Sunday, October 2, 2011

Front Royal Part 1

Front Royal VA has some wonderful Antique shops.

This store is so packed one can hardly walk through!

Literally, packed to the rafters in some palces.

Yes....I know the quilts are tacked to the wall - and what a paradigm challenge - price the quilts over $800 then nail 'em to the wall.  hmmmm.

Prices were not negotiable, pictures were OK.

This is part of the left wall.
Right wall will be in another post.

Nice furniture!

I've got some sewing pieces to share in a future post.

Details pictures of some of these are below.
I thought I took more pictures of these, so if I find them I will update the post.

Pretty Star on point.

Hand quilted.

The outer light is a little black vine on white.

This one lost it's green in the setting squares.

In it's day I bet it was a screaming lovely green.

Hand quilted diagonal lines.

Some fun stripes in there!

This was the only place we stopped where the quilts were quilts were not cared for.  Most of the tags were faded and he was unwilling to negotiate the prices so unmotivated to sell.

Many other great shops on this wonderful Main Street.
Nice coffee shop w sidewalk seating.

More to follow...
Have a great week!!


  1. We were close to Front Royal on our way home from vacation last week. I would have liked to browse in the shop. Second best is to view it through your photos.

  2. You are such a tease! Showing us a little and promising us more! lol
    I should just jump in the car and visit Front Royal myself. I think it's about 90 minutes from me. I can't believe they nailed those quilts to the wall. What a shame! The quilt in the last photo gives me an idea for some fabric I purchased on sale a year ago. Thanks!

  3. nice quilts, still can't believe he nailed them to the wall!
    thanks for sharing your pictures with us
    nothing like looking at antique quilts :)

  4. I'm enjoying all these posts about the antique shops you visited. Get to shop without the temptation. lol! Too bad about the owner of this shop treating the quilts so poorly and not being willing to negotiate or anything.

  5. Wonderful quilts - too bad they are abused! Seemed pretty pricey to me, too. Looking forward the to next installment!!


  6. It's hard to get my head around the ease with which you can see antique quilts in the US. And then to discover they can be treated with such negligence. Thanks for the virtual window shopping.

  7. Sounds like the shop owner just wants the quilts for wall decoration. Too bad.

  8. Pity about the quilts - and the owner. I love the green cupboard in the top photo.

  9. The shop owner is crazy not put them on the wall that way and then not negotiate the prices. They need to go to a home where they will be loved and cared for.


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