Friday, September 30, 2011

Old Quilts Adamstown Part 2

Someday...I want to live in Adamstown PA.
I even picked out a house... (not really but it's fun to imagine).  Many homes on main street are ART.

This is my third trip to this borough and once again it didn't disappoint.

Let's just say...I appreciate pack 'n ship.  If I keep this up I'll live there in retirement to sell all the 'stuff' - I mean treasures I've acquired.

There are antique shops that take a full day to get through and I'm sure we missed things!

If your just looking there is plenty of inspiration.  Checkout the 'pin band' on this Featherweight.

Lost count on the number of featherweights sited...colors, condition, etc. all varied.

I thought this sewing box was interesting because the thread holes are double-decker.  I didn't have the case opened to examine it closer, its not in the greatest condition.

Still a sweet little piece though.

I have one that I keep in the coffee table and I use it daily.
If you are interested in a similar reproduction click HERE.
Richard Hyers Woodworking - he has great sewing related furniture and accessories.  I may be talking to Santa about a piece or two.

Ready for a couple more quilts?

What could be better than scrappy HST's?

This one has condition issues with holes but the colors and fabric assortment are great.

Look at the use of contrasting colors as lights - but only sometimes.  Blues, pinks and chrome are positioned as lights in many places.

They were about 2" finished.  I'm ready to make one how about you?

This is a common color scheme.  Interesting claret with the red.

All hand quilted.

A little bit of binding wear.

This is a detail of the border - I love this quilting pattern.

I was glad I had some hand sewing along for the evenings.

Very relaxing.

Have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love, love, love your stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!! I want a featherweight!!! Saw some ladies at our guild meeting using them - so now I want one!!!

    Have a great weekend. I'm going junking/antiquing with two of my daughters, my future DIL and her mom!!! It'll be so fun!! I'll remember to take pics and share!!

  2. Nice stuff! Looks like a great trip -- I love browsing antique stores. Thanks for that link, I think. lol! Looks very tempting! I may have a talk with Santa too!

  3. Dawn, thanks for sharing your trip. It sounds like it was a winner! Interesting finds. I haven't done any antiquing in ages I think I should change that.

  4. Thanks for sharing these with us, Dawn. Almost as good as being there! I love how scrap quilts have no or few rules. You think you notice a pattern and it is quickly broken.

  5. What a fun time you had..look forward to seeing more from you blog!!


  6. Oh what great things you saw! And man o man, do I love those pinchusions and thread cabinets you have the link to!

  7. Thanks for sharing these "finds". Never tire of seeing vintage quilts.

  8. That Featherweight is really cute!
    Good luck for your chats with Santa! Lol Those are gorgeous pieces!
    Glad you are having a great time.


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