completed to wrap a bottle - my friend KB told me forget the quilt - she'll take the bottle - but who wouldn't LOVE both?
Quilts aren't just for collecting - they're for giving too!

The basil is from the garden - just a little Italian theme going...

I've been around the house a little more than usual lately so what's a girl to do - but shop online.

I thought I would share a few treasures with you...

This is a gift from me to me...

The Debbie and Pam at One Stitch Off made this from my custom order.  It's my Blog name, and initial on the little bird!

Wouldn't these be great for all kinds of friends and family made to suit their interests?

No affiliation - just a happy customer supporting local business!

Here's a close up:  Checkout the tiny needle and thimble!

So then....I got this pin cushion at Prairie Zen - another Etsy Shop.
Bottom Stamped Japan
Not only do I love the figures - they will live next to the wooden shoe pin cushions in the collection - it has vintage buttons, and the pin cushion 'ball' isn't glued so no harm to the ceramic!

I also am deciding what design and color to order From Julie:  Me & My Stitches

I did a little fabric shopping too - but I'll save the for later...

Little Quilt Update:
I collected these blocks at the Long Beach show - a little wonky - but looks more authentic to me ;-)
I added reproduction sashing from an era close - 1860, and hand quilted it.  It's going on Gallery Wall 3!

Antique Nine Patch Blocks
I've dug out more of my old blocks and have a couple more wall quilts planned.

Back to quilting - have a great week!


  1. Love your shopping finds! That necklace is so cool! And the pincushion too! Everything for that matter. lol!

  2. It is all very fun stuff, but I think my favorite thing is the tiny tumbler quilt!

  3. You're tempting me with your purchases! And I would love to receive that gift! Even as a wrap that is a cute little quilt!
    Thanks for all the info in your previous post. Enjoyed the quilt show.

  4. oh my what wonderful shopping finds, you must have loved when the mailman arrived this week!!!!
    I am with you I love supporting local artists and businesses, thats an adorable necklace love that thimble and needle and a bird what more could you add? perfect!
    silly girl she should have been thrilled with the quilt more then the bottle! LOL !!!!
    LOVE this antique nine patch perfect for your wall
    you have inspired me to get cracking on hand quilting more and get more hung up as well!
    thanks, have a great weekend!

  5. a great idea for wrapping a bottle and i love that the 'thimble' shapes could also be interpreted as corks~!!~
    so clever.


  6. Dawn, your purchases are great - I have bookmarked the sites. And your gallery was is looking greater all the time.

  7. I adore the little wonky styled quilt. It looks exactly how a loved little doll quilt should look;)
    Love your necklace too!

  8. Hi Dawn! Gosh, I was surprised to see "our" the little Dutch pincushion. I am so glad you like it!!



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