Monday, October 24, 2011

Display and Use of Needlework Tools

I was asked how I display some of my needlework collectibles, so here goes...  I use many of them, but also have a few pieces of 'display' furniture.

This is a coffee table with a beveled glass top.  To give you an idea of scale - the glass areas is 29".

I don't have too much in there now, as I am only showing you the pieces that I have already blogged about.  I wouldn't want to ruin any surprises!

Top drawer partially open
The top drawer is the display tray that slides out allowing me to arrange objects, swap pieces out and clean.

We have two of these - one in the family room with some travel mementos, and one in the living room with the sewing goodies.

Our good friend made these - he also does them in other woods and half the width.

He does beautiful work!
The larger bottom drawer is sturdy for books.

We also have a pair of end tables made by my BIL.

They have a mirror back, glass sides & shelves, and a framed glass door.

He made them from oak scraps around the workshop - great recycling!

Glass shelf in end table

Here's what it looks like with the door open.

Adjustable glass shelves.  Oak Base.

Not too tidy, I've been moving things around as I take pictures to share with you.  My final plan is to organize them by period rather than displaying them by use.

I'm not showing you the second table - too many surprises for you there.

I also have a bookcase in my sewing room with the little machines.

I use many of my sewing tools,  I keep them with my current projects so I can enjoy them daily.
Do you keep sewing projects out and about in your everyday living area?

Have a great week!


  1. Very cool display cases--and made by family. That is doubly cool!
    I have a sewing room, but I seldom sew there. Our family room is off the kitchen and there is a wide arch entry way into it. I set up a table in the archway and can sew while I am within speaking distance of DH. So my sewing projects are often right out in the open. And I use my 8' kitchen island as my cutting table much of the time. I also hand quilt in a freestanding hoop and I keep that in the corner of the family room. So, yes, I have sewing projects out almost always. I put it all away when the grandchildren bring their parents over for Sunday dinner! : )

  2. Oh my! You're so lucky to have a friend and a BIL who can make wonderful furniture! Wow! Love how you display your pieces. Fantastic! I have one display table, and that's it. I'd love to get more someday.

  3. You have so many great places for display, and it keeps from having to dust them much! The only sewing of mine that is outside of the sewing room is my hand quilting. There are only a few sewing collectibles in the sewing room, but mine need to be dusted!

  4. I've been waiting for this post! Those tables are beautiful - nice to know crafty people ;c )
    My coffee table in the living room is overloaded with quilt books. Easy for me to grab and check a block pattern or look at a favorite old quilt. We really use our living room. My computer is there in a hutch where it can be shut away. For a while I had my featherweight and crumb blocks on one side of the dining room table and my hand piecing project on the other end. I cleaned up a couple weeks ago when I hosted bunco and will try to keep it clean until after the holidays. I have found that hand quilting in a reclining chair (reclined way back with a lamp over head) puts a lot less stress on my neck and shoulders so I have been doing a little of that in the family room. I'm EVERYWHERE!

  5. I love a good mystery. I guess you are going to tease us a bit longer with all your goodies. I think the tables with the glass drawers are perfect for showing off.

    My sewing seems to spread through the house. Just when I am about to yell at the kids for making a mess I realize that I am just as guilty (probably worse if I am honest!).

  6. What a wonderful way to display and keep your sewing tools!! By seeing them too you are more inclined not to forget they are there and use them more often!!! which is what I am guilty of LOL!!! I should probably leave them out so I can see what I have!!!!!

  7. I was wondering how you displayed all these treasures!
    love that coffee table and end tables.
    still love that poodle, just too cute.
    oh my projects around the house, just in the living room a great big basket that holds the quilt I should be hand quilting!
    my goal for the winter!

  8. Love the table - what a great idea! I have an antique cigar cabinet that I have by my rocking chair with my hand work stuff in it. As I look around, it seems everything else is just scattered here and there!


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