Saturday, October 15, 2011

Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet and Globustisch

This coverlet was found in Iowa.

I don't know much about it, other than I love the design and color.  It is in mint condition.

Someday I will learn more about them.  It's not wool, might be linen.

Just thought you might enjoy looking at it as much as I do.

Update: UK readers looking for a Martha cabinet - contact me I know of a great one available...

Cowan Martha Washington Sewing Tables

This is my Martha Washington Sewing cabinet.  They were made in many similar designs.  Mine has the original finish and very detailed legs.

Some have straight legs, glass knobs or various drawer sizes.

The top has 2 side lift lids with deep compartments.

The top drawer holds my applique threads.

The second drawer holds hand quilting threads.

And the bottom drawer is misc.

I shipped her home from Texas.  I had seen it in the shop a few times but it didn't make sense to ship it 1,000 miles...until the third time my DD pointed to the sign that said 50% off everything in the booth...Thank you UPS Pack N Ship.

This is the original furniture tag in the second drawer.  It is rare to find the tag in place.

It was all the rage a few years back to paint and re purpose these beauties so to find them complete and original is getting harder.

This one is walnut and I found it in Royal Front VA.

Much darker walnut - no tag and no drawer inserts, but still a great little table.

Each of the drawers is the same size.

A little different leg style than mine, but very furniture like.

I'm guessing the deep side 'pockets' are ideal for knitting needles.  Called project pockets I guess a fair amount of mending would also fit.

This one is in the same shop and has the spool rods in place.

Beautiful grain on the drawer front.

The kind of sewing stand I dream about....

Globustich often have hidden compartments

Milwaukee Art Museum - Globustisch

What a contrast - this museum beauty is special.  I discovered the display when the Winterthur quilts were on exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2010.

It was common to store sewing, writing, and game pieces in the same storage container.

Beautiful inlay and a delicate stand/legs.

Globustisch were made in various styles.

You can see more HERE, and HERE.

Each is a custom work of art and the more you look at it the more you will notice.

The box sitting on the floor almost goes unnoticed.
Double click on the picture

Museum Tag - enlarge to read details:

No mention of game pieces or hidden compartments...a connection to how some game pieces became thread winders?

If you have a Martha Washington sewing cabinet I'd love to hear about her.  I'm just guessing no one has a Globustusch, but if you do - please send a picture.

Thank you for stopping by.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Lovely little sewing tables. I was not familiar with them. But the Globustisch--to die for! How cool is that!! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am fascinated by it.

  2. Love the coverlet! And the sewing tables! So cool! I remember seeing those Martha Washington tables around. I feel like I've seen one close to home when I was small. Would be a shame if my mother had one and I didn't know where it was. That Globustusch -- wow! Now that is a sewing table! Wow!

  3. WOW! Thank you for the post. I have a MW sewing cabinet but never knew that it was THAT! My grandmother had it down her basement in the sixties painted this funky green. My mom took it to a refinisher and had it brought back to it's original cherry wood. I have it now. I have the insert but I'm going to check for the tag! Thanx for posting!

  4. thank you! My grandmother had a MW sewing table in her basement painted a funky green. She got it from my GG who had it for years. In the sixties, my mom rescued it and had it restored to it's original cherrywood. I have it now. I have the insert but I have to search for the tag. WHO KNEW? Thanks again!

  5. Dawn, what great finds. The coverlet is beautiful. And you are very fortunate to have the Martha Washington sewing cabinet.

  6. Love all the sewing cabinets!! Especially the Martha Washington!! The coverlet is fabulous, I too love the colors and design.


  7. Here is the link to the museum.

  8. Thank you for the informative post. I love Martha Washington sewing cabinets. How fortunate you are to have two and one with the original label! I have never seen the original labels before. And what an exquisite sewing stand in the Milwaukee Art Museum!

  9. I love seeing your vintage finds. My little sewing table is oak, probably from the turn of the century or early 1900s. I'll have to send you a photo of it sometime. I bought it at an auction many years ago when my husband and I were still in the antique business (we had a booth in a local antique mall), but I bought it strictly for personal reasons, not to sell.

  10. You have so many beautiful antique pieces. It is fascinating to learn about them. They are works of art and that Globustich is just out of this world.

  11. "Globustich" - what a fun word! Makes me want to learn German - or whatever language that is. Never knew about these tables. Thanks for educating me. That coverlet is fabulous - what a find!

  12. What a fabulous post, and an equally fabulous little sewing cabinet, you are very lucky to have such a treasure!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. My husband and I just refurbished what we believe to be a martha Washington sewing table. It's a beautiful piece and my sewing machine looks nice sitting on it. I enjoyed your pieces.

  14. I have a MW table I inherited from my dear grandmother. I found another one at an estate sale for $50 and couldn't pass it up. It had been stripped so it is all natural wood right now. Debating on whether or not to 'finish' it. Beautiful condition. It has the sliding tray in the top drawer and the second drawer has the spool rods. Knobs are wood.

  15. I have a Solid Mahogany Imperial Furniture numbered #702 Martha Washington Sewing Table in original condition. Based on the Stamp which only says Grand Rapids vs Grand Rapids, Michigan I believe this piece to bet between 1922 and 1939. I am currently aware these go for as much as $450.00. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this Jeff.D.Ackerson at Gmail dot Com (Portland, Oregon)

  16. I have a Martha Washington like your second example. Center knobs on three drawers found here in SE Minnesota. Do you know what years these were made? Kathy Aho in MN

  17. Interesting post - thank you for sharing this! Our quilt history study group visited the Winterthur exhibit too - perhaps we passed each other in one of the exhibit areas! I was also awe struck by the stunning Chihuly glass art.

  18. Have a Martha Washington Sewing table made by Cowan just like the one pictured above, in great shape and all original, would like to know the value?

    1. I can't reply to Anonymous. No values can be estimated without detailed photos and geographic location. Thanks!


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