Monday, December 30, 2013

19th Century Noah and Matilda Album Quilt

82" x 94"  Noah and Matilda Album Quilt
The Noah and Matilda Album Quilt is part of our collection.  Well worn and loved we have created a pattern set for you to reproduce the quilt.

We are still researching the inked names and date on the quilt.

It is primarily red and green applique.  Several blocks have pieces of pink, yellow and purple.
Some blocks are accented with embroidery.

Each of the four border corners is unique and included in the pattern set mid way through the year.

Presentation Block Inking

The presentation block is hard to read.   The inking gives us clues and questions in researching this quilt.

Is the last name "Boyer" or "Boyce"

"United Lawrenceburg"  or  "Visited"

I think we could all agree the month of September is clear.

Is the date the "Sixth in 1851."  or "Sixteenth of 1854"

What do you see?

Some of the blocks are embellished with embroidery.

Interesting to see green stems outlined in red, orange and yellow embroidery.

A few green tendrils and stems are also embroidered.

There are Forty-Two Eight inch blocks in the complete pattern set as well as the border.  
The 12 monthly pattern sets are not in the order they appear in the quilt.  Each set will be available the first of each month for 12 months.
Instead, we grouped them with a variety each month.  Midway through the year we will start the borders.  I prefer not to wait to the end to do my borders.
We are doing this pattern as individual use .pdf files that are immediately delivered to your email address.  You print them on your home printer.
Order details are on the right side of the blog. Or, click HERE for month one.

What do you read in the inking?

Have a wonderful 2014!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays

Angel Bunnies Sharing a Wreath
So much to show and tell you about in the New Year.

Until then, enjoy the rest of 2013.

Wishing you and yours 
the very best of times!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hand Quilting White on White

Steiff Penguin, Red Leather Sewing Rolls, Hand Quilted Feathers
Oh the weather outside is frightful....
The snow and cold here made me think of the beauty of quilting - focusing on the quilting. 

White on white, cream on cream...
A touch of red...

I'm going to fold some quilts colored side in and stack them up for some holiday decorating.  Place a penguin on the stack, add some red sewing accents.

Velvet Sewing Roll, Quilted Circles and Lines

Maybe swap out the leather sewing rolls for
a larger velvet one?

- OR- 
Thimble Themed Votive, Sewing Emeries
Large 'thimble' full of emeries - wool, silk and cotton

If you are in a cold climate - stay warm!
If you are in a warm climate - well, ENJOY it!
 Wherever you are - enjoy some quilt related decorating.