Monday, October 17, 2011

Thistlewood Necessaire Part 1

If you've read many of my posts you know I love fine needlework and sewing tools.

I found a project (now closed) offered through the Shining Needle Society that includes stitching and the accessories.  "Thistlewood" by Jackie du Plessis

This is a counted thread project on linen.

The hand dyed silk thread is beautiful.

I will have all of the counted thread work completed this week.

It's fine stitching with the leaf fill stitched over one thread on a 34 count linen.

This is a picture (used with permission from Jackie) of the finished project, including the accessories to complete the set;
   Glass Head Pins
   Beeswax w/ Enamel Thistlewood 'caps'
   Silk threads and fabrics
   34 count linen
   Handmade Scrimshaw/Bone Tools
   Sterling Silver Charm

My Part 2 post will be my completed project!  I'm very excited to learn the finishing techniques.  I hope to have it completed yet this year.

Click HERE to see Jackie's website - It's Fine-ally Finished
She offers online classes and maintains a busy teaching schedule.

Click HERE to see other Necessaires for needlework.

Have a great week!


  1. Wonderful websites to view with wonderful things to make. Your Thistle is a treat.

  2. That is an amazing stitching project--and in my favorite colors! I love it. Those are tiny stitches over one thread of 34 count linen. Don't know if I could see well enough to do it! Beautiful!!

  3. just beautiful, what fine detailed work. the threads are just beautiful colors...
    what a treasure this will be when your done.
    thanks for sharing

  4. Amazing. It is a beautiful design and very nicely sewn.

  5. I tip my hat to you, doing such find needlework!!! I love the cross-stitch effect, but haven't really done much my self at all. Can't wait to see the finished project!!

  6. It's beautiful! Jackie is a wonderful wonderful teacher. I've taken a class with her in person -- you learn so much from her. And her techniques are so clever too! Have fun!

  7. Holy Cow! Those are some teensy weensy stitches! A treasure in the making.

  8. Lovely! You are quite the needlewoman, Dawn. Look forward to seeing the finished needle case.

  9. Dawn, it is going to be so pretty. I love things like this and I can't wait to see the finished project.

  10. Beautiful!!! I'm anxious to see your finished project!!!


  11. your eyes are still better than mine and this is going to be lovely!!


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