Sunday, May 31, 2020

NEW PATTERN Fig Leaf and Flowers

Pattern Cover
We are pleased to announce our new appliqué quilt pattern, Fig Leaf and Flowers.

The pattern is a reproduction of a 19th century quilt quilt in our collection.   The quilt finishes at 80" square.  The original quilt is not perfectly aligned by today's standards - but the pattern is!  The outer edge has a bit of a wave - the pattern does not.

For now, it is a digital download only, available on the pattern page here and on our Etsy shop.  It is designed to print on your home printer - no enlargements needed.  The full size pattern includes registration lines, full sized pattern and cutting instructions.

My center with some of the medallion vine in process

Since I can enjoy the original red and green quilt I decided to make mine with deep indigo vines and a multitude of reproduction fabrics.  There's a nod to the original with red tulips and green leaves.

I was amazed at how quickly the center appliqué went - each petal is simple with no point or inside curve to work with.

Charm Selection

To start, I cut 200 2.5" reproduction fabric squares.  It gave me a colorful pallet to contrast with the indigo I used for the curving vines.

There are no repeats in the center petal fabrics.
It was fun to work with so many of my favorites fabrics.  Something like a box of chocolates...which square will I pick up next?

In case you are wondering - about 750 total petals combining the center and four borders.

In Process Border

I back baste, then needle turn appliqué.
I basted the center not duplicating any of the fabrics, setting the remainder of each charm square aside for use in the borders.

I basted the border strips with the rest of the charm fabric pieces.  In most cases I got three petals from each charm square.  That's about 500-600 petals from 200 charm squares.  In some cases I just had to selective cut - and I certainly have more fabrics to work into the border - SO FUN!  Going back into the stash is an opportunity to cut more charms.

The Indigo vine in the center and outer border ties all of the variety together.

BTW:  I've had the entire quilt basted together to test all the measurements and markings.  You'll be able to get to stitching right away.

Dargate Jellies from Reproduction Fabrics

I had considered other colorways that I think are equally lovely.

I think the Dargate Jellies would be great - maybe with the blue for all of the petals?

I also think several of the new Moda's would be gorgeous.  Maybe an aqua or sea foam?

I think the outer appliqué border could be traded for a wonderful patterned fabric.

Oh, the possibilities!

I did some research on Fig Trees and discovered there are several varieties that grow across many planting zones.

The maker is unknown, as is her inspiration and motivation to make the quilt.  We can only speculate.

 I am captivated by her layout and composition; using the fanciful and real shapes.

Our antique quilt

I made a few changes based on personal preference.

I changed colors in several places.  (The pattern includes the original color labels),  I left off the tops of a few center stems, and balanced the use of green in all four corners.

Happy Stitching!!


Etsy Pattern HERE
Charm Sets HERE
Blog Pattern Download HERE

Monday, May 4, 2020

Scissors and Piecework Buttonhole Sampler

Velma on my NEW project
I have a couple new projects to tell you about!
I have been heads down stitching - and enjoying every minute.

First, it seems to take longer as Velma wants to be in the center of it ALL!  Yes, that's an all white project...needless to say it is a bit fortified with cat hair.

That's OK.

See more details below.

Ad for one style of scissor

Second, I have a web article for Piecework magazine - just out today.
You can read it HERE.

What does my project and article have in common?

I was happy to write about buttonhole scissors.

Magazine Preview Page
Photo Credit Matt Graves

The summer 2020 issue of Piecework has the pattern and instructions for a buttonhole sampler by Deanna Hall West.  The informative article by Susan J. Jerome is equally fascinating.

I have admired these hand stitched decorative buttonholes for a LONG TIME.

This was the perfect motivator to get me stitching.  I have been finishing a series of red counted thread samplers - this project is the perfect compliment.

The issue includes full instructions with detailed stitch diagrams so you can make one too!  Since I was at home, I used materials from stash - proof it is a timeless flexible pattern.

My start on the decorative buttonhole sampler

This is my start.

 The tan threads are my basting threads marking my place on the linen.

I have more eyelets and the red alphabet to add.

To further personalize it, I plan to make a decorative pulled thread hemmed edge.

Because you stitch over several threads at a time it works up fairly quickly.

Cover Summer 2020

If you want to stitch it, you can start right now - the issue is available several ways -

* Newstands & Bookstores
* Needlework shops - I know Stitchville USA carries it and does mail order

* From their web store HERE
   Indivisual Paper and/or Digital issues

* Subscribe HERE
    (you get access to 10 years of back issues!)

I hope you enjoyed my web article.
Please take a look in your sewing supplies and check for various buttonhole cutters.
I'd love to hear about yours!

Happy Stitching,
More new projects and patterns coming soon!