Monday, September 5, 2011

Pine Trees Set in Pink More Needle Barrels

I had wanted to make the trees for a long time.
When I saw this setting I knew this was the one!

Block Names:  Pine Tree, Temperance Tree, Christmas Tree ( and red would be fabulous...), Tree of Paradise, Tree of Life and Proud Pine.

This is Pine Tree from the book:
Big Book of Best Loved Quilt Patterns
ISBN:  0-8487-2555-7
The title kind of says it all...a classic book!

The Setting has the blocks on point - but the tree tops point to the center.

Each block is 12"
Yes, that's a lot of small HST's!
(over 400 but who's counting)

It is machine pieced and machine quilted.

I put birds on the back.
Kind of a forest theme...trees, birds...and I was looking for someplace to use this great bird print.

Wendy at Legend and Lace was gifted with Tree of Life blocks.  The pattern has more HST's than mine.
Maybe that makes it a Tree of Life and not a Pine Tree ;-)
She's a rich woman with her sewing pals!

I now have three Needle Barrels.  Each with it's own special features.

The center one is in English and marked imported. The other two are from Germany - one in German the other in English.

I admire the detailed decals.

The center needle barrel is also a sewing kit.
By pressing down on the thimble the top slides off to reveal thread wrapped around the center 'spools'.

The very bottom of the barrel spins to select the needle size and type, including "Latest Invention self-threading needles".

Have a great week!


  1. Gorgeous as usual. I've always loved tree quilts. Your fabrics are so lovely -- I just love that bird print you used on the back. And the pink too. Love those needle barrels. I don't think I've ever seen those before.

  2. I love these barrels, just too cute! where do you store all these little treasures in your home?
    what a beautiful quilt, oh my love the pink fabric, great choice...I have always wanted to make one of these quilts. funny how this block has so many names and variations. I love tree quilts so not sure why I haven't made one yet! Isn't that book great! now I will need to go get it out and have a look

  3. Beautiful Quilt! I have a pinetree quilt on loan to one of my sisters...don't think I'll ever see it again!

  4. I love your tree quilt. You always achieve such a great vintage look--wonderful! Those needle barrels are so great. Now I want to find one--thanks for sharing them.

  5. I just used that same backing on a quilt of mine. I think it is perfect for both of our quilts. I like your trees - I wouldn't have thought to use that setting fabric, but it is a great option. I've never seen the needle barrels before. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

  6. Those trees have been on my bucket list for a long time and I think I have my mark in the same book you used. What method do you use when you do hundreds of HSTs?

  7. Another great quilt! A tree quilt is on my list, too. I used the same fabric for a backing, but in the brown/purple colorway. One of the prettiest repros ever, I think.
    You sure have a lot of intriguing sewing collectibles. I really don't collect myself so it's really fun to see your treasures.

  8. Oh... I love the trees. Maybe I will attempt something like that one day. But for right now, I am trying to get my HST's to work for me in my sampler quilt. I have tried 3 different ways to construct them. So far, exact piecing is the closest thing I can get to perfect. I am beginning to wonder if I am triangle challenged. ;) I am determined to triumph over these three pointed figures. LOL It would probably help tremendously to update from my '68 Kenmore, but I am waiting for Christmas for that! (I know, blaming the machine cop out!!)

    Love the needle barrels. I never knew that anything like them existed! You have the neatest treasures!! :)

  9. Your quilt looks wonderful. I love it.

  10. You have such cool things! Those decals on the needle barrels are so clear. I love the Piccadilly name!
    Another beautiful quilt! This pattern is usually done in more dominant colors, but I love these soft tones. I love the setting, too. Fabulous fabrics!

  11. Wow that is an amazing quilt! All those tiny triangles!
    I love your bird backing fabric too.

    The needle barrels are fascinating. Do you know how old they are?

  12. Great quilt Dawn. The soft colors give it that well loved look. The needle barrels are neat too.

  13. I have always wanted to try on the Tree of Life block for size . . . someday *s*

  14. Love your bird fabric -- and the needle barrels, too!

  15. I love those needle barrels! Those are pretty cool.


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