Monday, September 12, 2011

Strippy Whole Cloth, Etui & Jane Whitman Sampler

This quilt is the result from a quilt challenge by my Minnesota Quilt Study group
Land Of Lakes Quilt Study Group (LLQSG)

I combined a couple of the topics were covering in the year - Strippy and Whole Cloth.  I chose five prints for one side - and used a Benartex Stamped Whole Cloth for the other.

Hands on is a great way to learn and study group members are a wealth of information.

This is the whole cloth side.
Not too photogenic.
Click HERE to see the ad with better graphics of the quilting design.

I used the Welsh Beauty Crib Size.

Here's a detailed photo.  Double click to enlarge.

The quilt has a knife edge and thin cotton batting.

I did nor have any trouble seeing the stamped lines and the lines did wash right out when I completed the quilt.

I suspect issues arise if before completing it is pressed with a very hot iron, left in the sun or other events the instructions caution against.

This is my Jane Whitman Sampler.

It is a off-white linen stitched over two threads.

The kit is still available HERE.
It is the reproduction of a 1756 Rhode Island piece.

The sewing etui was a gift.  I don't think all of the pieces are a matched set but I love it for the gift it is.

The lid contains sewing needle papers.

Other contents include:
Bone handled folding knife, awl and hook,
Needles, scissors and sterling thimble.

The thimble is held in place with a clip.

Detail of bone handles.

Love the pocket knife!
O have a pearl handled one I received when I was 12 - no sewing etui with it though...

The needle packaging cautions not to be mislead by knock offs...

I love selecting projects to try techniques new to me - do you?
Have a great week!


  1. Wow. Magical items. The whole cloth is just something else! Yes, I imagine problems would arise if one were to do something the directions caution against. Sounds like my youth!!! *wink* The (LLQSG) sounds like something really neat to be a part of and oh my gosh can I just shout out that I love your Sampler? I don't do that sort of work myself but oh I adore it. I'm not familiar with a sewing etui but I can still admire it and I absolutely dig how the thimble is held in there. What a great post. Thank you, as always!

  2. All I can say is Wow!!!!!!!!!! also.
    Nancy in MT

  3. I love your quilt -- so pretty! The sampler is absolutely gorgeous! And that sewing set -- wow! Nice gift! I always enjoy your posts.

  4. What a lovely vintage looking sampler. I used to do cross-stitch and when I cleared out the boxes of magazines and patterns that had built up over the years, I saved a couple of patterns to create reproductions of samplers I still intended to do. I'm still telling myself, "Someday!"

  5. I love seeing your sewing tools. you have convinced me now I need to order a few stamped whole cloths to hand quilt....
    yours is beautiful, I still haven't attempted a knife edge guess I need to try that too!

  6. Your completed projects are lovely. Yes, I too like to learn new techniques. I would love to try the knife edge trick on one of my quilts in the future.

  7. What a wonderful range of items you have chosen to show us. I like the strippy back. Was it hard to quilt through? The wholecloth looks amazing; did you enjoy making it? Your stitches do the pattern justice. It is so lovely. I am fond of samplers too. And then the little sewing case is so gorgeous. It feels like times past.

  8. love seeing your beautiful hand stitches~!!~



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