Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hand Quilting White on White

Steiff Penguin, Red Leather Sewing Rolls, Hand Quilted Feathers
Oh the weather outside is frightful....
The snow and cold here made me think of the beauty of quilting - focusing on the quilting. 

White on white, cream on cream...
A touch of red...

I'm going to fold some quilts colored side in and stack them up for some holiday decorating.  Place a penguin on the stack, add some red sewing accents.

Velvet Sewing Roll, Quilted Circles and Lines

Maybe swap out the leather sewing rolls for
a larger velvet one?

- OR- 
Thimble Themed Votive, Sewing Emeries
Large 'thimble' full of emeries - wool, silk and cotton

If you are in a cold climate - stay warm!
If you are in a warm climate - well, ENJOY it!
 Wherever you are - enjoy some quilt related decorating.


  1. your little penguin is adorable - love these vignettes - so cute and christmassy

  2. Love the penguin! What a great idea to fold quilts white side out and add festive colors. Wonder if I have any quilts with white backs? : )
    It is pretty stinkin' cold here in the Rockies, isn't it?

  3. Great idea! That penguin is adorable. We are expecting some "frightful" weather tomorrow. Will definitely find some stitching time. Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I was having carpal tunnel issues. Doing better now. Happy Holidays!

  4. I LOVE white on white hand quilting, but I don't want to actually do any of it.:) Wonderful decorating idea!

  5. Your white on white quilts really do look like the cold winter landscape. The red accent is perfect.

  6. So cute! And pretty! Love Steiff... Love good hand quilting too.

  7. a great idea to turn your quilts color side in~!! and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all those lovely quilting stitches. i love the simple decorating ideas the most~!!

    i have always wanted to do a white on white quilt but it hasn't happened yet . . . i fear getting very bored while working on it.

    my advice for dealing with this bitter cold: enjoy some warm spiced cider and wooly socks.


  8. What a great idea - love the touch of red (of course!). It's cold and snowing here - I'm hoping for a white Christmas. Today is a perfect day to stitch by the fire and watch the snowflakes fall.

  9. I like your little penguin much better than the elf on the shelf. I bet you didn't even get mad when he tipped over the thimble. ;)

  10. That's a very realistic penguin! What cute sewing decorations to brighten the season.

  11. Stay warm!!

    Merry Christmas Dawn!


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