Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Noah and Matilda Set Five

First 20 Noah and Matilda Blocks
Happy May Day!

The fifth set of Noah and Matilda blocks are posted HERE.

This set includes cherries, cactus, reel and floral blocks.  The photo is not the setting for the quilt.  There are alternate blank blocks; a great place for quilting motifs.  I plan to use the alternate blocks even though I like the look of all the blocks laid out touching.  What do you think?

Blocks in Set Five

Here are my blocks from the fifth set.

I'm mixing solids and prints.  I wasn't sure I would like the result, but I do.

I never thought I would applique a cactus!
It was great fun, and a blooming cactus as well.

I always post the pattern before I get the blog post done so for you eager stitchers - enjoy before the first of the month!  International NM stitchers might feel like it is late.

Cherries in Set Five

The cherries/berries were fun.  I choose to back baste mine.  My personal preference, use whatever technique you enjoy!

The stems are chain stitched using two strands of DMC floss.

I'm enjoying the bits of embroidery in between the applique.

I'm also still working on researching Noah and Matilda.  If I have the correct couple, they had 12 or 13 children.  Four died as infants.  Were they a romantic couple?  The girls had names like Angeline, Paris and Amelia.  There are also some clues that Matilda may have been married before Noah.  I'll post more on the family when I have finished validating my findings.

Velma with the block she prefers

Velma, without being asked, has a favorite block.

She pulled one block from the set and would like it renamed for her...probably not going to happen!  I think she missed the bird block.  She's settled in great.

Have a great week!  I hope you are enjoying some stitching time.



  1. The blocks look beautiful together and I like the basic colors in it, the ones I use the most often.


  2. The blocks look wonderful all side by side, but I think I'll also go with the alternating plain block. More tiny round circles, I see, oh boy! Can't wait to hear more about Noah and Matilda.

  3. I love the blocks laid out side by side like that but space for quilting motifs is good too :0) I am enjoying watching everyone's progress with these.
    I can't imagine 12 - 13 kids! can you imagine being pregnant for such a significant part of your life!? I too enjoy hearing about Noah and Matilda.

  4. What a wonderful collection of blocks.
    I especially love the cherries block. And the cactus--I don't think I have ever seen a block like that. You chose a great fabric for it! : )

  5. nice blocks. not sure I could pick just one like Velma did.
    also a "Dawn"

  6. I too just love these blocks!
    I also like the idea of alternate blocks. The setting allows each block to stand out.

    I also love hearing about Noah & Matilda! Thank you so much for sharing their story!

  7. The blocks all together are just beautiful.

  8. The cactus block seems unusual in an antique quilt. My favorite block this time is the one with all those little berries.

  9. Oh Dawn, this quilt is just going to be amazing! And I definitely love your fabric choices - the solids and prints are all playing very nicely together. Velma is such a cutie - didn't take her long to turn into a quilty kitty! She has very good taste!

  10. Just beautiful ! I personally like the setting with the blank blocks between - but whatever way it goes they will be lovely! Love your little berries :)

  11. I think we need to sneak a special Velma block in! You know a calico kitty motif.

    I love that you re finding and sharing this qyuilt's history! The children's names are so fascinating.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  12. beautiful blocks. the cactus looks great and I love the embroidery with the berries.
    Velma has great taste, my cats love to play with blocks too :)


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