Wednesday, September 21, 2011

China Blue Pillar Nine Patch and Spaghetti Poodle

Pillow Case Cuff:  Mary Koval Paradise Garden Patt:  22270

Cobalt blue and white are so crisp together.

I saw the combo on Reproduction Fabrics website. As of this second - the pattern is on sale.  This would be nice with one of the new pillar prints!  This blue is ?? years old.

This is another of my quilts where I used extra backing fabric to make a pair of pillow cases.

This quilt stuck in my mind for quite a while.
I have to buy every pillar print that comes to use them all...

I think this blue is kind of wild, which made it fun to use.

The nine patches were from an online swap.  I think there are very few repeats in the fabrics.

It is machine pieced and I machine quilted it.

The binding is a stripe that wasn't a co-ordinate but I love striped bindings.

Detail of the pillar with machine quilting.

I quilted following the patterns in the pillar print.

Here is a shot of Ms. Poodle without her scissors...I mean glasses...

She sits on her pin cushion base with the sweetest face.  Lovely lashes.

She's a Lefton Spaghetti Poodle pin cushion/scissor holder made in Japan.

Here's a detail of the bottom and another angle of the pin box.

Imagine a time when pins were expensive.

The needle case is carved bone.
The top is threaded.

When I finished the quilt I wasn't sure I liked it.  The pillar is so different from the others I have.
It's grown on me.  Different is sometimes a great thing.

Ever finish a quilt - and like at more years later? 


  1. I admit that I wouldn't have thought to put the blue and white with the 9-patch blocks, but I love the way the pillars enclose the whole thing--like a walled garden. And the curvy lines that seem to swirl from one 9-patch to another are a great bonus. Very fun!
    Someone I knew used to have one of those poodle scissors holders. I can't put my finger on who it was, but I remember admiring it. I do have a bone needle case, which I love.

  2. Great quilt Dawn. Pillar fabrics are really beginning to grow on me. Can't say I like a quilt better later, but I can say that I look at some older quilts and say why!

  3. Lovely quilt!!! You can never go wrong with nine patches, and you proved it!


  4. You may already have seen this but Barbara Brackman just did a blog post about pillar prints. She has some of these prints in her newest line of fabric, "Lately from London".

  5. I didn't know what a pillar print was until reading B Brackmans recent post and now here is another! I love the combination of blue and white.
    I know what you mean about liking a quilt more after time has passed. I think I can be a little too critical of my mistakes, but years later realize it isn't so bad.

  6. I love big prints cut up. This quilt is so pretty. Love the poodle - I have a real one named Murray, but he is black.

  7. oh my~!~that poodle scissors holder is so dang cute~!!~

    love to shop from Reproduction Fabrics . . . lots of tempting goodness there.

    your quilt is very much like the one on the site and i like that it's not your run of them mill combination. in fact, i would never have thought to cut up a pillar fabric like that but it does add a lot of motion and curves to those straight laced nine patches.


  8. I just did a little post on a pillar print, comparing the original antique fabric to the reproduction of it. Pillar prints are all the buzz on blogger right now.

  9. Beautiful quilt Dawn! Love the pillar prints myself, but haven't used them so far! They create a great frame for a quilt!!

  10. I can understand why a quilt grows on you. The pillar print has some nice detail. I've never seen it used in the main top the way you have but I like it. What about that orange fabric in the first photo? I never realized poodles and quilting were so closely related!

  11. I love the poodle. I have some Lefton candle holders around here somewhere, but your poodle is soooo much better. Candle holders I rarely use, but sewing accessories. . .I could use those every day!

  12. My gosh, that is just gorgeous! I just love it! I love the pillar print too. The poodle is pretty cute too. :D

  13. I love the pillar print! I have the same pattern, but in colors, and the co-ordinating broderie fabric, but I would NEVER use them. ;) We were just talking today at my LQS about not liking something you finished, but seeing it later and loving it.

  14. The quilt with the Nine Patches and Pillar print fabric looks fantastic. I don't think, I would have tried this mix ... but if I see a pillar print, I think, Iwill have to buy it after having seen your lovely quilt, Dawn.

  15. Gotta love a good pillar print! I love how the large scale of the pillar print alternate blocks fuzzes the nine-patch. Very clever.

  16. I've made quite a few quilts that I don't like later:) I relaly love the pillar quilt. It is a bit busy but so charming like an antique.

  17. What a wonderful nine patch with that blue pillar print. reminds me of the old chintz quilts.
    What a cute poodle too.

  18. Oh I love pillar prints cut up.
    I remember when people were buying them like crazy and I didn't kicking myself now I didn't really like them. What a big mistake! I buy them now!
    I have wanted to do a border just like you did here.
    this is a great quilt and I can understand loving it more later.
    ok Ms Poodle is just adorable!!!!

  19. I think anything with nine patches is wonderful. I have some old Jinny Beyer pillar fabric that I'm saving for just the right project.

  20. I think it is great! Very different than just normal 9 patches. And the use of the pillar fabric works!


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