Monday, March 31, 2014

Green Grew The Grapes Set Four Noah and Matilda

I back baste all of my pieces unless otherwise noted
Welcome April and lovely spring weather along the front range of Colorado.

We are already to the fourth set of the Noah and Matilda Album block set.  Another set filled with variety.
This set contains the first of the grape blocks, but the only GREEN grapes.  The maker of this block used solid green fabric.  I chose green prints and solids.  There are the only grapes I've ever stitched with a solid.  I put the two together so you can see the contrast.

There is another special wreath in this set.
The maker of this block embellished around every applique piece with a satin stitch.
Using the yellow and orange threads against the solid red gives an almost flame stitch appearance.
Note the change to green along the base of the flower.  This creates the look of a calyx without applique of a tiny green piece.  I'm betting some of you do the red flower in two pieces/prints and skip the embroidery.  It is always fun to see your interpretations.

Of course the set needs a pot of flowers.

This less than carefully arranged pot of flowers has some interesting shapes.  The scale of the pot is small compared to the flowers.

The green print used in this block was a green/black print.

Photo makes the yellow look like a print, but I think it is solid

Also included in this set is a floral spray.

The maker of this block used an over dyed green.
Again, there are interesting flower shapes combining reds and yellows.
See how far the stem extends under the yellow flower?
To purchase any of the block sets click HERE.

I'm still researching the family and dates and will write more about them in a future post.

Velma (aka The Blurr)with her mouse hanging out by a fabric stack
Velma is settling in.  

She's well stocked with toys.  Her favorites are sparkle balls and a funny little pretend mouse.
She carries the mouse around the house and 'gifts' it to me ;-)
That is, when she isn't pretending it is alive and needs some wrestling.  Amazing how she can make that little mouse seem alive.

She is hard to photograph because she is always on the move. 

Happy Stitching!


  1. She has gorgeous coloring!! Glad she is feeling at home. This is still my favorite cat name that I have seen lately. They all have that one favorite toy. Love the quilt block by the way!!

  2. An interesting post with all the applique details. I look forward to seeing the completed blocks pop up on various blogs :0)

  3. I like seeing the comparison of the grapes.
    Looks like Velma must keep things interesting. : )

  4. Beautiful work Dawn! Thanks for showing the contrast between old and new and the embroidery details.

  5. Such an amazing quilt - I love watching your progression. Been thinking of you and Velma - glad she has settled in. Callie LOVES sparkle balls too! The pink ones - it's so funny - if you put out some of each color, she will pick out the pink ones every single time.

  6. I miss not having a cat. They are always so entertaining. I'm looking forward to starting this next set of blocks. Thanks for the insight.

  7. It's great having a cat, isn't it? Beautiful block.

  8. Velma is darling! Thanks for the interesting new set of blocks.

    lizzy at gone tot hebeach

  9. How nice to recreate an old quilt, therefore bringing it back to life.

    My kitty also loves his play mouse. Sometimes wonder what goes on inside those furry little brains!

  10. Hey! Just enjoyed catching up with you! How fun to have a new kitten in the house. She's beautiful and I love her name. Any special meaning behind the choice?
    That is so cool that those blocks you let go became a quilt so quickly. How special! Love what Tracy did with them.
    I've been absent from blogland because we are moving later this month. I'll blog about our new old house soon.

  11. fun to see the side by side of the grape design. what a great pattern project for this wonderful quilt!
    my cats love to play with toys in the sewing room too and roll around on blocks and snuggle in fabric nests.

  12. That grape applique is so lovely and the funky flower is just wonderful to see. Always a joy to see original applique work.

  13. What fun blocks, Dawn! I'm going to get my set out soon and continue working on them.


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