Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shells, Shells, Shells

After seeing the hand quilting on the clam shell quilt at The Brown Dirt Cottage, I decided it was time to pull mine into the rotation again.

I think I am about half way through the top.  A long way before I get to the quilting...

I am alternating light and dark prints in the rows - not attempting to reproduce any particular time period - other than pre-1900's.   A couple rows are a little muddy - but I like that!

I also have a pile cut and ready for hand piecing.

See my metal ARDCO template?
I have several of these templates and I love them!
Metal, sandpaper backs, easy to use...available in numerous shapes and sizes.

For this project, I marked the front of the fabric and use a needle turn technique to apply each shell to the row.  There are many techniques to do this, depending on your stitching preferences.

I adore the shell related sewing accessories in my collection.  I have too many for a single post!
This undocumented shell pin cushion looks just like a Shaker creation.

"Sisters at the North Family, at Sabbath Lake made a scallop shell cushion around 1880. These were never advertised"  (1)
"The shells were harvested from the Maine shore, thus no two are alike.  By the time the first catalog was issued in 1910, this style of pin cushion was no longer being made." (2)

These small shell containers, are often seen as thimble holders.
The larger of the three shown is about 4" long.  It will easily hold a small sewing kit.
The medium one is shown with an adult size 8 thimble and the little one has a child sized thimble.

I only but the older shells with the beaded brass rim and two tab latch.

Happy Stitching!
Have a great week.

(1)  From Shaker Lands - Products of The Hands pg 156 M. Stephen Miller
(2) Inspired Innovations - A celebration of Shaker Ingenuity Pg 145  M. Stephen Miller
Thimble Holder Museum  HERE

Monday, April 1, 2013

Indigo Beginnings and Finishes

I have a few indigo projects to share with you.
This is my current take along project - Ziploc bag in the car.  I used the center of our Radical Rose Pattern, in the smallest block size.
One block down and 8 more to go.

The sewing clamp is similar to one pictured in the book:
Needlework Tools & Accessories - A Dutch Tradition by Kay Sullivan. 
The clamp is pictured on pg 97
Hindelopen, Friesland 19th Century 
Collection of the Fries Museum Leeuwarden Netherlands 

At the time of this writing, Edyth O'Neil has a couple of similar clamps for sale HERE.

The indigo fabric is a Nancy Kirk Documentary print, no longer available.  A fabulous new line is currently available, "Indigo Crossing" by from Minick & Simpson.  I bought several pieces, of both the large and small scale.
You can see the complete color card HERE.

This is my finish for March:

Blue Rhapsody 
This is a cross stitch project I did in an online class with Jackie du Plessis of It's Fine-ally Finished.

The stitching is done on linen with hand dyed silk thread.
Under the flaps of the reticule bag is a needle keep.
The rich blue silk made me think more about making a silk pieced quilt.

I got Calico Paradise on the quilt frame this week, it's been waiting too long for a turn.  Catherine's Garden is almost quilted, hope to make the binding this week.  

My indigo diversions are fun, variety is a good thing!
Don't we all need some diversions now and again?  What's yours?
Have a great week!

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