Sunday, July 10, 2011

Antique Nine Patch, Wooden Accessories and Sampler

This grouping is displayed on the first antique quilt we bought in 1983.  More on this nine patch below.
The wooden box is a Clark 1800's box with (12) brass threads glides and a center pin cushion.
The Needle Barrel is pre-war Germany.
The three part hinged wooden box was purchased in Prague:  Stahl Sicherheits - Nadeln beste Qualitale
Translation:  Steel Safety Needles of Best Quality.

The quilt is a nine patch with a great pink sashing.
The pink is all one print and the brown sashing square fabric is also seen in the blocks.

It is hand pieced and quilted.
The binding is formed by folding the back to the front and hand stitching it down.

Lots of plaids and stripes in this one.

Below are some detail shots of the fabrics.

Enlarge this one and look at the yellow/green...going, going...gone at some point?

Great scrappy plaid mix.
I need to buy more plaid repro's...and some more small stripes.

The backing is California Gold solid and is folded to the front to bind the quilt.

There's a spot where it was pieced - - - just enough fabric!  At first glance it looks like applied binding.  However it is a seam in the backing that folds to the front.

Back folded to front and hand sewn down
Look at the purple turning brown - common on early non-colorfast purples.

Now back to the sewing items...
The inside of the thread box has hand writing on it - that probably negatively impacts the value of the box as a collectible:  "From Plymouth Mass about 1880"

The advertising inside the lid reads:
   The Best Threads and Needles
   George A. Clark.Sales Agent
   Milwards Helix Needles.In Patent Wrappers  (I think I have some of these - need to look)
   Gold Medal Awarded Paris 1878

I don't think the thread is original to the box - I kept it the way it came.  Look at the little cardboard thread reel - how precious small bits of thread were.

I LOVE the grain of this box!

The bottom is stamped:

The needle barrel has beautiful graphics.  The top is turned marks along the top edge to select the size needle to dispense or close the case.
The top 'dials' with the center screw - oping is for the needle to dispense

"Place the Stroke parallel with the number required"

This needle box has a lid on both large flat sides - perfect for small scissors and needles.

It's been a few posts since I included a sampler - so here's a little one:
planning to re-frame this one in a more historic frame

Long post today - thanks for stopping in!

Have a great week!


  1. You have some wonderful treasures there!

  2. Just love antique quilts and antique/vintage sewing notions. Thanks so much for sharing them with your blog readers.

    Donna K. from N. TX @

  3. I love all the goodies you have! Wow! A feast for the eyes! That little sampler is wonderful too!

  4. Thankyou so much for a wonderful description of your sewing items. Love them. I have always wanted one of those little barrels and I know one day one will be mine. Love the quilt too. Cheers

  5. what a treasure trove your sewing room must be!
    I love that needle case and the box from Mass is just beautiful.
    the nine patch quilt is BEAUTIFUL, you know I love nine patches and pink sashing just makes it even more special! wish some of those prints would be reproduced , I never seem to have plaids and stripes in cottons when I am looking for them!
    thanks for sharing

  6. Wow - so many treasures! I love the little needle barrel - so cute. The 9 patch quilt is amazing. Can't go wrong with double pinks!

  7. The simple 9-patch - what is it that makes it so pleasing? Love the pink sashing and brown cornerstones. Can't have enough plaids, stripes and polka dots in your stash. I was just thinking those need to be replenished in mine.

  8. When I was volunteering as an historical reenactor at a heritage site I was trying to round up period sewing equipment to sue in my demonstrating. What I would have given to find treasures like these! I especially love the needle barrel!

  9. What a great quilt and a treasure trove of fabric!

  10. Such an interesting post; I love that needle barrel!
    Your sampler is sweet, too. A sampler is on my "one of these days" list!

  11. The wooden box is so interesting. I love to see old sewing kits/boxes but rarely see them in antique shops any longer.

  12. Thanks for sharing your sewing items! Your 9-patch has some great fabrics in it...

  13. Lovely treasures! Thanks for sharing! Nine patch quilt and fabrics are out of site!

    Carolyn :)

  14. That thread box is something I would use today if I could find spools of thread that fit. How convenient to keep the threads separated through those little holes. Thanks for sharing your treasures.


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