Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Finish, More Flowers and Catherine's BOM Month 10

It is always a joy to report a finish.

Shona finished her Catherine's Garden 2015 top.

Isn't it fantastic?

She used Moda Mustard solid for her background.

All hand applique - using back basting.
This week she is layering it for hand quilting using the templates from the pattern.

old design wall photo

Now, you might be asking...It is the end of month nine - how did she get all twelve months?

Shona has connections!

You can get your patterns HERE.
You have connections too.  If you have all nine months stitched, send me a photo by October 3, and I will give you a coupon for month 11 & 12 FREE.

Karen (Log Cabin Quilter) has a beautiful colorway going too.  See her flowers HERE.

I have two more colorways going - and plan to finish each differently.

The RMQM 25th Anniversary quilts are on exhibit in the museum gallery.  I thought I would show a few here.

There is a wonderful assortment - traditional, modern and art quilts.

45 of the 53 are being auctioned on the Benefit Bidding website.

Will update once I get the maker's name on this one!

Beautiful stitching, all in a compact 25" square.

There is a book in the museum with the artist statements for each of the quilts.

The name of Shona's wall hanging is 'Cheddar Bites'.

All entries measure about 25" x 25"

You can read more about this quilt, and 45 others on the Benefit Bidding website, HERE.

Bidding is open now, just register and start your holiday shopping...

This is the center of one block in 'Cheddar Bites'

Just one example of her beautiful HAND quilting!

Beautiful piecing and hand stitching in lovely reproduction fabrics.

A generous donation to the online auction to benefit the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

'Raspberry Limeade' is made primarily from the Pomegranate fabric line RMQM did a couple years ago.  I think an In The Beginning bird toile nicely worked in.

Sewn and donated by Doris DeGenova, another beauty packed into a 25" square.

"More is More" sewn by Joan Duncan.

A wonderful riot of color and motion.

Thank you so much to Shona for sharing her amazing needlework!  Did I mention she does samplers too?  Don't even get me started on her doll quilts - tiny hexagons!

Maybe, if we ask, she will allow me to share more of her work!

Wouldn't that be great?

Have a great week,

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Road Trip 2015

Paxico Kansas - Population 220
This month we took a road trip across the heartland of the USA.  The American Quilt Study Group held their annual seminar in Indianapolis Indiana.  I usually fly, but this year I had signed up to give a study center.  I had too much to bring along so we shopped our way there!

We left the Interstate for breaks and visited small towns off the beaten path.  Small town coffee shops and antique stores are all favorite destinations.  When they said thank you for the business, we could feel it.

Flint Hills area of Kansas

We find surprises ... while planning ahead we leave time for a little adventure driving.
There was the Native Stone Scenic Byway.  We stopped for lunch at a small local dairy/creamery that made cheese.  We enjoyed tree lined streets lined with stone houses.

We stopped at a Sparks Flea Market held twice a year in Troy Kansas.  The area was established around 1850.

I was hot and humid, but we found a few treasures and got in some good walking time.
After driving for hours it was a nice break.

Sparks Flea Market Building

One can imagine what the area was like by the buildings.  The buildings are now rented by the day to antique dealers who want more than an awning to offer their goods in.

Tin Ceiling and Crown Molding

I wondered what the future holds for the buildings.

Sadly, the buildings are probably not high on any conservation list.  The stories they hold, a way of life long gone - all fading away.

Warehouse Antique Shopping

We did visit larger antique malls.  Even these former warehouses hold stories of businesses and processes long gone.

Some buildings were several stories with large freight elevators - ideal for large furniture pieces and store fixtures.

You are probably here to read about the quilts...

Yes, I bought quilts.
Yes, I left many quilts behind.

Just as my quilting changes as the years pass, so does my quilt collecting.

I will share my purchases in future posts, we did buy many treasures.

This post will be for the quilts still out there waiting for new homes.

This quilt is simple half square triangles - simple setting - wonderful results.
Hand quilted.

I like pink used as a light neutral.

Racks of quilts for sale
Lovely fabric combinations

Temptations at every turn

Quilts that raised questions begging for research
(Freddie - grandma wanted you to keep the quilt)

With each rest break, we returned to the freeway reflecting on how fast paced
life is - and wondering where the future will take us.

