Thursday, July 21, 2011

Little Quilts - A Gallery Wall - AAQI Quilt

In between some larger long term projects I'm working on small quilts for a gallery wall in my home.

I've had a little quilt for The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative on the short list for too long! she is - a little reproduction fabric one patch with no fabric repeats.  I hand quilted it.  Not sure when it will come up for sale, probably August.  I was motivated after meeting Lori at Humble Quilts and Sue at I Sew Quilts UK, (See its an International effort!) in NYC, and the posts from Lynda at Paper Napkin Poetry.

What's this have to do with my gallery wall?  I will be re-making this quilt - it is much cuter than my phone photography makes it look!

After repainting almost every wall in our last home we sold, I've decided to use less paint and more quilts on the wall in the new place.  I've always wanted my own gallery!
Before: (Technically, 'The Wall' is three walls....Lucky me)
Boring Left
Boring Right

I like how the recessed ceiling lights will be almost like floods on the quilts - see, I have a vision...

Here's the start of "The Gallery"
This is the finished quilt - I had shared fabric with Kathie, she posted about her top.

I hand quilted it, and did a knife edge at the top.  Like many antique quilts I rounded the corners and bound it with twill tape.  I order my twill tape from Reproduction Fabrics.

Here's a corner flipped back for a better view:

This little quilt was so fun I made a smaller version.
Smaller blocks, bed post corners and all knife edge.

Can you tell I gave it a little age?

I didn't get any of my samplers or needlework tools pulled for this post - more to come.
However, Pat recently posted about hers - and some doll quilts.

Margaret has beautiful work HERE.

I'll be adding to the gallery wall with old and new little quilts as well as more of my collection.

Thanks for stopping by - have a great week!


  1. I love the idea of a home gallery with mini quilts. I live in a dome with lots of sloping walls, but I bet I could fit in some mini quilts--especially in the stairwells!
    Beautiful little antique looking quilts you've made!

  2. Ok, I want your gallery walls. lol! I don't have any huge blank wall space in my house -- makes life difficult. I can just picture your gallery now. Sigh. Such a good start! I love that quilt that you shared fabric with Kathie. What is that border fabric? Gorgeous! Love the second one of the same type too. I love them both soooo much!!!! I'm drooling! And I love the one you're going to make for yourself again too. It's wonderful and simple and pretty! You have a wonderful eye for color. Wish I did. Thanks for mentioning my blog. You're so sweet!

  3. I don't know if you know Dawn but I meet Lori through the Alzheimer's Quilt initiative - I bid on one of her quilts back in January 2010 and won it. After that we became firm friends. A wonderful thing to do. Love those little quilts and the wall will look fabulous .

  4. Dawn, your little quilts are very cute. I was just thinking this morning about making a couple AAQI quilts and you have inspired me.

    I am envious of your blank walls!

  5. What a perfect spot for a little quilt gallery! All of your wonderful quilts will brighten those walls in no time at all.

  6. all of your little quilts are wonderful and good for you for getting one in for the AAQI project~!

    thank you for the mention/link.

    i really like the look of the twill tape binding. may have to give this a try sometime . . .

    your gallery space is actually pretty cool and i think it's going to look wonderful with a collection of small quilts. i hope we get to see some 'after' photos too.


  7. Pretty and inspiring little quilts, Dawn. I can understand why you are making another quilt like the one you are donating - precious! Can't wait to see your finished gallery and thank for sharing the blogs of these talented ladies. I've purchased fabric from Reproduction Fabrics, but have never tried using twill tape.

  8. Such pretty quilts!! The little one with the bed posts cut out looks so old!!

  9. I'm going for a gallery in our new home, too . . . . still, I'm going to have to paint *ugh*


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