Friday, August 12, 2011

Gallery Wall Part 1 Pattern Sources

Deliberation is over on how best to give you pattern sources - - so here goes.

Left to Right:

Basket Quilt - Baskets for Betsy's Pattern by Carol Hopkins Designs HERE 
   It was also published in Miniature Quilts No. 73 Aug/Sept 2004 pg 33
   I did not add borders to mine as her pattern shows.
   Mine is machine pieced and hand quilted.

Madder Stars w Pink - my own 3" stars on point w/alternating pink blocks
                                    Hand quilted - really scrappy stars - I even pieced a couple star points.

Feed sack w/ solid blue
    Real Feed sacks - Darlene Zimmerman - Free Pattern HERE
    Machine pieced and hand quilted - I also bought her lap size version and it's...waiting to be finished ;-)
    Her kits include REAL vintage feedsacks.

Primitive Medallion - My version from an antique inspiration - details HERE
      email me if you would like to make one

Four Poster Chintz
   Details HERE
   email me if you would like to make one

Log-ish - Black and Madder Details HERE
   email me if you would like to make one

Green Chain - Antique block I hand quilted with a knife edge

Right of Shutter Wall:
Vintage Above the window - Repeat overlap for Left of Wall

Small Four Poster/4 Patch
Details HERE   email me if you would like to make one

2 Stripe Combo
Details HERE - scroll to the bottom of the post

Pink Nine Patches - 3" finished blocks - do your own thing ;-)

Uncle Franks Socks 
Another Carol Hopkins Designs pattern HERE
Did I mention I love her patterns?  I have Hard Crackers ready for quilting....and will share my version with you later.

Amish - this is one of my vintage from 1983ish...finally got it bound...for the wall.
Picture taken looking up - sorry!  Four inch blocks.

Vintage One Patch - I bought this one because of the hand button hole stitch around the edge and the variety of fabrics.  Here's a corner detail:

The Dark Star - another 1980's - having trouble getting a picture.  No commercial pattern available. 

Tumbling Blocks - I drafted the diamond - details HERE

Rolling Stones - Ann Hermes - Notes From The Quilt Lab  - Free Pattern HERE

Mini Nine-Patch with Star Center - Jo Morton, from the book "Small Quilts with Vintage Charm"
   The nine patch blocks finish at 1 3/8" square - Center medallion is 3" square.

Red Toile
 Details HERE

Sigh....That's a lot of patterns!  Did you catch the one I included that isn't on my wall yet?

There are so many ways to hang wall quilts!
This is a good thing because there are so many reasons and needs to hang them.
I think you need to look at your needs and decide for yourself what works for you.

My personal choice for my Gallery Wall, is simple small straight pins.
In my case the quilts are small, light weight and I like to change my mind so they may get moved over time.   I also like to gallery look with nothing visible but the quilt.

I have had good experiences hanging with pins - I had a quilt on my porch in MN that went through freeze and thaw cycles - After three years I had no rust or damage to the quilt or wall.  It was a fairly large quilt - 60" x 80".  I used about 8 pins across the top angled down - don't press the pin in straight.  It was my risk to take and it worked for me.

Larger wall quilts that I commit to hanging for a period of time - I hang with a rod - add the sleeve etc.  No questions there - moving these means spackle, wall filler etc.  If you plan to show quilts be sure to check show rules for sleeves etc.  My needs were simple - little light weight quilts for my in home enjoyment.

I'm always moving my quilts around in display, storage and use.

That said there are many other options that may be better choices for you!
I know people who have had great success with the 3M Command Hangers.
There are fabulous creative hangers - checkout Anne's Yardsticks.
There are wood and metal creations HERE.
Magnetic HERE.
With many more - this is not meant to be a comprehensive list - just a start if you are looking for other options.

...Besides quilts aren't just for hanging.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your quilt wall is coming together nicely. My, what a darling rolling stones quilt :) I made that pink four patch quilt too, from the Ghormley doll quilt book.

  2. Thank you - these posts are so enjoyable, like going to a delightful exhibition. Ady

  3. All are just wonderful. My favorite is still the poster chintz, which, yes, I want to make. I love the one above the Amish one too. And the Amish one for that matter. I love Amish quilts. But I'd love to have them all. lol! I know, it's your collection. I'll just have to drool.

  4. Thanks for sharing your info. Have fun building that wall of quilts! Carol Hopkins patterns are great, aren't they? She is a friend of mine, and lives about an hour or so away. She sure comes up with a lot of new patterns each Market, and they are always so accurate.

  5. The gallery wall is...impressive...and spiffy. I just love it.


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