Tuesday, November 7, 2023

What's Happening

It was such a fun and busy year!  
We love helping other people have fun too.  One of our favorite things is wrapping and helping give gifts - just let us know with your order and we are happy to wrap and enclose a card on your behalf!

Of course the year kept us busy shipping books - and talking about them!

Several online and in person programs - with more coming up.  We added the calendar - in very limited quantities.  It will not be re-printed.  Link below.

  We are so thankful for connections around the world who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of our self published book!  It has far exceeded our expectations.  We went way out on a limb with high quality printing - this is not a POD (print on demand) book.  We printed local in a Union Shop that pays a livable wage and full employee benefits.  We chose every aspect to be premium - ink, paper, color etc.  

Everyone has been busy - Ethan has an exhibit coming up - we hope to see you there!

I leave in a couple days for my next 'in person' event at The Attic.  THis exclusive project will someday be released for everyone.  The original antique is on our collection.  I've done a lot of research and am looking forward to the program.  Also, while at The Attic we are releasing a new chart "Calm Repose" so stay tuned for that!

I am bringing a trunk show to The Attic as part of my program.
I am looking forward to sharing my antiques and reproductions!  I am using every inch of my luggage - did I mention I'm bringing a little something (limited edition) for everyone?

Fall has been gorgeous here!
We are enjoying the city more - particularly the Olde Town area around 
Saint Anthony Main.  Our daughter is a city dweller and loves it.

2024 is looking just as fun and exciting!
Watch for a couple magazine projects in 2024
I have Zoom events scheduled with guilds - one with a limited edition project
Also in person in April - Maybe I will see you in Kansas?

With two programs I will be driving Loaded to the max!

It's very likely I've left something out - and may be updating this.

In the meantime - Thanks for reading - Stay busy stitching and reading!

Best regards,




Haptic & Hue Podcast.     https://hapticandhue.com/listen/

Etsy    https://www.etsy.com/shop/CollectorWANeedle

Selvedge Magazine https://www.selvedge.org/products/issue-115-pioneers

The Attic Needlework https://atticneedlework.com/#:~:text=Where%20Samplers%20Rule!,modern%20counted%20cross%20stitch%20samplers.

Sassy Jacks https://www.sassyjacksstitchery.com/product/sewing-rolls-needle-rolls-and-huswifs-dawn-cook-ronningen/

Stitchville USA  http://www.stitchville.com/

Reproduction Fabrics. https://www.reproductionfabrics.com/

Canadian EGA (London) http://ceglondon.com/home.php

Tudor Rose Sampler Guild  https://www.tudorrosesamplerguild.com/

Northwest Sampler Guild  https://northwestsamplerguild.com/

(UK) Beyond Measure   https://shopbeyondmeasure.co.uk/

(Australia) Crewel Gobelin  https://www.thecrewelgobelin.com.au/p/9574417/sewing-rolls-needle-rolls-and-huswifs.html

You can also email me for help finding our books and patterns!

Monday, February 13, 2023

Upcoming Events Enrollment Open

I was asked for a list of upcoming events - please note some of these will be updated in the coming days and weeks.  On this blog there is a tab for events and program topics.  I try to keep that spot updated!

I do have some openings in 2023 and 2024 - some of the events below are open for enrollment


February 12 - Kindred Spirits Guild - HEARTS - Guild Members

March 2 - Zoom "Charm Quilts" Minnesota Quilters Guest Fee $10

                  Sign up on their website - Will NOT be recorded    

March 4 - In Person "Charm Quilts" Minnesota Quilters Guest Fee $10

                  Sign up on their Website                        

March 4 - In Person "Fabrics Study" with Charm Quilts - In Person 

                  Sign up on their website $45/$55 

                 Minnesota Quilters website:  https://www.mnquilt.org/meetings.html

April 5 - Virtual Event - San Francisco School of Needlework and Design

                Exploring 18th century Embroidered Sewing Rolls

                Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

                10:00 AM - 11:45 AM PT

                Zoom program with Dawn Cook Ronningen - Will not be recorded

                Author of "Antique Sewing Rolls, Needle Rolls and Huswifs"

                Details on their website


                Click HERE for details


April 29 - Saturday - In Person - San Francisco School of Needlework and Design

               Details to follow soon!

June 2/3 Penn Dry Goods Market and Lecture Series

        2023 Link HERE NOTE:  Still being updated!


June 9 /10 Saint Cloud MN Quilt Show

                In Person Event - "Antique Medallion Quilts" Study Center and Bed Turning

                Details to follow - tickets now available - in person - no recording 

                Link to Show Site HERE

July - Zoom - Embroidered sewing rolls - NW Sampler Guild 


September 29/30 UK - Private Event

November - Special Event - The Attic - Mesa AZ Stay Tuned for Details

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Charm Quilt Zoom Program

Charm Quilt ZOOM Program

Sign Ups are open

Charm Quilts 1870-2020

Collection of Dawn Cook Ronningen

Sponsored By The Minnesota Quilt Project/Minnesota Quilters

A portion of the proceeds go to The American Quilt Study Group

Thursday, 7pm Central Time - March 2 - ZOOM - Will NOT be recorded Non-members $10

Use this link:  https://mnquilt.org/meetings.html  Scroll Down to the March Meeting to Sign up

Saturday, 10am Central Time, March 4 - In Person Recovery Church
(Not recommended for Zoom/Hybrid Tech Attendance)
$10 for guests

Saturday Afternoon March 4
In the Saturday afternoon workshop, “Charm Quilts - a Library of Fabrics”, Dawn will lead a study of the fabrics found in her charm quilts. Registration will be required.
 Fee of $45 for MQ members and $55 for non-members.  
Photographs will not be allowed - Bring a pencil and paper.
A supply list will be provided with workshop enrollment.

Hope to see you there!

Happy Stitching,



Friday, January 20, 2023

New Book Sewing Rolls Needle Rolls and Huswifs - Now Shipping

Front Cover

We are so excited to announce our new book is now shipping!
Hot off the presses - it arrived 12 hours before I stepped on a plane for a symposium.
The copies I was able to carry sold in seconds.
Since I've been home - I'm filling wholesale and retail orders.
My support team is helping Saturday - just had to provide dinner!
It's going to be a fun day.

The book is 235 pages
Filled with history, vivid high resolution photography
detailed descriptions from a diverse collection dating back to the 18th century

Sample Interior Page - Gorgeous Antiques
Examples include basic to rare one of a kind - not just from the USA

Table of Contents
Examples date from c.1780-c.1900

Index - for help looking up topics

Back Cover - sturdy packaging for mailing


This book will not be sold through distributors or Amazon.
We chose to print with a local union shop.
(Union Certified - Livable Wage) 
We are selling wholesale to small businesses in the USA.
Inquires Welcome!
International Postage is available - Private message or email us.
Please be patient - International Orders take time to complete customs forms.

Link to our Etsy Shop:  HERE
There is a short video in the listing where I flip through the pages to give you an idea of the interior.

Please let me know if you have any questions!