Monday, March 24, 2014

Cradle, Doll Quilt and A Kitten

This is a little ensemble I pulled together for a fundraiser for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

It's a pine doll cradle, about 18" long.

The cradle is filled with bedding and topped off with a little quilt made from vintage quilt blocks.

I'm hoping it finds a good home and raises some money for the museum.  It's always hard to place a value on something like this.

I used red ticking to make the little mattress and a matching pillow.

The pine cradle is stained a dark walnut.  I used a paste wax to give it a vintage look and feel.  It took quite a few coats to get a nice patina.

Next, I made some sheets and a pillow case.

For the sheets I used a cream cotton broadcloth.

The pillow might be a little small in scale, but I think it is still OK.

Next, I put together a little doll quilt made from a pair of vintage quilt blocks.
The backing in vintage woven flannel.
It is hand quilted.

UPDATE:  I decided the little quilt was too small and made a replacement.  It was a little larger and filled the cradle better.  It is similar vintage fabrics and the same flannel backing.

I have a new quilting assistant.  Meet 9 month old Velma.  We adopted her from a local shelter.

She is a very sweet girl.

She loves to sit on the quilt frame as I quilt.

We were without a pet for a few months.  It is a big commitment.

I'm glad we waited, Velma is the perfect housemate ;-)


  1. What a lovely piece you put together for the fund raiser. I'm in love! I love your Velma too! She looks so sweet! Love her name too.

  2. What a wonderful ensemble, making quilts for antique cribs is fun.


  3. Adorable cradle and quilt. And you already know that I am in love with Velma!

  4. I love the cradle and bedding that you made. It certainly looks antique...great job! I hope you get a lot of money for it :) Velma is cute, I love torties, I have 3 of them and when I adopted my first one I had to ask the vet what kind she was? I had never seen a tortie.

  5. Wow! That little cradle is wonderful! You sure know what you're doing. I love the little quilt you made - so bright and cheerful :0) I hope it raises lots of funds! I also hope you will show us the other quilt too :0)

  6. Sweet little cradle and bedding! You have done an excellent job!
    I'm glad you found a companion that is a good fit.
    You are right--a pet is a big commitment. It is always a blessing when it works out well. : )

  7. Janet, I didn't take a picture of the second quilt. I also can't remember if it was a four patch! How bad is that!?!
    I think four patch and I hand quilted on each diagonal. Used the same binding too.

  8. such a fun cradle with all of it's 'proper' bedding~! i only wish that i was attending that fundraiser~!!
    it's so fun to put together something like this . . . one gets a bit caught up in playing like a child while doing so.

    Velma is beautiful and looks as though she's quite aware of it.
    can i ask how she came by her name? i'm glad it's working out so well with her in your home and bless you for rescuing her from the shelter.


  9. What a generous soul you are to donate for the museum!! I hope it gets a large bid, as it is so delightful. I can imagine a little girl or doll collector being excited with the mattress/sheets/ and vintage quilt. So many sweet pieces to go with the cradle. Velma looks like she has found her forever home!! What a fun name---did you come up with it?? I adopted one myself, and they had named him Carver. It fits him, so we kept it!!

  10. That is such a cute set, and a great idea for fund raising. Welcome Velma.

  11. That's a sweet ensemble and I hope it is successful for the museum. Velma looks very much like Bonnie, one of my quilting assistants!

  12. Velma is so sweet and pretty! saw her on FB - congrats on a family member.
    I absolutely LOVE your cradle. How will it be offered? raffle, silent auction?
    The paste wax really brought it to life and your sheets and quilt are the perfect touch to complete a wonderful item! I wish I could find one like this!

  13. Absolutely darling!!!! I've got some vintage blocks - little doll quilts would be perfect! Thanks for the inspiration. So glad you have Velma - always nice to have a companion. Favorite pets are hard to replace!!

    Quick note: we may be coming through your neck of the woods in May - do you think you might be around? Would love a chance to catch lunch together if it works out! I'll know more later, but wanted to give you a heads up!

    Blessings and hugs!

  14. What a sweet little cradle.
    I love your new quilting assistant. I miss mine since they have passed on. I agree it is a big commitment and I am afraid a new kitty would out live me.

  15. Excellent work on the craddle. It's adorable. Love the quilt too. I am sure it will raise a lot of money.
    Congrats on the family addition. :)

  16. Adorable little cradle and perfect authentic make do doll quilt. Your new kitty is beautiful.


    gone to the beach

  17. Beautiful cradle! Love all the detail in the bedding and the little pillow, too. Charming, just charming.

    Congratulations on Velma and

    Dear Velma, we hope to see more of you!!!!!


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