I hope September has been good to you,
Happy Stitching - Dawn

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Past Presence: Antique Quilts that Capture the Imagination

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum had an exhibit of antique quilts, 'Past Presence:  Antique Quilts that Capture the Imagination'  

The exhibit included art quilts, but I chose to feature the antique quilts here.  The antique quilts really deserved exhibit headlines.

The quilts are from the collection of Lorie Stubbs.  THANK YOU Lorie for so generously sharing your quilts.
"South Carolina Nine-Patch"
Maker Unknown
83" x 83"
c. 1875
Purchased in Summerville, South Carolina

My photo does not do the fabrics in the quilt justice. 
Here's a detail of one nine patch.
Fantastic isn't it?
Note the diagonal machine quilting.

This medallion was in a low light area to protect it.

"Printed Center Medallion Chintz"
Maker Unknown
93" x 97"
c. 1830
The quilt was purchased in Aspen, Colorado, but the style suggests it was likely made in North or South Carolina.

"Indiana Album Patch Inscribed Quilt"
64" x 77"

The block pattern is also known as Chimney Sweep.  The date September 7, 1892 is embroidered in several of the blocks.  
Names appear to be family names and related by marriage.  Most names are from Washington County, Indiana.
The quilt was purchased in Bloomington, Indiana.

Block detail.
Note the hand embroidery.

"Basket Quilt"
Maker Unknown
64" x 64"
c. 1870
This quilt was purchased in New York City.

Detail of the hand quilting between the baskets.


This pieced medallion was also in the low light area.

"Center Medallion Chintz"
Maker Unknown
92" x 92"
c. 1840

The maker is unknown, but likely American.
The quilt was purchased in Detroit, Michigan.

"Delectable Mountains with Swag Chintz Borders"
Maker Unknown
75" x 93" 
c. 1840
The quilt was purchased in Boston, Massachusetts.
The style suggests it was likely made in New England.
Left Border Detail

Pieced Block Detail
Pieced Block Detail

"Cesar's Crown Variation"
69" x 82"
c. 1870

The quilt was purchased in Aurora, New York.
It was made by the seller's great-great aunt.


"Nine Patch Variation"
Maker Unknown
69" x 79"
c. 1880

The block pattern is also known as Puss In The Corner.
A paper attached to the quilt back reads, "Elixa Caroline Lassels wedding dress."

I hope you enjoyed the antique quilts!
Thank you Lorie!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Ferns and Berries

Red Applique from Ferns and Berries c. 1840 Antique Quilt
A 150 years ago, when making an applique quilt you would not have many thread options readily available.

White was the norm.
Bright turkey red, rich green fabrics - white thread.

Would you do that today?

Three Full Size Block and Two Full Size 
Border Sizes in the pattern

The antique Ferns and Berries quilt in our collection (c.1840)  is completely hand sewn - in white thread.

Kelly Anns Quilting has kitted up this fantastic quilt.  Three block and Two Borders Sizes
Tel: 540-341-8890
This is what they wrote on Facebook:
This past summer when Dawn from Collector with a Needle was here with her collection of quilts she introduced many of you to Ferns and Berries. We chatted about kitting up the 58" square quilt and talked about how perfect it would be for Christmas. We are now offering the kits, pre-order, for $74.99. The kit will include all the fabric for the front and binding. If you don't have the pattern we can also order that and it is $21.99. Doreen did an amazing job on the sample block...pop in to order your kit today.
Phone number  Tel: 540-341-8890

Reproduction by Doreen - Aunt Reen's Place

Doreen's (Aunt Reen's Place) sample block is great!  It is on display in Kelly Ann's.

The prolific quilter that she is - she has two sizes of Ferns and Berries in the works!  She is planning to incorporate the quilt in her holiday decorating.


She appliqued her berry stems.  Some of the antique versions of this quilt embroider the stems.  The original in our collection has applique stems.

Greens From the c. 1840s Original

Selecting greens is an interesting decision when reproducing antique applique.
The greens of this era were not always a stable dye.  This photo shows a portion of the appliqué and the binding.  Where the binding is worn away, a hint of the original green (still a bit faded) remains.  There is no one 'right' green!
Note the use of white thread on the green fabric.

A Portion of the Hand Quilting in the Antique Ferns & Berries

The pattern for this pattern includes every line of the detailed hand quilting from the original - in multiple sizes.  You can quilt yours just like the original.

The quilting motifs can be used for hand or machine quiting.  So much detail - so many options!

Happy Stitching - -  with any color thread you love!